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    Christianity & Creativity With Allen Paul

    in Spirituality

    [S. 3, E. 12]  30:00 - Christianity & Creativity With Allen Paul
    Allen Paul is an engaging, purpose-driven coach, author, and teacher with a passion to help people connect the dots between their values, unique abilities, and the essential tools of creativity.
    As a musician, creative coach, author and podcaster, I strive to help creatives in all walks of life to harness the essential tools to impact the world while living in harmony, abundance and in line with timeless principles. I've built multiple brands and creative platforms, written 4 books and resources, and run a successful faith-centered creative platform, God and Gigs, while coaching others to do the same with their gifts.
    For the Audience/Listeners
    I'm now building my new membership for faith-focused creatives where they can find encouragement and training to excel in every area of their lives. It's called God and Gigs 360 and membership is now open for enrollment with a 30 day free trial.

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    Intentional Quantum Conscious Effect with Les Jensen

    in Spirituality

    Please join us as New Human Living radio show host, Les Jensen, kicks off the New Year with a show on Intentional Quantum Conscious Effect.
    Jesus demonstrated the real time creation of effect. Changing the "reality" of the moment, in the moment. Performing all manner of miracles. How does the quantum decide the nature of reality? What are the elements within ourselves that influence that creation? Listen in as our show host, Les Jensen, takes the deep quantum dive.
    Les Jensen is an author, inspirational speaker, radio host, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness.
    Les’ latest book, Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include Citizen King: The New Age of Power and Personal Power Fundamentals. To learn more visit NewHumanLiving.com and LesJensen.com.

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    Holistic Truth™

    in Spirituality

    The Great Awakening Continues
    Learning and Unlearning
    History Geograghy Astronomy Crumbling Matrix World Wide Awakening
    Energetics and Sensitives Collision of Facts Holy Spirit Moves Revisiting Isaiah 40:3
    Dimensions of Prophecies The Wilderness and the Desert, where the work is. How We Talk to God Awakening Symptoms and Care
    Kundalini - Transcendense or Psychosis God Smacked Take Care in Taking Care Personal Awakening Story
    Music - The Great Awakening
    ~Lori & Jacob Bango

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    Soaking in the spirit just like the sponge

    in Spirituality

    Tonight show is going deep in the spirit let us soak in his presence he deserves all the glory and all the honor and all the praise come in and be blessed for life is good in Christ Jesus in Jesus of of Nazareth

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    Spiritual SOL Sunday- ESHU

    in Spirituality

    Orisha- Eshu 
    To Contact me, donate or book a session please use link below 
    clips : [https://youtu.be/yung](https://youtu.be/uOP9u4MNUwo)
      [https://youtu.be/yksDCdqkBTY]   [https://youtu.be/UHEgE9B3m2o]   https://youtu.be/dyburDRRbO4 https://linktr.ee/intuitivesolsessions
    Show produced by Keithon Boyd 

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    The Porch - Lawlessness Abounds

    in Spirituality

    When lawlessness abounds in the end times the only answer is the Church rising up in power and righteousness to counter it.
    We hope that it blesses and inspires you.  If it does please write to us at theporch@firefalltalkradio.com or go to the website and use the contact button.
    The Porch airs every Wednesday only on Firefall Talk Radio to inspire, encourage and edify you to regain the fire of the Book of Acts Church to shake the world one last time before the Return of THE KING.
    Firefall Talk Radio can be listened to live or archived with the ability to download the episodes.  Feel free to share with others as the Lord leads.
    If you would like to support what we do there are ways to do so on the home page for Firefall Talk Radio. If you have a need, a praise report, or a prayer request you would like to share or want to be a part of the praying Porch Community let us know.
    Follow us on YouTube at The Firefall Network
    Connect and interact with FTR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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    The Apostle Peter’s “Templates” of the Coming Judgement!

    in Spirituality

    The cosmic system heroically negates the Second Coming of Christ because it understands that it means its crushing defeat and subsequent eradication!

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    Sunday ReBoot - The Great Commission' ReBroadcast from 1.22.2012

    in Spirituality

    Join us Sunday, FoRe! a ReBroadcast from Jan 22, 2012,-The Great Commission' & 'The Fellowship of the Believers' Via Today's Technology and Social Media. Hosted Maria DiGiovanni & Co-Hosts Rebecca Lawlor and Magdalena Gomez as we do a Church Re-Boot, redefining Fellowship, in 2012  And, still into 2023.
    Sponsored by Rebecca Lawlor Limited & The Ambassador Program #FoRe! #LivingRoyal
    Get Ready!!! To Encounter A Love like no other that will make you want to GET UP AND DANCE! Join our Hosts Becky Christensen Mapston & Maria DiGiovanni every Sunday "Sunday ReBoot" - w/ FoRe! Ambassadors
    Join us as we redefine Fellowship.
    Hosts - Becky Christensen Mapston, and Maria DiGiovanni, with FoRe! Ambassadors & Guardians from around the world.  Producer - Maria DiGiovanni Executive Producer - FoRe!  International Sunday ReBoot's Foundation - Hebrews 12:22
    FoRe! Radio™ is a FoRe! Media/PR Platform owned and operated by FoRe! International. www.LivingRoyal.org  
    Thank You to our Station Sponsors:
    FoRe! International

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    in Spirituality

    We all have patterns that raise their heads and jumble us up in to an emotional frenzy now and then. This is part of the human experience. We think we have "mastered" one of our quirks and suddenly, there it is again! Jeepers!
    Where did our spirituality go when we get slammed by something we thought we had dealt with and put to rest?
    How do we manage our "gotcha's"?
    Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell now as they discuss the effective management of "gotcha's"!

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    Dear Starseeds and Light workers

    in Spirituality

    Dear Starseed and Lightworkers, 
    It is my greatest desire to be a clear channel for those who are on the path of divinity as a starseed, starchild and lightworker etc.  We here at Sunkofa Divinity are delighted to bring to you a voice of wisdom, knowledge and innerstanding. We know that this path is not a walk in the park but a deep run through the dark nights of the soul.  Although the journey to the unfolding of our Divinity is a challenge and often a difficult calling to sustain, we have to keep in mind that the calling is for the purpose of the god self, the soul and the cultivation of the light within. ZINURU....... and for the intergration and the unity of creation.

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    The Desire Factor

    in Spirituality

    Manifesting desires has never been easier than with New York Times bestselling author Christy Whitman’s newest book, The Desire Factor, which offers the tools for you to find happiness, abundance, and success! The Desire Factor proves that desire is the force behind every act of creation, and it is the mechanism through which everything in this boundless spiritual universe is made manifest into physical, tangible form. However, the true gift is not in acquiring our desires; it is the people we become in the process of allowing our desires to move through us. The skills, strengths, and character traits we develop in the process of manifesting our desires stay with us always. The Desire Factor unfolds the precise steps for bringing about the manifestation of any desire. Take author Christy Whitman’s advice and learn to lean into prosperity and abundance.

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