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  • 01:05

    The State of Black America: Past, Present & Future

    in History

    This evening, REAL TALK WITH THE GMAN is hosting a special one hour program examining the history of African Americans in the United States and to discover the pathway to a better tomorrow.
    This two-part series will open up a door of understanding to who we are in this country... the contributions that we have unselfishly made to a nation that once enslaved many of our ancestors, yet, never crushed our spirit or determination to rise from the ashes of dispair to a place where we soar high above the stars.

  • 00:39

    Success' Smarter Collaboration with Disney Imagineers

    in Current Events

    Smarter Collaboration goes deep into Disney magical collaborations with former Imagineers Ryan Harmon and Joe Lanzisero, now leaders at Zeitgeist. Hear about the behind the scenes collaborations that consistently delight. 
    Founded in Pasadena, California by 36-year themed entertainment industry veteran Ryan Harmon in 2011, Zeitgeist Design + Production tells the tales of some of the world's most successful brands, intellectual properties, and historical accounts through the creation of UX-IRL — User Experiences In Real Life, including innovative location-based entertainment, brand experiences, experiential retail and marketing, interactive and multimedia experiences, and more. 

  • 00:57

    Black History LifeTime and the Importance of the Study of Black History

    in News

    Join us for this important show as we delve into the history of Black History Month, and the continued importance of the study of African/Black History and Culture. 

  • 00:26

    Hey BTR!

    in Current Events

    Hey BTR! The 'What DEE Says' podcast is now on Blog Talk Radio!! Guest hosts are welcome, respect the host when calling in and follow the platform's communication rules!

  • 00:56

    Kyle's Conversation

    in Current Events

    This monday on the conversation London’s Khan Pouring £150 Million into Tech Capable of Implementing Pay-Per-Mile Tax.  If you said this was going on in America people would say you are a nut and crazy.  Trump: Dictator Comments ‘Said in Jest,’ ‘We Were Having Fun.’ The Senate’s draft border bill that promised to reduce migration chaos at the border actually invites a greater inflow by welcoming migrants who seek jobs or claim asylum.  The Senate’s draft border bill that promised to reduce migration chaos at the border actually invites a greater inflow by welcoming migrants who seek jobs or claim asylum.  I will get into the ongoing every present civil war.  This and much much more so join me for the conversation you're apart of.  

  • 01:47

    "Urban Wire" Ep 116 Black History Month + Other News

    in Current Events

    Join Senica Harris and Naz Parish for our Black History Month special. We will discuss the History behind Black History Month. Also we will discuss highlights of NBA Allstar Weekend in Indianapolis, people's obsession with celebrity affairs, and Donald Trump recent loss in the New York courts. Support the platform: $UrbanWire Email us to advertise with us, send story ideas, or other business inquires: seharris02@gmail.com or ucofw.indy@gmail.com Youtube:   www.youtube.com/ucofw  ? (please subscribe) Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/4449678...? Episodes on demand: www.blogtalkradio.com/urban_wire_media_network Or listen on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music,  Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,I Heart, Tune In Radio, and Stitcher

  • 00:30

    Peter Mingils on UFO Radio Show with Russ Johnson on Building Fortunes Radio

    in News

    Peter Mingils on UFO Radio Show with Russ Johnson on Building Fortunes Radio
    Peter Mingils interviews Russell Johnson on Building Fortunes Radio.
    You can find more on https://buildingfortunesradio.com/russell-johnson-ufo-super-patch 
    http://ufosuperpatch.com is where you can find more information about Super Patch  
    Lights in the Night Podcast w/ Russ Johnson is supported by Building Fortunes Radio.
    http://lightsinthenight.org    Lights In The Night covers the wide world of alien existence, life expansion, and extraterrestrial life. Lights In The Night is aimed to appeal to anyone that has an interest in alien and off-world life.
    If you want to be interviewed by Russell Johnson, contact us
    Thanks for listening to Russell Johnson, Peter Mingils (386) 445-3585

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