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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Facilitator of Transmosis Healing Tracey Whittet

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    Santa Fe, NM – Tracey Whittet is a highly sought after Transformational Agent, Intuitive guide, certified spiritual healer, multidimensional body balancer, Reiki master, Creative Wellness Instructor, and energy healer. Tracey is also the co-author of The Magi Within: Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self. Her next book called Transmosis Healing: Realizing Wholeness is with her publisher now.
    Tracey says the gift of healing is her calling. She is the facilitator of the Transmosis Healing process so we can become whole again. In order to do this, we must clear stuck energy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That requires inner work and tapping into our body, mind, and spirit.
    Besides her work as an intuitive guide, one of the most optimal ways Tracey accomplishes this is through a healing process called Transmosis which is energy clearing on all levels physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. No matter what you’re hurting from, even things that commonly ail us all like stress and grief, Transmosis is the key to restoring balance and sustainable growth. It is multidimensional healing on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. Some call it Spiritual Hygiene.
    Once we open ourselves up to the possibilities of clearing all of our energetic blockages, the more in alignment we will feel. We will no longer be depleted but will see a positive shift in our lives. It increases our chances of success in all areas of our lives from our careers, relationships, love, and wellness.  Let her join you on your journey to joy and freedom.
    For more information, visit https://traceywhittet.com/

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    Awakening of a Psychic Medium with John Frangipani, New York

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    How does an Awakening happen and what did it look like in a Psychic Medium? How has the awakening changed John’s perspective? How was fear overcome with trust and love on John’s journey? What type of Claire can people use to connect to the other side? What is Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance? How can people connect to their Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters? What is it like emotionally to work on a cold case? 
    John is an intuitive Psychic Medium who is blessed that he can embrace this wonderful gift. He relies on his Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance while connecting with the other side. Linking up with his Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. John is overly sensitive to the sitter’s feelings and emotions while delivering messages from loved ones. He  has worked with law enforcement and solved two cold cases as well being a part of the Edge Magazine, authoring articles about Spirituality.Along with being a guest speaker numerous times on the Making Miracles Happen Series discussing his Spiritual Awakening.
    Meetup Group  Scarsdale Free Mediumship Circle on Meetup https://meetu.ps/c/54fyx/126fc4/a
    Email jjfrang@gmail.com
    Facebook Messenger at John Frangipani

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    Mystics, Mages, and Magical Places Episode 025 - With Rev. Art and Rev. James

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    The preservation of folk traditions is akin to safeguarding the soul of a community, for within these age-old practices lies the collective wisdom, values, and cultural essence of generations past. These traditions are the threads that bind us to our roots, offering a glimpse into the narratives that have shaped the identities of community members. They serve as a bridge across time, allowing us to commune with our ancestors, understanding their struggles, aspirations, and the profound insights they imparted. In cherishing these customs, we not only honor the resilience of those who came before us but also gift the same legacy, in its purest form, to those who will follow. Folk traditions are a living, breathing tapestry of human experience, a testament to the beauty of diversity, and a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity. They remind us that while we march forward into an ever-changing world, our foundation remains firmly rooted in the rich soil of tradition, and it is our sacred duty to ensure that these invaluable treasures continue to flourish for generations yet unborn.
    Inspired by the 2023 Tennessee Folk Magic Festival, join us Rev. Art and Rev. James recap the event and discuss the importance of keeping folk traditions alive.

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    #Rastafari #FirstDay aka #Sundays #Psalm4 #RSS #51 #52 #Nitzavim #Vayelech 2023-...

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    Nitzavim-Vayelech | ?????-???? | "Standing-And he went" ?????-[???] ?? | Qomach’hwal/Museym] Heydo]
    Deuteronomy 29:9-31:30
    1.1 First reading — Deuteronomy 29:9–11
    1.2 Second reading — Deuteronomy 29:12–14
    1.3 Third reading — Deuteronomy 29:15–28
    1.4 Fourth reading — Deuteronomy 30:1–6
    1.5 Fifth reading — Deuteronomy 30:7–10
    1.6 Sixth reading — Deuteronomy 30:11–14
    1.7 Seventh reading — Deuteronomy 30:15–20
    1.1 First reading — Deuteronomy 31:1–3
    1.2 Second reading — Deuteronomy 31:4–6
    1.3 Third reading — Deuteronomy 31:7–9
    1.4 Fourth reading — Deuteronomy 31:10–13
    1.5 Fifth reading — Deuteronomy 31:14–19
    1.6 Sixth reading — Deuteronomy 31:20–24
    1.7 Seventh reading — Deuteronomy 31:25–30
    Isaiah 61:10-63:9/Isaiah 55:6-8
    Romans 10:1-12/Romans 10:14-18
    Deuteronomy 30:1 | God's Fidelity Assured
    Deuteronomy 30:11 | Exhortation to Choose Life
    Deuteronomy 31:1 | Joshua Becomes Moses' Successor
    Deuteronomy 31:9 | The Law to Be Read Every Seventh Year
    Deuteronomy 31:14 | Moses and Joshua Receive God's Charge
    Isaiah 61:1 | The Good News of Deliverance
    Isaiah 62:1 | The Vindication and Salvation of Zion
    Isaiah 63:1 | Vengeance on Edom
    Isaiah 63:7 | God's Mercy Remembered https://www.lojs.org/this-weeks-reading-51-52/

