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    Walk With Jesus

    in Spirituality

    Family Gathered together to Give God Honor

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    Common Addictions

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    Why do we disassoiate? For many of us we dont like the negfative mindset we are stuck in.
    The corrupt mind that is always in negative mode. 
    Toxit Tool : Disoassociation 
    Useful Tools ? : So many

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    Spreading Kindness with Capt Len Kaine with special guest Peter Hadley

    in Spirituality

    ?? Join us for a heartwarming episode of "Optimize My Life Presents: Spreading Kindness" with your host, Capt Len Kaine! ??? Tune in TODAY, Friday, Nov 17, 2023, at 12:00 PM EST for an unforgettable journey of inspiration and resilience.
    ??? Special Guest Alert: Don't miss the chance to hear the remarkable story of Peter Hadley, a World War 2 and Battle of the Bulge survivor who faced adversity as a young child. ?? His story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of kindness.
    ?? Let's come together to spread positivity and learn from the wisdom of those who have overcome incredible challenges. ?? Share your thoughts, stories, and join the conversation using #OptimizeMyLife and #SpreadingKindness. ???
    ?? Tune in and be inspired to make a difference in the world! ?? #LiveTalkRadio #Inspiration #KindnessMatters #FridayMotivation #OptimizeMyLifePresents

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    Those Without a Conscience - An Investigation of Empathy and Non-Empathy

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    The reason I chose these book's to study is because there are people in this world who take advantage of people of goodwill and we want to have it so that our goodwill lands as Jesus said on fertile soil and not on stony soil. That we don't cast our pearls before those without a conscience, in this world we are trained to give to the takers, those who demand our light. And what we need is to give to the givers in such a way that they will receive it.

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    Snake Oil Radio/A holistic approach to health and Wellness for 2024

    in Spirituality

    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos, with frequent appearances on television and radio. He works w clients w many different types of sessions with one-on-one readings and classes and also does local in-office and phone and FaceTime seminars and classes on a wise range of metaphysical subjects (JimVentura.com). Snake Oil is Jim's blog column. Snake Oil radio is a both grounded and spiritual forum of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. I will be able to take a few live calls for the guests about halfway thru the live hour show. Todays show:
    Jen Dillon Jen has over twenty years experience with working with many different natural products that led her creating a line of Natural beauty products, natural supplements, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy and homeopathic medicines. She has recently developed a Homeopathic Detox Protocol for helping people with long term Covid symptoms and adverse vaccine reactions. Getdetoxed.us
    Scott Porter is a functional medicine pharmacist. His skills involve treating the gut first and foremost using the Four “R” Treatment Protocol (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance), and sharing his insight with a number of pharmacy groups to the implement functional medicine supplements into their practices.  There are currently have over 70 professional vendors and have product not typically seen in any clinical pharmacy nor medical offices across the United States. He is currently treating long COVID and Vaccine Injury with The Homeopathic Detox Protocol Case Study and seeing great success with this study.

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    New Star Codes arriving with a new Upgrade in Frequency Dynamics. Listen as the Lyra-Atlantis Connection presents a full feature channel consisting of:
    Enertides -Current Energy of the Month
    Star Portal-Stepping into the Stargate and receiving the current 11:11 Starcodes and Frequency
    Preservation-Learning how to work with the new Starcodes and Frequencies
    Do you like this new broadcast? Then, please buy Patricia a Chai for a generous donation of $3.00 to help support the continuation of this channel! https://ko-fi.com/natureis0780

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    Pursuing Holiness -- Lessons from St. Frances de Sales

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         Renowned theologian, speaker and author, Ralph Martin presents the timeless teachings of St. Frances de Sales--bishop, Doctor of the Church, and famous 16th century author.  Through the inspirations of this influential and well-known saint, we gain great insight into how sin affects our lives, our relationships, and our witness to the world.  St. Frances de Sales enables us to live the fervent, authentic, Catholic life to which we are called.

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    Surviving the Days Ahead

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we discuss how to prepare for and survive a home invasion. We will also talk about guns and knives as weapons , and some prices, etc. 

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