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Live in Women

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  • January Jones - During Pandemic Wealth Management with Sandra Champion

    in Women

    In these trying times, advice froman expert is what we allneed and  Sandra is here to help  us figure it all oout and make plans for the future.
    The investment industry demands, by regulation, that an advisor a client before making any recommendations. But most firms make satisfying that requirement too easy. 

  • Episode 5 of We're An Open Book with Christina and Gene McMurray on WoMRadio

    in Women

    Please join Chris and Gene McMurray for episode 5 of their podcast “We’re An Open Book”.  On this episode they discuss how grief and stress can not only affect holidays, but also day to day living.  They openly discuss how addiction affected and drastically ended their marriage and how they separately moved on and healed their own lives.
    Join us on May 25th at 1pmET/10amPT and then in #podcast anytime. Please be sure to follow Chris on Facebook and get your copy of Live, Laugh, Fly on Amazon. All the profits from the sale of the book go to Childrens Cancer Research!
    Connect with Word of Mom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and email us at for more info.
    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women, in business and in life.

  • 00:46

    Leadership Training: Intrinsic Motivation

    in Women

    During this interview with Marnie and guest, Ronke Taiwo, you’ll discover how to leaders can use intrinsic motivation including:
    5 ways to lead from the inside-out 4 simple strategies to grow your self-confidence 8 self-mastery secrets to achieving peak performance Ronke Taiwo is a speaker, life coach and pastor's wife whose practical insights, combined with real life stories, inspire, excite and encourage women to believe God, love themselves and share that with others. Learn more at and invite Ronke to speak via

  • Sisters United Talk Show

    in Women

    Uniting women to inspire, encourage and empower each other,

  • January Jones - Presents Music by Sarantos - Smooth Sounds

    in Women

    Sarantos' passion for music began before he knew what the word passion meant. He began writing lyrics as a small child while "people watching" in his mom and pop's family diner. That is to say, when he wasn't working and helping his mom and pop at the diner as a cook, dishwasher, waiter or cashier! In those days, he always had a pad of paper, loose-leaf sheet, or even a napkin to feverishly write down lyrics. As technology evolved, his iPhone, iPad, and computer have gladly become the recipients of those lyrics. Do you have any idea how long it took to digitize all those songs??
    Sarantos love of music is profound. His lyrics express his love of people and the world around him. While life is fraught with many challenges, it also offers many blessings. His songs span an entire spectrum of emotion. And lest he take himself too seriously, Sarantos has a pretty wicked sense of humor. You may recognize this in some of his more lighthearted lyrics, facebook or twitter posts, and even in a random music video or two...
    Whether a particular song or lyric is deep, serious or lighthearted, most people would agree that it is something they can relate to as people of this planet.

  • Close Up Radio Spotlights Cheryl Himburg of Key Element Solutions

    in Women

    Kitchener, ON – Cheryl Himburg is a certified Mindset & Leadership coach and the founder of Key Element Solutions, where she empowers women to shatter their glass ceiling and achieve ambitious results.
    “Key Element Solutions is a space for women to be able to explore their goals and visions of success and be supported in developing their own styles of leadership,” says Cheryl.
    Cheryl is a catalyst for growth and success. She understands the need to continue evolving individually and in business, and she has developed an approach to overcome barriers standing in the way of success.
    “Growing up, I was told if I wanted to be successful, I had to work hard and have a good attitude,” recalls Cheryl. “Well, I worked hard and I had a good attitude, but it didn't bring me what I desired.”
    Cheryl struggled she says, because she was never taught how to cultivate the right mindset.
    According to Cheryl, we can never outperform our subconscious beliefs. By understanding how we think and how our experiences have shaped us, we can reshape our limiting beliefs into beautiful confidence.
    “I wanted to create space for women to be able to move beyond the feeling that the world is against them,” says Cheryl. “We always have that capability within ourselves to make decisions that are empowering for us. I’m most proud of the relationship I've built with myself. The impact I'm having, the shift and the change I get to bring into the world would not be possible without my journey. I leaned in when it was uncomfortable and built myself into the woman I am.”
    For more information, visit

  • Chatting with Nat - DJ DivaDanielle

    in Women

    With a fierce desire to promote women in music alongside an affinity for unicorns, Danielle trail-blazed her way through the California music scene with her self-dubbed brand, ‘Music 4 Unicorns.'. And, after a long relationship with InStereo as an artist, she has now taken the reins as the Label Manager, working side by side with her mentor and friend, DJ Dan. divaD has rocked Northern Nights, Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, and so many more.

  • Angela Engel Founder of The Collective Book Studio on The Mompreneur Model

    in Women

    When Angela Engel launched The Collective Book Studio® she wanted to build a different kind of publishing business, one that adhered to the author’s vision every step of the way. Her experience in traditional publishing allows her to introduce beautiful books into the world, and she brings her passion for reading and sharing new ideas into every new project she undertakes. For many years she worked in sales and marketing for nationally known category leaders in publishing, and has sold to key national and international retailers such as Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, and Target. Now, with The Collective Book Studio, Angela has the opportunity to provide authors the support they need to get a book out into the world, from start to finish.
    Join us on The Mompreneur Model on May 26th 1pmET/10amPT and then in podcast. Connect with Angela at and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn.
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    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women, in business and in life.

  • Women Speak N.O.W. hosted by What's the Word with Pastor Terri

    in Women

    Women Speak N.O.W. hosted by What's the Word with Pastor Terri
    Women Speak N.O.W. (WSN) is THE MOVEMENT for all women - believers and non-believers - seeking an environment of love, of empowerment, of trust and coming together as one in Christ.
    WSN broadcast on THE N.O.W. NETWORK is dedicated to real talk, to deal with real issues and to find real GODLY solutions.
    We seek the truth without compromising the word of GOD.
    We speak the truth ONLY from a biblical perspective.
    We believe that ALL those who worship GOD must worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth ~ John 4:24.
    We are calling all women of truth to join the movement of the power of ONE! Bring your real voice, your real issues and a real listening heart as Women Speak N.O.W. and are heard ~ N.O.W.
    Proverbs 12:1: The lip of truth shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

  • January Jones and Scott S. Smith with Amazing Women

    in Women

    Scott S. Smith is a freelance journalist, 1,200 articles have appeared in 175 publications, such as Success, Entrepreneur & Los Angeles Times. He currently contributes 8 times a month to the “Leaders & Success” at Investor’s Business Daily  On today’s show he will give us an in depth view on Martha Harper the creator of “franchise beauty parlors” and Indra Yooki, CEO of Pepsi. His book, Extraordinary People: Real Life Lessons on What It Takes to Achieve Success looks at 21 famous people.