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Guest topics include stargates, reincarnation, UFOs, alien contact, predictions, spirituality, and more with Host Betsey Lewis.

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Marisol Smiley, a Starseed, returns to Stargate to talk about her experiences with Angels and Star Beings at the age of three. There's an apocalyptic Spiritual War coming and she wants us to be prepared. From her encounters, she feels her mission is to help people awaken to the truth that otherworldly beings reside here to guide us, and that we are not alone in the Universe. At the age of six, Marisol was taken onboard a UFO and put on a table for examination, but not harmed. Other children were on the UFO spaceship with her. At the age of twenty-five, glowing angelic beings gave Marisol information about the Earth and Universe, but she didn't feel worthy of their celestial presence. She was transported to a huge UFO where Golden Beings, perhaps as large as 24' to 25' feet tall, claimed to have watched humanity for eons. (In July 1984, Russian cosmonauts aboard the Soviet space station Salyut 7 were on a 155-day mission. This was also the day that the group reported strange lights and smiling angelic beings with wings and halos the size of an airliner). Marisol was told by Angelic Beings that they seeded Earth, but Earth has become a ?Prison Planet? controlled by dark entities controlling humanity. It is time for us to awaken to our true spiritual potential. During her encounters, Marisol has seen reptilian entities, benevolent blue people, Gray ETs, and angelic beings. Marisol, her mother, and now her children have experienced paranormal activity throughout the year. At a time when there is only chaos, hate, and violence on the planet, Marisol offers hope, love and inspiration from the Angelic realm. See photos of UFO orbs and her angel.
  • by BetseyLewis
  • in Spirituality
  • 01:30

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