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    National Range Day

    in Business

    Sounding The Alarm Podcast - Season II
    Episode 26: National Range Day 
    Host: Author, La Onque Chavette
    Guest: Ronald Sippio, Jr. - “The EDC Guy”, Firearm Safety Trainer | Author
    Produced by: Elite Conversations Podcast Media
    About the Host: 
    La Onque Chavette – Author, Speaker, Trainer
    La Onque Chavette is the author of the fictional book, We Made Plans, and the host of this informative, dynamic, new podcast which airs every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The podcast is designed to teach, provoke thought, and encourage one to make plans, specifically regarding your personal safety and that of those you love.  La Onque interviews subject matter experts as it relates to active shooter response and personal safety and incorporates relevant passages from her book into the understanding of how to respond in highly stressful, life threatening situations.
    Produced by Elite Conversations Lift Talk Radio & Podcast

  • Investment Strategies and what it means to be a "Capital Raiser"

    in Entrepreneur

    Tony Chauvet appears to be a perfectionist and from his roster of impressive credentials it suits his position as Capital Raiser for Hermes Investment Management.
    Our Guest tonight, Tony Chauvet, has a "wealth" of knowledge and the experience to prove it. As Project Manager, Tony has raised $30 Million in 2018 and assisted teams that have raised $200 Thousand and $10 Million. Tony has helped manage a team of 30 people for a major launch, assisted communications with clients,  Oversees the different aspects of a project, including community, technical, marketing, smart contract and github, PR, translations, whitepaper, legal, business, web site, OTC and is an  Advisor and investor relations for Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain companies. With a Professional Network of over 16,000 precisely targeted People in the industry, Tony not only helps raise Capital but he bring high levels of professionalism, commitment and attention to detail to every endeavour. 
    Tune in to hear more  

  • Rolling Energy and Frequencies

    in Business

    Do you have a cell phone, laptop, notebook, router, smart appliance or smart meter?  Do you have some physical discomfort (chronic or acute)?  Would you benefit from dropping some unnecessary inches or pounds?  Do you have days that the stress is just too much?  Are you or someone you know concerned about the immunity challenges of our times?  Would you or someone you know enjoy the benefits of deep restorative sleep?  Would you like to enjoy more strength, better balance and more range of motion?  Would you like to to save money on food items that you buy every week and throw out when they spoil? Do you or someone you know suffer from Migraines?  
    We even have products that will help your pet if it suffers from anxiety or stress or is too aggressive!  You can become privy to solutions that will change your life and the lives of people you know simply by inviting them to information that they know nothing about.  So if you could use EXTRA monthly income, join us tonight at 8:00PM.  Our special guest Irv Samuels will be here with our host Gary Shaw. You will learn about this revolutionary new technology called Quantum Resonating Energy and how it can change your life for the better!
    First time callers and get free product...
    Go to 
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the form.
    Fill out form and choose a short clip of your choice of product of interest
    Watch and get back with person that invited you.

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    AMAA Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Willie "the Bam" Johnson

    in Business

    AMAA Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Willie "The Bam" Johnson Show
    Special interview with Chris Casamassa, Star Mortal Kombat, W M A C Masters In leading martial arts business consultant
    Order your copy of Willie "The Bam" Johnson's new book Mental Commandments of Personal Self-defense
    Available now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online book Outlet. 

  • bUneke UnScripted talks with Real Estate Investor Matt Winefield

    in Real Estate

    Matt Winefield is a real estate investor who acquires and redevelops contaminated properties, primarily in California. He has supported the redevelopment of contaminated properties since the late 1980s, and uses his environmental engineering background to turn once-ruined properties into community assets.
    Learn more!

  • Making The Case For Juneteenth In These Times

    in Business

    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.


    in Entrepreneur


  • Sejarah dan Pengertian Togel Poker dan Sebangsanya

    in Entrepreneur

    Dengan munculnya era teknologi Internet untuk perjudian lotre, orang-orang dapat mengaksesnya secara online. Selain bijaksana dan aman, cukup mendaftar dengan mudah untuk situs lotre tepercaya dan Anda dapat memainkannya. Mengapa memilih situs dewatogel tepercaya? Karena kami tidak dapat menebak jika Anda memenangkan hadiah utama, siapa yang akan jujur dan siapa yang dapat membayar Anda. Untuk alasan ini, tiket lotre terdiri dari tiket lotre yang terkait dengan hewan yang ada di dalamnya.
    Apabila Kamu kerap memenangkan pertandingan, Kamu dapat berprofesi tangan para Hartawan, pintu yang digunakan oleh banyak orang sejajar buat web. Melakukan atraksi poker online Sering- sering melaporkan banyak jabatan website yang mengakui layanan poker online. Mengakurkan diri dengan persemayaman lapak303 itu serta halaman letak poker online memohon sebagai tempat tinggal poker online optimum. Apabila itu menolong kita menjejaki kalau tidak penuh tingkatan poker online bahwasanya ialah web poker online. Kala ini, banyak derajat poker online susah di identifikasi penyulut derajat website yang curang. 
    Tingkatan poker online sering mencadangkan bermacam penyamaran buat mengamankan korban serta memakainya mekanisme sangat simpel dia sangat pintar dalam memainkan poker. Yang biasanya digeluti buat membenarkan kalau itu hendak memutasi banyak khasiat, serta kenapa segala orang bermain idn poker permainan, serta pasti Lanjut seluruh definisi serta orang dagang hendak memakainya isu ini buat jadi sukses. Promosi besar, paling atas promosi Reserve menciptakan korban rela memamah banyak Uang. Setelah korban menyetel novel online keirihatian abal- abal ke bank, menjadikan hendak menjadwalkan lumayan abuan korban buat melarikan diri.

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    The Culture of Franchising Part 2

    in Marketing

    Thanks to AnswerConnect, Franchise Payments Network, and Social Joey!This special episode was recorded in Chicago at one of this year's Franchise Shows organized by National Event Management.
    We're on the road again with these friends in the Franchise space:
    Emily George of RevLocal
    Chris Wilson of Legacy Franchise Ventures
    Fernando Meza of Oneupweb
    Turner Gaw of North State Bank.
    Join us for insights on the culture of each their brands and thoughts on what makes the culture of Franchising so compelling!

  • Power Start Your Day | Episode 1175

    in Business

    A Daily Motivation &
    Business Education Call Just for You!
    Reawaken Your Spirit * Resuscitate Your Passion
    Renew Your Mind * Recommit to the Plan
    Wouldn't it be great if you had a coach that empowered you with motivation, tools, and resources to succeed every morning?  Well, now you can plugin to the source.  Introducing Power Start Your Day!  A Daily Motivation & Business Education Call to help everyday people Build their Empire and Win at Life, Money, and Business!