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    Author Peter Orner talks #StillNoWordFromYou on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Peter Orner to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the book STILL NO WORD FROM YOU. 

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    Welcome Dayna Ault to Books and Entertainment Tales from the Pages

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    On Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 4pm Eastern time my guest will be Dayna Ault. She is a children's author and is also an advocate for people struggling with autism. She has also written a middle-grade black history biography coming soon. We will speak about her writing and writing process and learn more about her books. As always there might be some surprises. Friends of the author and other interested people may call into the show to ask a question of the author. Only serious questions will be considered. The chat room will be open for any who want to speak with either the host or Ms. Ault. Hope to see many of you there!

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    Special Edition of Write Stuff -- COAL: A Cautionary Christmas Tale -- 11/2/2022

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    Snatched from his home on Christmas Eve, eleven-year-old Charlie Peters is taken to the North Pole where he is forced to work in Santa’s coal mine.
    There, along with other naughty children, Charlie must endure back-breaking work, battle nasty little elves, resist human/reindeer hybrids, and escape from a hideous beast with a red, glowing nose. But that isn’t all. Charlie discovers a new naughty list—a Permanent Naughty List that traps children in the mines forever. And Charlie is next.
    In order to go home, Charlie must find the Nice List and write his name on it before it’s too late. Will Charlie Peters change his selfish ways and learn the true meaning of Christmas or will he end up on the Permanent Naughty List, trapped in Santa’s coal mine forever?
    Join me for a wonderful discussion as my guest co-host and contributor Chris Savino and I chat about his dark, and hilarious book for kids about Christmas and redemption on this Special Edition. Tune in on Wednesday, November 2nd at 7 pm Eastern time by calling 646-668-8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everywhere. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/12156363.

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    Emily Bergren

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    Emily Bergren is a college student studying history in Minnesota. She loves writing stories for young audiences, especially tweens and teens.  Her first book, Memory Lane Was Moved, was released in August of 2020. The following year she published her next book, The Journal is Important, and most recently her third book, The Rookie Has a Mission.
    In her spare time, Emily enjoys being a musical theatre director.  She enjoys performing as well as directing.

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    Coffee, Tea & Thee-with guest Henry O. Arnold

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    Author and Podcaster Linda Kozar chats with guests who share the story of their life and how they got to the place they are now. Stories that are sad, touching, bittersweet, and often miraculous. Everyone has a story to tell before they leave this earth and we should hear the unique story of their life. www.lindakozar.com
    Henry O. Arnold co-authored the novel Hometown Favorite with Bill Barton, and a work of nonfiction KABUL24, with Ben Pearson. He co-wrote and produced with Steve Taylor and Ben Pearson the film The Second Chance starring Michael W. Smith. He wrote the screenplay for the documentary on evangelist Billy Graham, God's Ambassador, and the documentary KABUL 24, based on the book. His latest documentary film I Go To The Rock: The Gospel Roots of Whitney Houston, will be released in 2023. The Singer of Israel is the third volume in his historical fiction series, The Song of Prophets and Kings. The first two volumes, A Voice Within The Flame and the Crown of the Warrior King are also published by Whitefire Publishing. He lives on a farm in Tennessee with his lovely wife Kay. They have two beautiful daughters married to two handsome men with three above-average grandchildren. For more information please visit www.henryoarnold.com.

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    #446 - Christian Children's Book Author, Marcia Laycook

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show this Friday, November 4th at 2 p.m. (ET) to hear a LIVE interview with Christian children's book author, Marcia Laycook.
    Marcia Laycook is the author of 11 books; her most recent release is a Christian children's book titled, Merrigold’s Very Best Home.  A resident of southern Alberta (Canada), Marcia's heart is split between the Yukon wildnerness and the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  Captivated by large bodies of water, mountain vistas, wintery themes and odd palm trees, her heart pounds with the rhythm of galloping horses, the frenzy of hummingbirds and the mystery of dragonflies.  In addition to authoring two contemporary novels, four fantasy novels for middle grade readers (under pen name M. C. Spencer), four devotional books and a small book of Christmas stories, Marcia is also a contributing author to several anthologies including the popular Hot Apple Cider books.
    Marcia writes to reveal the glory of God. The fodder for her writing and speaking ministries has come from the places she has lived, the people she has known and from being a pastor’s wife for over 30 years while raising three dynamic creative daughters.
    Call (563) 999-3025 to ask questions of the guest author.  Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson and Lynn Pinder are the scheduled cohosts.  

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    Meet Author and Poet Anthony Pathfinder

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    Join me as I interview publishing's best kept secret, Author/Poet Anthony Pathfinder! Discover the sci-fi world he's created in his latest book, The Seeing Eyes.
    An unnerving, science fiction thriller that captures the warfare between friends and foes, in a planetary world, leading to a hotbed of conflicts.
    On orders from the highest branch of government, Dr. Kimberley Scott, a brilliant scientist, and her colleagues are assigned to the D9 Project by PSFA, led by Dr. Casey Kingsley, an avowed narcissist. Faced with an improbable task that could forever change humankind, what will the investigation yield? Will the threat of war bring about the intervention of The Seeing Eyes or will the world leaders annihilate each other?
    Anthony Pathfinder developed a love of writing and authored several poems before parlaying his interest in writing into a passion for storytelling. He has written and published twelve novels in various genres. Anthony is insatiably curious about the complexities of our world and considers himself a citizen of the world.
    Contact Anthony on his author's website and social media.
    or reach out by email: authoranthonypathfinder@gmail.com

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    The zero night

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    Stride is back from nearly dying from a gunshot wound to the heart. Maggie Bei his partner called about a suspicious abduction of the wife of a lawyer. Attorney Gavin Webster claims to have paid 100000 dollars in ransom money to the kidnappers who claimed to have his wife. The case brings him and Serena into the paths of many who think that Gavin who came into millions might be guilty and wanted to get rid of his wife while Serend faces her own demons from the past. Join me with author Brian Freeman and learn more. 

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    Happy Halloween with NYT Best Seller Douglas Clegg on Book Lights

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    Douglas Clegg is a writer of imaginative dark fiction (including horror, gothic, fantasy, supernatural, and suspense thrillers) and has been a professional novelist since he signed his first book contract with Simon & Schuster in 1987. He considers much of his horror fiction as being on the surrealistic side of the equation, venturing into the logic of nightmare and dream.
    His books have been published worldwide and translated into various editions. His short fiction has won the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Guild Award and the Shocker Award, and has been included in several Years’ Best anthologies.
    Keep in contact with him via his Newsletter.
    And for more about our Spooky Halloween host Lisa Kessler visit http://Lisa-Kessler.com
    Book Lights - shining a light on good books!

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    Chapter 12 Episode 13

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    On Tonight's The After Show
    In-depth Discussion(s): Importance of Reviews and writing new Stories

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    Writing Gothic Horror With Guest Author Danielle DeVor

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    Tina Moss is joined by guest host, and gothic horror writer, Danielle DeVor. What does it take to write a horror novel, how much gore is too much, and the importance of research in this episode of the Bound by Books Podcast.
    To find out more about the podcast and all our hosts, visit our website at www.boundbybookspodcast.com.
    ***Disclaimer: The views expressed at, or through, this podcast are those of the individual hosts acting in their individual capacities only – not those of their respective employers, fellow podcast hosts, or the Bound by Books podcast as a whole. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this podcast are hereby expressly disclaimed.***