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    Top of the Sabbath

    in Spirituality

    Top of the Sabbath 

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    The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show with Kimberly Meredith

    in Spirituality

    Join Kimberly Meredith, World Renowned Celebrity Medical Intuitive Medium, Miracle Healer & Best Selling Author and Special Guest Saige Walker, President of 33 Entertainment, Inc. and Velvet Prozak Series Creator - Live Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET!
    LISTEN HERE: BlogTalkRadio.com/MedicalIntuitiveMiracleShow 
    CALL-IN LINE TO TALK TO KIMBERLY: (515) 605-9709
    Kimberly will talk with her special guest Saige Walker, then Saige will be taking your questions on the entertainment industry and Kimberly will be be taking your questions on medical, physical & emotional mediumship readings and healings, for a full hour.
    Saige Walker is perhaps one of the most versatile actors and entertainers. He is quarter Cherokee Native American Indian. Walker developed and created his production company 33 Entertainment, Inc. and Velvet Prozak, a hit series with over a million views on YouTube! Saige is the owner of the clothing brand 33 Symbols from lead designer, Edward Dwayne Garrett. At age 15, Walker had an NDE, changing his life forever.
    Kimberly will use her medical mediumship abilities to remotely detect your medical situation and connect you to your loved ones on the Other Side.
    Please don’t hesitate to call in with your prayer requests! (515) 605-9709
    Please have your questions ready for the guides!  Call (515) 605-9709.
    (Note: Blog Talk Radio does not accept blocked phone numbers. Please unblock before calling.)
    Visit Kimberly's website: TheHealingTrilogy.com
    Visit Saige's websites: 33entertainmentinc.com & 33symbols.co

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    For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

    in Spirituality

    Friday Night Sabbath Coming Out of Babylon is back!! New and improved now streaming live on Twitch as well as through Blogtalk Radio. Show time starts at 7pm Central Standard time.
    How to tune in: GOCC Southwest on Twitch
    Direct Link: www.twitch.tv/goccsouthwest
    or if you would like to speak to the host during segment two of the broadcast and/or listen through your phone the Guest Call In number is Dial-in number: (515) 605-9327
    All backup videos can be found on Odysee @GoccSouthwest: www.odysee.com/@GoccSouthwest:1
    Subscribe to GOCC Media: ??https://www.youtube.com/c/TheGOCCMedia
    Matthew 24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

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    #644 Astrologer and Author Carmen Turner-Schott

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 8pm MDT with guest Carmen Turner-Schott.  Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, is a licensed clinical social worker, psychological astrologer, author and teacher with national and international clientele. She has been researching astrology, trauma, healing, and transformation for the past 28 years. Carmen began her astrological work at the age of 16 after an experience with a glowing ball of light in her doorway and began studying metaphysics and the Edgar Cayce material at that time. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1997 and her Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1999. She is the author of nine books on astrology and healing. Carmen was born with intuitive abilities that she inherited from her maternal grandmother and uses these spiritual techniques to better serve her clients and those who reach out to her for assistance. She is an avid dream researcher who uses dream incubation to help assist others on a deeper soul level. As a certified Reiki Master Energy Healer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Practitioner and Akashic Records International Consultant she brings her knowledge of astrology and specific training in various healing modalities and specialized techniques to help with trauma recovery, healing, and psychological processing. Her goal is to share her love of astrology with others and make it understandable on a basic, practical level to help others see what a powerful psychological tool astrology can be in our lives. She believes astrology can help us heal, transform and become more resilient.
    Website  www.carmenturnerschott.com
    Thanks for listening!
    Dave the Mystic

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    Empath Empowerment with Spiritualist Medium Alisa Ozernoy

    in Spirituality

    Join Louis for this live show where he will be interviewing Spiritualist psychic-medium Alisa Ozernoy!  In addition to mediumship, Alisa offers a variety of spiritual services, including Holy Fire Reiki, intuitive & Tarot card readings, and her very own empath empowerment sessions!  She is also a teacher, hosting several virtual workshops on a monthly basis.   Alisa holds a Master's Degree is Psychology, and has worked in grief counseling & social work.  She has a great deal of professional experience assisting individuals who've struggled personally.  In fact, this work served as the inspiration for some of her original classes, including a weekly "Spirit connection circle."  This is a web-based group devoted to uplifting one's energy and learning new ways to heal from deep spiritual & emotional wounds. Louis will be interviewing Alisa about her emotional journey from "skeptic" to "believer," and what led her to becoming a full-fledged Spiritualist medium!  She will also be discussing the unique service she provides to empaths.  Don't miss this fascinating episode! Louis & Alisa will be taking LIVE CALLS in the second half!

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    Reach me at loveafterlifellc@aol.com

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    Messages of Light

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    Join Amanda with radio show Messages of Light Every Monday at 11 am cst time . Each week, Amanda features a guest speaker with spiritual gifts , healing talents and so much more You can call in for one FREE question. Call in number is 347-237-5339 you can listen on your phone, and hit #1 to be put in line for online question or you can go to the link and use the CHAT function for your question

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