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    Yolanda Stennett - Mrs. International 2021

    in Family

    J.Crew. Eddie Bauer. Macy’s. GAP. MTV. Miss Me Jeans. Rocawear. WE: Women’s Entertainment. TLC. These are just a few of the places where you may have previously seen former professional model, Yolanda Stennett, Mrs. International 2021, who was also the first female in-stadium co-host for Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals.
    As the matriarch of her blended family, Yolanda is the devoted wife to her husband, Joevon and a proud mother and grandmother.  Together, Yolanda and Joevon have three children and two grandchildren with another grandson expected in January 2022.  Yolanda hails from a long line of military service men and women and is proud of her two oldest children who are continuing the legacy by actively serving in the U.S. Navy.
    "Mentoring: By Any Means Necessary" is a family affair in the Stennett family.  Yolanda has served her community as a youth mentor for over twenty years and currently serves as the Program Director for Daughters With a Purpose mentoring program, a position in which she is responsible for creating programming that will serve both the mentees and mentors within the organization. Mr. Stennett serves the community mentoring young scholars and athletes as a high school teacher, coaches varsity cross country and baseball, hosts free youth baseball camps and clinics in addition to being the head coach for the 2021 9U Youth World Series Champion, J&T Cages from Southern Maryland. 
    Yolanda is an advocate for STEM education, has earned six college degrees and has worked in the telecommunications construction industry since 1999.  Mrs. Stennett currently is the Washington, DC / Baltimore market program director for a nationwide firm that provides engineering and construction services for the four major wireless carriers in the United States.

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    Regret A Vet? Betrayal, Lies, Threats & Cover Up. Part 2

    in Pets

    Could it be that a licensed veterinarian would possibly cover up a death of your pet by forging documents? Could it be that a licensed veterinarian would not sterilize surgical instruments in between procedures, using them among different patients? 
    How many dogs/cats have to die before the State Veterinarian Board does something about it? And to what extent will the Board penalize the vet?  Slap on the wrist? A 30 day suspension? What about stripping that vet of their license?  We are seeing vets that are taking a "plea deal", leaving that State only to set up shop somewhere else in the USA. As in the example of Veterinarian, Prentiss Madden, left the state of Nevada, went clear across the country and started practicing in Aventura, Fl. (North Miami)  Why wasn't this unscurpulous vet NOT stripped of his license, Nationwide?  Just think how many more animals were possibly harmed by this sick indivudal.  Check out the links below to learn more. 
    Join Darcy Butkus, licensed private investigator in the States of Georgia & Florida. Founder & President of Inspector Bark Detective Agency & Scott Fine, Founder of Joey's Legacy. Scott speaks with victims throughout the country in related deaths of family pets by the hands of alleged, unethcial veterinarians. 

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    The Council of Elders Call-InTalk Show

    in Family

    08/06/22 10AM Pac. This episode is about how to get into real estste purchase, investing and management. Host Janssen Brooks Talks with Malcolm Hughes, Real Estate Investor and William Coulter, realtor, real estate investor and mortgage broker. Valuable information for anyone who wants to get into real estate buying orinvesting.

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    Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #363"- Upward Dogology

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer aka "Mama Bear"
    Guest will be: Billie Groom - Owner at Upward Dogology- Dog Behavior, Dog Training, and Animal Welfare
    TOPIC WILL BE: The assessments, placements, and integration programs are ineffective with dogs, leading to returns, leading to overcrowding and the "justification" of euthanasia due to space and funding (lack of).
    Expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Successful canine consultant, entrepreneur, and industry disruptor for 3 decades. Mission is to continue to spread awareness on CCBT to decrease surrenders and euthanasia, increase adoptions, end harmful methods, and increase our understanding of adolescent and adopted dogs. Billie has worked and volunteered with hundreds of dogs, pet parents, and rescues orgs (voluntarily and professionally). One dog at a time is no longer enough; it is vital that CCBT makes a larger impact.
    Billie is an author of an award winning book, and podcast creator and host.  Member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Animal Behavior Society, the Comparative Cognition Society, and a graduate of University of Western Ontario (B.A). 
    As an animal advocate, methodology has saved the lives of thousands of dogs by preventing euthanasia and surrender due to behavioral reasons. 
    Thank you all for Tuning In~

