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    Learning To Forgive Others 14-Day Challenge Intro

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    Welcome to the Learning To Forgive Others 14-Day Challenge on Breaking the Cycle of Unresolved Pain that is Stealing Your Joy”. Have you ever taken the time out of a busy day to assess if you’re living your best life? Do you wake up refreshed and ready for the day or do you want to hide under the covers while hitting the snooze button?
    Life is joyful and should be cherished but if you’re feeling anything less than joyful, there’s a root cause. Are you living in the past, wishing for a relationship or job that didn’t work out? Are you stressed out with your current job or business? There are reasons for this and within the challenge you’ll be able to create new habits that teach forgiveness for others and for yourself. Implement this process and these exercises a bit each day and at the end of 14 days, I have no doubt you’ll start to feel differently about life.
    You will learn....
    What Forgiveness Is & How It’s Holding You Back Decide Who Needs–and Deserves–Your Forgiveness Acknowledge & Accept Your True Feelings Powerful Rituals to Release, Let Go & Deeply Heal The Keys to Self-Forgiveness How to Let Go Gracefully–Even When It Feels Hard And much more.

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    Snake Oil Radio/But It's Not Fair

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    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos, and frequent appearances of the ABC show The ListTV. He works w clients with many different types of sessions with one-on-one readings and classes and also does local in-office and phone and FaceTime seminars and classes on a wise range of metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's blog column. Snake Oil radio is a grounded and spiritual forum of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Todays show will be a live column read and added discussion. I won't be taking live calls during todays show.
    But It’s Not Fair
    “...In astrology the sixth house (of twelve houses and areas of life) correspond to how we handle work, health and healing, fixing and repairing, being productive, the practical details of life, and unequal relationships. Unequal relationships are a reality whether we like them or not, simply put: not everything is equal. Most jobs have a pecking order. I saw examples of this clearly in the restaurant business. Like it or not restaurants and most other aspects of life are not set up like a commune. If you got along with everyone you tended to thrive, not by focusing on the reality of the imbalance, but by actually accepting it...”

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    Caroline and Joanie have been hosting US US Psychic tag team across the pond for 7 year this month ! Call in or listen in to their popular light and entertaining live call in monthly radio show. Joanie Eisinger of Joanie’s White Light Healing and Caroline Crystal Heart, Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics collaborate their psychic gifts and abilities to offer friendly, inspirational, warm and valuable psychic readings and healings to assist souls on their life’s journey. Their respective styles magically blend to create a very unique, entertaining and often humorous and poignant experience for the recipients of their work. Caroline is a Psychic Medium, NLP Practioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki/ Tara Mai Seichem Healer/Master. Caroline loves providing psychic readings and healings on any aspect of your life. Caroline has been featured in Soul & Spirit magazine in 2013, 2014, and August 2017. Caroline has many psychic readers who work for her. www.crystalheartpsychics.com Joanie is a healer and a psychic, former clinical social worker and Gestalt therapist. She employs her gifts for those who wish a greater sense of well-being. Many seek her guidance on a myriad of issues, including finances, health, relationships, spirituality, career and family. Joanie is the recipient of Natural Awakenings Magazine's coveted 2013 Natural Choice Award recognizing her as Favourite Energy Healer in North Central, New Jersey. www.joanieswhitelighthealing.com The content of this show is for entertainment purposes only. The Information provided during the show is NOT intended to be construed as a medical diagnosis or treatment. The information provided should not take the place of a consultation with a qualified physician or health care professional for medical diagnosis and/or treatment.

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                                                                                  ****** RETURNING ANEW*****
                                                 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO 9/6/22 4pmPAC/7pmEST
                                                 right here @http://www,buzzardskorner.com (Podcast Pg)
    Angels we will share with you our Experience of REALIZING that it IS AND/BOTH and give you encouragement and inspiration for YOU to recognize that in your life and create what YOU desire instead of what you DON"T!
    We will return with a new platform and new ways of communicating with our MEDITATION Tuesdays, our PRAYER WARRIOR Tuesdays, where you can leave your prayer requests in the comment section below, which moves us into our CREATION  Tuesday, and follows will be our LET GO Tuesday!
    Angels join us as we encourage, support, inspire, share, love, uplift, and create a life we enjoy! Under Each Tuesday Heading we will share examples, ways of being, tips to help you in your life create happiness, inspiration thru personal examples and so much more!
    9/6/22 4pmPAC/7pmEST right here @http://www.buzzardskorner.com
    bringing people back to themselves

