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  • Lone Wolf Radio with Kiler Davenport and John Leckrone.

    in Lifestyle

    e go where very few talk show hosts go, and ask the really hard questions. Sex, love, relationships, mind, body, spirit, existence, the illusion of reality and space time, and causality. Politics and the economy. Dreams, visions, the esoteric and metaphysical. Sex trafficking with an emphasis on child .The multi-billion dollar sex business around the world, and so much more. Corruption in the court system, and law enforcement.
    If you are shy or easily triggered this is not the place for you. We are an adults only station and show. We have so many ignorant people in this world today. They have infested so many poisons and toxins into the body. They are the walking dead, and even zombie like creatures. We try and reach behind and beyond the zombie mind into the real person. 
    Folks are so set in their ways. Its really hard to get through to them, but we shall continue to try. Tune in, and I believe you will be amazed at the content of our shows.

  • Noon Day Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    Join Elder Joyce Hairston of The Anointing Full Gospel Center Diocese for prayer Every Friday at 12 noon! Call our 24 Hour prayer line 1.888.426.2153 between 7am and 10am to submit your prayer request!

  • When Is It Okay, Not To Be Okay

    in Lifestyle

    How many times do you get asked, "How are you doing," and you simply answer with I'm okay?  Why do we as people and society feel it is okay to just not be okay?  How do you handle the stereotyping of placing emotions in a box?  In this fabulous episode, your Host - Sonya LaRae, is going to help you to understand "When  Is It Okay, Not To Be Okay."
    Sonya will impart a few takeaway points - She's going to share a specific story of when she found out when it was "Okay, Not To Be Okay." Tune in Friday, June 18, 2021, at 3:00 PM EST.
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  • Barika Jimoh

    in Culture

    barika jimoh

  • Shabbat Towrah Study

    in Lifestyle

    Join a group of Yahowah's family as we delve into the Towrah of God. We will expose religious corruption while more importantly espousing Yah's Towrah truth. 
    Hosted by the author of Yada Yahweh, An Introduction to God, Questioning Paul, Prophet of Doom, and Tea with Terrorist. 

  • 00:38

    Sade Champagne Show Natalie Teichmann Special

    in Lifestyle

    #SadeChampagneShow special radio episode: Interviewing co-owner and founder of Let’s Get Tuned Natalie Teichmann, which is a movement dedicated to wellness through sound, yoga and meditation!!

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  • Hamp's Selections from His Collection, of HSfrHC, Vol 85 celebrating Juneteenth

    in Culture

    Hamp’s Selections from his Collection of Soul-Jazz Music, Vol LXXXV or 85. The Theme, Smooth, n Cool music for Juneteenth Day of 2021.  We continue celebrating Unchon-ni publication rollout… a novel of my first semi-autobiographical US Army tour in South Korea. For details, click  Misguided Intentions, another of my works is a 374-page novel with a twisting family relations thrill ride. Check a review at MI’s available in all formats at our Publisher, Outskirts Press. Click Hamp’s Corner of America Blog Talk Radio Show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group at About HCofA – Hamp's Corner of America. “My third book honors my Grandmother, entitled, Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953 is found at Amazon. com’s Author Page. The link is Check the music, always a toe-tapping, head bobbing reminiscing experience.”

  • Growing Pains: The Cost of Change 3

    in Lifestyle

    Join thought leader Jamelle Sanders for a provocative conversation on the pains that come with progress, change, and reaching your greatest potential. In part three of this series, Jamelle addresses the discipline that is so essential to growth and change happening in your life. 

  • Igbadun opin ose

    in Culture

    igbadun opin ose


    in Lifestyle

    Some would wonder if men have joined FM because it is stylish. There are masonry dandies- mingling with scholars always eventually finds its own level. Intelligent enough to be drawn to the freedoms of intellectually enlightened company.  After a period of entry, they go out into the world to develop their own type of merit.  Perhaps it is friendly encouragement. Perhaps it is contemplation of spirituality.  Except for times of sleepy impatience of philosophers, they are generally engaging. But such private arguements, when confronted with opportunity, but stumbling over self-doubt onto the path.  A mentor will teach you how to carry yourself in front of others. He will teach you that your talent is inspiring for others as their efforts are to you.  Private and individual, this type of work redefines who and what you are in this world by teaching you how to live with others and remaining above the negativity by learning alternative explanations.  He will support your work toward conformation such that your comfort level will be apparant to one and all.  Such is the nature of confidence behind the expression of grace.  It is a manner that men admire and try to emulate. At each stage your awareness develops quietly until you burst into the audtion having earned the opportunity.  Each one of us exudes an atmosphere and it should be considered that if  you can communicate your talents on the level, your manner will diplomatically contribute to harmony.  The feeling is so interesting, it becomes self-reinforcing.  If this were a matter of following instruction, our entire order would be parapetitic philosophers. Instead we are continually auditioning, continually learning what talent is and being excited by a desire to be part of the performance of a lifetime.  

  • #IAMRIVIERABEACH: Nathan Osgood, Ann McNeill, Dan Calloway, Steve White Ep36

    in Lifestyle

    After reading the book ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell Conwell, I am convinced we are all leaving the diamond mines in our own back yards as we travel around the world looking for larger diamonds, when in fact the diamonds we seek are found within us and our hometown, from whence we came. Therefore, we are calling the podcast, #IAMRIVIERABEACH.  #RIVIERABEACHPRIDE
    Our vision is to shed a bright light on the wonderful, smart, talented individuals from our great City, Riviera Beach, Florida.  
    Our guest is Nathan Osgood (561)-313-1432 (CELL)
    To call into the podcast dial 661-554-9219.
    Join me Ann McNeill, my cohosts, Steve White, and Dan Callaway 561-531-9184 or 561-848-4991 as we discuss the history, the present, and the future of our great city. Any questions or comments you can reach Ann McNeill at 786-546-0184.