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  • 01/30/24 Universal Spiritual Connection host Leilani Graham

    in Spirituality

    Universal Antidote with Intuitive Energy Healer Montell Hero
    At six years old, I realized I was clairvoyant; able to see loving, divine beings and deceased ancestors. Guided through observing my environment and my thought patterns, I developed self-awareness and wisdom to heal.  From a very young age, my guides taught me to understand the process of true healing- physically, mentally, and emotionally. I began to apply this gift to help others professionally in various capacities: in education, healthcare, and in law enforcement. Across vastly different settings people were asking similar questions about self and desired guidance, and the guiding work I’m doing now emerged. It’s of great importance for people to be reminded of their authentic self by understanding how their psyche is developed over periods of time and is creating the reality that is being lived.  ?
    H.E.R.O. Energy Healing is a hands on form of healing that restores or balances the flow of energy in the body. H.E.R.O. which stands for Honor, Embrace, Reflect and Overcome is a catalyst to achieve a state of being that directs the flow of higher frequencies for optimal outcomes.The energy is channeled through the healer to the receiver.This process restores energy deficiencies by removing personal mental pattern blockages.Thus activating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself from commonly caused physical pain, stress and anxiety.
    Website: https://UniversalAntidoteHealing.com  Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok  Email: UniversalAntidote1111@gmail.com  Phone: 480-725-3311 Montell Hero Healing Center: Universal Antidote  Location: 3226 N. Miller Rd, Suite 2 Scottsdale, AZ  85251

  • The Wealth Spark with Reverend James Parker

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Reverend James Parker, for a show on his new book, The Wealth Spark: Igniting Your Path to Abundance and Success, encouraging readers to unleash their full potential. Rev. Parker begins by asking the reader to examine the concept of “wealth.” Rather than a measure of financial prosperity, “riches” are the things that bring joy and satisfaction regardless of your bank balance. A simple yet inspirational guide, this book presents ideas and practices designed to help you achieve this abundance and success in life.
    Aptly titled, this book acts as a spark to create a more fulfilling life. Readers will learn how to evaluate their mindset, create positive habits and practices, take decisive action, and bring it all together for long-lasting success. With straightforward text and motivating stories, it is both practical and enjoyable. To illustrate his points, Rev. Parker weaves in inspirational examples from successful people ranging from Elon Musk to Rosa Parks to Jim Carey. It is the book you can read from front to back, or return to it time and again as you hone your practice. Every page resonates with motivation and attainable goals, encouraging the reader to dream with audacity, strive with tenacity, and unlock your boundless potential.
    Rev. James Parker is senior minister and CEO of Unity Chicago, Illinois. He has an extensive entrepreneurial and leadership background across multiple industries, including telecommunications, construction, real estate, and business consulting and development, as well as restaurant and hospitality. A respected leader and inspirational change-maker, Rev. Parker elegantly interweaves profound spiritual insights with practical financial wisdom, inviting readers of The Wealth Spark to embark on a transformative journey toward abundant living and enlightened prosperity. Learn more at TheWealthSparkBook.com.

  • Our Spiritual DNA - Carmel Niland

    in Spirituality

    • Investigates the roles, energies, and essence of 12 Ascended Masters and how each of them holds a strand of our spiritual DNA • Traces the reincarnations of Ascended Masters Mother Mary and St. Germain through history, depicting the positive and shadow aspects of their archetypal energies • Offers charts that allow you to find out which Ascended Master you relate to and thus discover your own direct connection to the Divine Guided by renowned mystics, Carmel Niland suggests that, just as we carry physical DNA that shapes us across generations, we also carry an energetic code or spiritual DNA that links us back to the very source of our origins -- God -- a divine ancestry that throughout the centuries conveys itself in patterns of behavior, character traits, and life purpose, connecting each individual to a specific Ascended Master. The God essence expresses itself through archetypal energies in us, represented by 12 Ascended Masters who hold the 12 strands of our spiritual DNA. Thus, every person on this earth, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, is an aspect of one of these Masters. Focusing on Mother Mary and St. Germain, Our Spiritual DNA explores the role, energies, and essence of these 12 Masters by examining some of history’s most important figures who have been instrumental in shaping our world. Hitherto unknown details about the lives of personalities like Queen Nefertiti, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Merlin, Isabelle of Castile, and Dante emerge in channeled conversations with the author’s spiritual guide, The Gatekeeper. Revolutionizing the Western view of reincarnation, this astounding book allows you to trace your own spiritual DNA through the reincarnations of the Ascended Masters, understand your spiritual and genetic connection to God, and realize that we are all divinely connected across gender, race, and time.

  • The Lost Continent of Pan: The Oceanic Civilization at the Origin of World Cultu

    in Spirituality

    The destruction of the vast continent of Pan--also known as Lemuria or Mu--in the Pacific Ocean 24,000 years ago was the greatest catastrophe that ever befell humanity. Yet it resulted in a prehistoric Golden Age of arts and technology thanks to the Sons of Noah, who, forewarned and prepared for the disaster, escaped in 5 organized fleets. Theirs was the masterful Ur-culture that seeded China, Egypt, India, Mexico, and Peru, explaining the sudden injection of the same advanced knowledge and sophisticated arts into those widely separated lands. Examining the diaspora from the sunken continent of Pan, Susan B. Martinez finds traces of the oceanic Pan civilization in arts and technologies from canal-works, masonry, and agriculture to writing, weaving, and pottery, but most importantly in the art of navigation, the hallmark of the survivors of the catastrophe. Using archaeo-linguistic analysis, she reveals the mother tongue of Pan hidden in strikingly similar words for royalty, deities, and important places in vastly different languages, including Quechua, Maori, Sanskrit, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Sumerian, as well as English through the prefix “pan” which denotes “all-encompassing.” The author reveals how the Pan diaspora explains the mound builders on each continent, the presence of “white” humans in Native American legend, the red-haired mummies found in China, and the Ainu of Japan. She shares recent genetic studies that reveal Polynesian DNA in central Europeans, Mesopotamians, South Americans, and the 9000-year-old Kennewick man and shows how Pan provides the missing link. She reveals why carvings at Gobekli Tepe are similar to Toltec artistry, why stone towers in Japan and Easter Island are identical, and how the Pacific Ring of Fire was activated.  

  • Learn the Secret Language of Dreams - Pamela Cummins

    in Spirituality

    Do you know that your dreams are special and unique? But if you don’t understand their meaning, you are missing out on vital information. Because every night your subconscious mind sends you messages to help you solve problems, improve relationships, and teach you how to create a higher quality of life. The key is to learn how to decipher them and that is how Pamela Cummins, dream and relationship expert, can help you. Learn the Secret Language of Dreams is designed to give you the ability to understand the meanings of your own dreams. Symbolism in dreams is not a “one size fits all.” One symbol can mean many things. In order to understand the nature of dream symbolism more clearly, you will need to know what category your dream fits into. This eBook will help you identify the different dream styles so you can recognize what part of your life the dream message is for. Once you know the category of your dream, it will be easier to interpret your unique personal symbolism.

  • Note: How we schedule our shows

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    We simply scheduled our future shows less than a week out due to the changing climate and events in our society. We try to stay up on the facts as they unfold before we seek the Father for clarity for the people.  As a result, you should always return to this website within 24 hours of the show's airtime to see what it will be about. Thanks.
    Get up, Zion!

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