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    "Breaking Chains" History Talk Podcast With Dr. Levert Kemp

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    Join us tonight Tuesday 7pm CST for "Breaking Chains" History Talk with Dr. Levert Kemp. Our Prayer is that you will be educated in the facts brought your way of the things that are going on in your community and communities all around this world to harm our people based on the lack of knowing Who We Are. Wake Up and Get Involved!!! 
    Where:www.blogtalkradio.com/yatradio Call in live:858-357-9137 Email: webreakingchains@gmail.com

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    Making Universal Laws work for YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change.  There is a joke about the idea of having a "manual" about life when we come to Planet Earth.  Have you heard that?   What if there was a sort of Manual about Life on Planet Earth.  Since childhood I've sought to understand how life works.  And I do believe that understanding Universal Law is of great benefit to all of us. I was introduced to these Laws by Sat Shree some years ago. Thich Nhat Hanh, in his book, "For A Future To Be Possible," writes on the Five Mindfulness trainings, which he feels are essential.  Tune in!  Join the conversation.  As we each take time to reflect on the deepest Truths we want to live in our life, the planet will be deeply enriched.  I also blog on these topics. Feel free to visit my Blog on this subject at www.TheArtOfLivingLife.org  

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    09.6.2022 GITM Radio: Praying In Tongues Tuesday

    in Spirituality

    09.6.2022 GITM Radio Presents: Praying In Tongues Tuesday!  Holy Spirit Fire! Join Us As The Lord Leads You. We Pray In The Spirit (Romans 8:26) for 1 hour... Seek The Lord And See What He Is Saying (Hab 2:1)! SPEAK TO OUR HEARTS LORD!! Since we began Praying In Tongues, some people have begun to pray in tongues. The Lord has given us awesome interpretations. Several people have been getting Word for Word interpretations. People who have never interpreted are getting interpretations

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    Self-Knowledge Through Soul Awakening

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    Jesus came to awaken the soul to her divine origin. We are returning to the worship of the Divine Mother in the Aquarian age. The worship of the Divine Mother will elevate religion and science in society. We can understand the Divine Mother by adoring and loving Mother Mary, she is one personalized representation of the Divine Mother, and so is a wayshower. The Mother nurtures and nourishes the Flame within each one. To raise the Kundalini fire in a gentle way say the Hail Mary: Hail Mary, full of grace/the Lord is with thee./Blessed art thou among women / and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus / Holy Mary, Mother of God / Pray for us, sons and daughters of God / Now and at the hour of our victory / Over sin, disease, and death. 

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    Darryl Clark's Productive News Weekly Special Insight from Darryl Clark

    in Spirituality

    A time of reflection and resolve.
    Friday September 2, 2022, 6:30 - 7:30PM EDT
    This is a time of awareness, reflection, and resolve.  Awareness of ourselves and the environment in which we live, Reflection of how the environment is affecting us, and Resolve to personal balance by adjusting our thoughts and actions seeing things for what they really are without outside influence attaining inner Peace and Wellness.
    Join PNW as host Darryl Clark wraps up the Summer of 2019 with some insightful observations with a bent toward the future.  We will also discuss some aspects of our society that impacts us all and how we might influence it in a productive way.  Previous guests have been invited.  You too are encouraged to join in on this end-of-summer no-holds-barred discussion about our wellbeing and the choices ahead that will impact it.       This is information you won't hear on mainstream media.  
    Don't miss it!  Share Widely.  

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    New Energy Masters: Higher Vibration or Deeper Wisdom

    in Spirituality

    Hi family!! There is a lot to update. 1) A Kryon channel on growth from higher vibration to "deeper" wisdom. 2) An introduction to what it is like to realize you are an Oracle.This is in honor of my intergalactic guides, The Hathors. Sending them love. 3) Last but not not least a catch up to last month's 8th Step Principle for all you 12 Steppers I missed, because I have been sick. For all of you:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhWN3UxbmsI  Please enjoy...

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    Huruthe7oracle Presentation- Dr Delbert Blair- Supreme Being

    in Spirituality

    Huruthe7oracle Presentation- Dr Delbert Blair- Supreme Being 
    YouTube link to playlist 
    To book a session 

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