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    Ritual As Remedy - Embodied Practices for Soul Care with Mara Branscombe

    in Moms and Family

    Do you want to learn how to unlock freedom, intuition, and joy through ancient and new rituals to harness your inner power and magic? If your answer is YES, Join Mara Branscombe and me on Wednesday, July 20, from 10 - 11 A.M. CT U.S. Our conversation is about her remarkable life journey and her new book, Ritual As Remedy - Embodied Practices for Soul Care.
    Mara is a mother, writer, yogi, artist, teacher, mindfulness leader, ceremonialist, and spiritual coach. She is the author of “Ritual As Remedy: Embodied Practices For Soul Care.”  Mara is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, creativity, mind-body practices, and earth-based rituals into her life and work. She has been leading community ceremonies since 2000.
    An adventurous spirit, Mara, has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, trekked across the Himalayas, and studied yoga in India. She has planted trees in Canada’s north, lived off the grid in a remote cabin in the woods, worked as a Waldorf (Steiner School) teacher, and then found her passion for dance and choreography. Yoga, meditation, mysticism, and ritual have been at the heart of Mara’s journey. Her trainings in the Incan Shaman lineage and the Pagan tradition have greatly inspired her life’s work of earth-based, ceremonial, intentional, and heart-centered living and loving. Mara lives with her husband and two daughters in Vancouver, Canada.
    Ritual As Remedy is a step-by-step Guide to Rituals and Ceremonies for Spiritual Self-Care. The book offers detailed instructions for each ritual and ceremony, transformative and healing practices like guided meditations and visualizations, breath-work, altar creation, and discovery of our personal empowerment mantras. By awakening our inner powers, we reclaim our soul’s purpose, activate a heart-centered living, generate lasting transformation, and manifest our dreams.

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    Deborah Morehead, psychotherapist tip toes through the Tulips of our mind

    in Family

    About The Author Deborah Morehead had been in the business of helping people for over twenty-five years. As a psychotherapist, author, and speaker, she draws from her years of extensive professional and real-life experience as well as her strong educational background. For six years she was vice-president of one of LA County’s largest nonprofit mental health agencies. While also maintaining a private practice, for fifteen years she administered various programs and worked directly with mentally ill youth and their families helping them while placed in foster care and residential settings. Deborah is a teacher at heart. She has developed and led workshops for a variety of clients and companies and presented at national conferences. She is the author of You Can’t Get It Done By Doing What You Shouldn’t Do, Happy For Life and #1 Amazon bestselling book Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex. She has been interviewed numerous times and has appeared on local NBC, CBS, and Fox TV stations. For more information visit:

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    Prayer Time with Bishop John Crenshaw & Dr. Janice Crenshaw

    in Family

    SCRIPTURE: PSALM 91: 1-7
    We Must Pray- Continue to Pray- Believe in Prayer, in the mighty name of JESUS!!!
    EVERY TUESDAY EVENING- 8PM EST.    Thank you and JESUS is LORD!!
    This is PRAYER TIME w/ BISHOP JOHN CRENSHAW.    Connect also with Dr. Janice Crenshaw on FACEBOOK for Wisdom Tips, Health Tips and The Word of the LORD:
     Every Believer in our LORD and KING JESUS the CHRIST are CALLED to PRAYER!!!
    CALL IN NUMBER: 347-843-4559---------------> WEBSITE AND CHAT ROOM:
    Welcome to the Men's Let's Talk Internet and Global Radio Network where JESUS is LORD and the WORD of GOD Stands and HOLY SPIRIT GUIDES us!!!
    Prayer Time w/ BISHOP JOHN CRENSHAW!!!!   Thank you for your time and contact Kevin Vaughan @ 404-401-0233, as needed.   BLESSINGS in the name of our LORD!!!

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    GTPKeeper Episode #32 - Keith Flax - 8/14/22 at 7pm EDT

    in Pets

    Please join us for Episode # 32 as we welcome Keith Flax. If you are active on social media, you can't help but notice that Keith has produced many chondro clutches this past year. Keith will be sharing his successul husbandry & breeding practices with us and our listeners this Sunday.

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    Daughters, How Is Your Mother and Daughter Relationship?

    in Moms and Family

    Please, join us each Saturday morning from 10 to 11 AM, for an exciting Word from God! Our topic today is Daughters, How is your Mother and Daughter Relationship?
    Call in and join the conversation at 347-539-5078. We look forward to hearing from you! Blessing

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    Dead Beats Live

    in Parents

    Finish up the Dead Beats first ass

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