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Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres

Metaphysical Hors D'oeuvres


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This show by John Warren and Ellen Hartwell (ellenhartwell.com) will briefly delve into the power within us to know Spirit, to use Spirit to manifest!

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Wait, no! Certainly I am not accountable for what's going on in the world, right? Mass shootings, viruses, man's inhumanity to man,, division etc., etc., etc!I Don't blame me for the insanity that is out there! Blame God, Spirit, Universe! Blame Twinkies, but not me! No, no, it's not about blame, it's about the consciousness that you and I need to join together to create a brighter more unified world! Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell as they discuss this important topic today! ellenhartwell.com
  • by Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres
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When my child was very young he wouldn't say, "I don't know.", he would say, "I know don't." Charming and cute and now, nearly forty years later, we are broadcasting a show on the incredible power and liberty held in the countless "I... more

Practice, practice, practice! Visualize! Affirm! Believe! Pray! Meditate! That's what WE do. What does Universe do for you? What actually happens to all of those prayers, meditations, affirmations and visualizations? Aha! Good question! Join... more

Death is the end. Yes, So true! (In the episode we are not talking about physical death. As you know, John Warren and I believe that, of course, the body dies but consciousness does not. ) Death is the end of something and also a wonderful... more

One of the ways in which we can become more conscious is to look at our partnerships. How do we behave with our family, friends, lovers, spouses, co-workers, bosses, animals, customers, and anyone or thing with whom we... more

No one that John or I know, including ourselves, of course, goes through life without experiencing lack of faith in the God of our understanding. It isn't arrogance and it isn't forgetfulness or spiritual laziness, it is a black hole where... more

Are we the only seemingly intelligent life form in this ever-expanding Universe? Are there no other species that can travel, observe and contact us? If there are other intelligent beings, do we ever see them, their crafts or... more

You hear it on our show frequently - "practice, practice, practice"! We must practice listening to what we are saying - most especially those words and phrases that negate the very thing or event or type of person we desire to... more

You believe in God/Spirit/Universe, great! How do you represent your understanding of Spirit? Are you sloppy about your God? Is your God only around when you begin to fall or when you stub your toe or when you are frightened?... more

Many of us know the story about Mary Magdalene who was grieving at the tomb of Jesus Christ. The stone in front of the cave has been rolled away and Jesus' body is no longer there. Crying, she sees who she supposes is a gardener and... more

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes that pinch? Have you ever pulled on a skirt that was too small or so large it flapped in the wind? Have you ever zipped up a coat and had to pull in your stomach so much that it bumped your backbone?... more

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