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  • 01:18

    The P And The D Ain't Free.

    in Relationships

    The old heads used to always talk about how there ain't no such thing as free p***y. Some of us accepted that and some of us did not. What they didn't ever tell us was the dick wasn't free either. Do you believe it? Do you accept it? Have you lived it?
    As we may know, the cost that you pay for sex ain't always financial. You might pay with your heart, your pride, your dignity, your soul, your frustration, your humility, your self-esteem, your lifestyle. Have you overpaid?
    That's what we're talking about tonight at 7 PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check this out:
    Call 319-527-6199 to listen live on the air, comment live, or chat.
    Let's get into this.
    #freesex # 

  • 03:31

    Why Don't Men Leave Abusive Women?

    in Relationships

    The reasons men and women don’t leave abusive relationships have some similarities and some differences. Abused men, like abused women....Men don’t realize the way they're being treated is abusive. Many men weren’t taught that women can be the abusers in relationships, too. Some men think their wives ’ abusive behavior is how all women behave. Some men believe all women are crazy, just like some women think all men are cheaters. Some men are told that women are just “more emotional” and are supposed to put up with it...Video of a gig Brian will learb to perform

  • 01:09

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

    in Relationships

    TOPIC:  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…   There is the notion of falseness (plastic), something that isn't real or worked for. Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of the cosmetic procedure as the thing that will improve and cure the problems they may have.  Are you ready for a plastic tune-up?   Listen On-Demand: Buy Book MasteringWomen: Fb: IG:  lindagrossspeaks Coaching: Amazon Link.  Start with this link to help support my show.  No cost to you.  No book purchase required. Subscribe and Call in!  323.642.1677 Sophia's prank video:

  • 01:00

    Dating A Black Business Woman!

    in Relationships

    On this weeks episode of Talk Tuesday, our special guest, Author Nazia Adeyemi is back to discuss "Dating A Black Business Woman!"  We will talk about some of the trials and tribulations a black business woman goes through while dating and share some ways healthy relationship ideas for them. Join us for this very important conversation. Send in your questions and comments fo us to read live on air. Call in at 929-477-1436, press 1 to speak to with your hosts Viola Pearson and Hakim BornJust.

  • 00:21

    Take a Break with Gene& Mary – Live on July 12 - Talking about LIVING & DYING!

    in Relationships

    If you've ever considered harming yourself or know someone who has, please ask for help.
    Every day, we talk about what's on our minds and today, we're thinking about Thursday's UnScripted show with Zakary Frakes. If you want to hear a powerful story about a 15-year-old who "has all the Ds," be sure to visit this link to hear how he feels about "What doesn't kill you makes you funnier."

  • 00:59

    Oneness Is Built on Kindness and Humility

    in Relationships

    We live in a world filled with rudeness and arrogance in our attempt to exhibit power and control. The post-modern reality of advanced technology provides us the ability to see the chaos, anger and outright hatred humans have the capacity to exercise. In opposition to this triad, the connection is Oneness, kindness, and humility. What happened to cause such opposing viewpoints and ideologies? What caused a nation dedicated to the proposition of fairness and freedom to be filled with such an oxymoron reality?