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Ground Crew Command

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Get coaching & support on all things energy & spiritual healing, to clear your way back to your true identity (ie: power) and RE-empowerment. Plus bi-weekly updates & analysis of the hidden surface & off-world battle to liberate the planet, with Top sources + guests. On every 2nd Wed, 9pm EST

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The last week of July and the first week of August is a massive reality-changing portal. Most people ride this portal in an unconscious way. It is our higher-self, our expanded awareness self, that makes a decision on whether to use this portal... more

The BREAKING POINT on the physical plane has arrived. Their world will literally collapse ... while ours will literally begin (more on that below). I know most of us are still under duress, just by being here. But remember ... this is wartime. And... more

The Cabal isp ushing hard for another lockdown this September to shut down all travel ('coincidentally', just before the pivotal midterms in the US) and hopefully crash the world economy outright ... to try and guarantee starvation & general... more

This 144k Mass Meditation for Independence ... ... is not being held just because the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is set to break a new energy world-record on July 5th - with a world-record collision energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts. But... more

144K New Moon 'Set The Intention' Mass Meditation With Austria banning all mandates... The Chimera fleet losing major battles in the Kuiper belt ... The American public losing all interest in the insurrection trials based on the events... more

It's critical to KNOW why this June (Summer) Solstice meditation is so important... ...exactly ... ...they're all important ... ... that's why we do 'em :- ) Tune into Ground Crew Command Radio to listen in or download the recording. Live broadcast... more

The breaking point on the physical certainly is close - and hard work [in raising the timelines] pays off! My estimation that it will all happen in Sept or Oct, still stands ... but Simon Parkes was even more optimistic than that. The White Hats... more

Simon Parkes has called for this meditation on Sunday, June 5th, 2022: Meditation Instructions: • Visualize the human race (you can imagine lots of people in different countries all over the world).... more

We can now focus on what remains to be transmuted on the non-physical planes - to bring about the complete collapse of the physical matrix ... while minimizing the harm to humanity! The 144k knows that.... NON-PHYSICAL EVENTS &... more

The BREAKING POINT On The Physical Plane, Updates & Prep for May 30th Meditation: Where I will properly explain this clearly collapsing matrix & what it'll take to quicken it all without harm to us. This message is just a short... more