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    Reveille: Your Faith-Fueled Wake-Up Call with Ed The Theologian!

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     Ed The Theologian! ?? Known as Jim Owen in everyday life, Ed will co-host the brand-new show premiering at 9:00 AM EST - "Reveille: Your Faith-Fueled Wake-Up Call." ??
    Call in Number is (714) 816-4686
    "Reveille" is not your average show—it's a transformative, faith-filled half-hour that kick-starts your week with inspiration and motivation. ???? Expect motivational quotes, compelling stories, and engaging interviews with guest speakers who share their faith-based insights and experiences.
    This show goes beyond conventional motivation! Dive into scripture reflections, prayerful moments, and discussions on how faith intersects with personal growth. ??? Uplifting music with spiritual resonance will surround you, creating an immersive experience.
    But here's the best part—it's interactive! ?? Join a community of faith and encouragement. Share your spiritual journey, your testimonies, and participate in discussions about how faith can fuel your life.
    "Reveille: Your Faith-Fueled Wake-Up Call" is your weekly guide to spiritual reflection, growth, and community connection. ??? Don't miss out on this uplifting experience!

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    KCC Radio Network - WEDNESDAY

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    KCC Radio Network USA/WORLD welcomes Bishop Hezekiah Pressley, Jr. "Help for the Hurting" Radio Program.   
    Wednesdays @ 11AM CST & 12Noon EDT