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Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres

Metaphysical Hors D'oeuvres


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This show by John Warren and Ellen Hartwell (ellenhartwell.com) will briefly delve into the power within us to know Spirit, to use Spirit to manifest!

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Wait, no! Certainly I am not accountable for what's going on in the world, right? Mass shootings, viruses, man's inhumanity to man,, division etc., etc., etc!I Don't blame me for the insanity that is out there! Blame God, Spirit, Universe! Blame Twinkies, but not me! No, no, it's not about blame, it's about the consciousness that you and I need to join together to create a brighter more unified world! Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell as they discuss this important topic today! ellenhartwell.com
  • by Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres
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We do not wnt to focus on evil. We want to focus on finding the good in all things even if we do not understand how there can be good in this person, event or thing. Finding and manifesting more and more light is one of the most significant... more

We hear all kinds of things. Satan is real. The devil made me do it. Evil forces are attached to us. Horrible wicked creature fly around and assault us! Is there any truth to any of these things? Does evil exist and, if so, does it effect us? Is this... more

There is no human who doesn't have emotions. It matters not how evolved or "practiced" anyone is, we have emotions. All emotions are valid and real and can be very intense. They are not to be negated or denied. So, then, how do... more

Are you noticing how quickly the days are passing by? Are others talking with you about that? Hmm..what is that? Is time a perception that is that fluid? Is time precious? Yes! Should we use it wisely, yes! However, what if we are stuck in... more

The future! Alluring! Entertaining! Exciting! Terrifying! Furious, we are with the future, because it isn't here yet. It can't be! It isn't now, it is future! Oh, yeah, right! So what do we do about our fury, our anger, our impatience with the future... more

Those tiny little rascals are uninvited thoughts and feelings that yell at us, with no warning whatsoever, to let us know that they still have "authority" over us! No! No! No! This is not true but those rascals want us to believe it. We must not! Send... more

We have covered some challenging topics and it all leads to the following statement.: This is your life and you get to create that which you desire. Learning to know and believe that is a well, yes, a practice! None-the-less, today, John... more

The Devil made me do it! God spoke to me and told me not to agree to that! I was tired! I stubbed my toe! I was not happy as a child! My kids drove me crazy all day. I had a headache! I was stressed by my horrible boss! You know how... more

If you hadn't...? Why didn't you...? What? You didn't see that coming? You better think more clearly and keep your emotions out of thngs, you know! Remember when you ________ and _________ happened because you were feeling not... more

Resting assured in this tumultuous world we live in coupled with the daily chaos of each day seems like an impossible goal. Perhaps if we were a guru on a mountain top it would seem more attainable. Certainly no one can rest assured... more

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