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    Commit Then Go Get It! - Sonny's Monday Motivation

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    t's the 11th Season ~ New Shows. New Guest. New Content 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation Season 11 Episode #7: Ignore the Distractions in 2024
    Sonny's sharing 25 Motivational Tips to Supercharge you into. 2024! This Series is 25 weeks of personal development and empowerment to be the best you this year! 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation is dedicated to sharing inspirational transformative messages with the world at large.
    Listener Perks: 
    Interested in Owning Your Own Home Based Travel Business? Ask Sonny Here: Earn up to 7-8 Streams of Income with Travel
    Carrumba is Driving Traffic To Your Inventory ~ List Your Used Car today on  Carrumba.com     Advertise Your Business with Affordable Advertising on the #1 Small Business Network:  https://LouddMouth.com ~  
    Get a copy of Sonny's New Ebook: The Power of Relationship Marketing: How Empowering Yourself, Leads to Inspiring Others & Eventually Influencing the World Sonnys Book -Power of Relationship Marketing                 
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    15, with Undrai F. Fizer and Guest, Christopher Jones

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    Fizer shares an impactful conversation with Executive Pastor, Christopher Jones!

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    The Science of YES

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    Welcome to 'The Science of YES' - Meet Your Hostess: Pam Heath, The YES Coach™
    Every second Thursday of the month at 8 PM PDT, join me as your guide on this journey of transformation and empowerment. As a seasoned Life Coach, Business Coach, and branding expert, I specialize in shattering the emotional barriers between you and your dreams.
    What Will You Discover?
    Unlock Your Potential: Dive deep into the energy of 'YES' and learn how to harness it to create a life that's not just successful but truly extraordinary and prosperous. Expert Guidance: With my rich background in personal development, team management, and organization, I bring you a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies. Personal Transformation: I’m not just a coach but a catalyst for change. My unique 'Science of YES' approach is designed to help you build a life you absolutely LOVE. Empowerment Awaits!
    Overcome Fears: Don’t let fear hold you back. I’ll guide you in embracing life, encouraging you to say YES to every opportunity. Business Growth: Aspiring entrepreneurs, take note! Get invaluable insights on starting your business, creating robust strategies, and more. Whether you're a conscious professional or a creative artist, I'm here to elevate your journey. Call In: (760) 888-5700. Have your questions answered live! Join 'The Science of YES' and start your journey Toward a life you desire. Let's Talk and Transform Together!

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    Narrative Aspirations and Imam Warithud Deen Mohammed Recordings

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    Join us every Wednesday evening from 7-9 p.m. EST for an edition of Narrative Aspirations with Khalidah Akbar; a culturally competent program that is used as a guiding light that features individuals, groups, businesses and communities who use their G-d given talents to help remake the world! We highlight the movers and shakers that promote excellence and lead by example in their professional and community lives. Alhamdulillah!  
    Connect on-line at AM360.org and by the 24 hour streaming line at (701) 719-4197.  Join us live in the studio by dialing (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253.  You can email us at; info@cwsc.us or by Tweet @CWShuraa and like us on facebook, Community Wide Shuraa Conference.  Visit the website of our parent company, Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc., at cwsc.us or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.

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    JOIN US LIVE SATURDAY 8AM They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all know what that means. What's beautiful to you may not be attractive to me. I bring that up this morning to remind myself and you that we become what we focus on the most. That we are what we are attracted to. Discovery of that little-known fact has enabled me to walk away from many things and forced me to connect with others. I had to ask myself what I wanted to be. Sometimes, I question what I was attracted to. There are many ways to make small changes until you see what you like. Do you have a story of change that you want to share? We take for granted that everyone knows how to change their environment or surroundings. It can be challenging for some and difficult for others. For some, with everything you're facing in the world, you're so busy trying to survive that making the change seems far off. Instead, you live to get through it. We're sharing techniques for survival while making the shift. Offering ideas to help you discover what you're attracted to and talking with my special guests about what it takes to implement small changes. The point is that change doesn't just happen, and what you are attracted to has everything to do with what you have been exposed to, What you're willing to let go of, and what you allow. You can also dial in to share your story. Let's Talk about it. I am you. You are me, and Together, we are Real Women. We are more alike than we are different. HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME! - special guests Keima Fludd, Nira Pughsley, Mariam Whitehead, and others. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS CONVERSATION. SATURDAY 8AM - DIAL IN AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION 319-527-6754 OR LISTEN ONLINE, BLOGTALK OR GOOGLE PODCASTS

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    Soft innersight

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    Intentional Dating

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    The dating concepts seems to be constantly changing. When it comes to dating what are people really looking for? Despite the many up and downs that individuals have experienced within relationships it seems that many individuals are still eager to continue to search for love but still find the marketplace harder to navigate.
    There are different types of daters. Some individuals may be chronic daters. Others many be dating looking for help. While there are those that may be intentional daters. What type of dater are you? Let's talk about it. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT

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    The Psychic Inside Show: Chris Brand

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    Everyone is psychic! We are all born with gifts and abilities, but do not always recognize or accept them. Join host Joelle, The Viberarian, for a weekly conversation with people who have opened to their psychic gifts and abilities. Hear their fascinating stories and take a peek behind the veil. Special Guest: Christopher Brand
    Chris is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and intuitive reader with a really cool IG page! He integrates healing with his love for crystals, embodying a Light Worker's spirit. His unique approach as a 'Laugh Activator' brings joy and light-heartedness to his practice.
    Embracing his role as a 5/1 Emotional Generator in Human Design, Christopher's path is one of continuous exploration and sharing his psychic gifts. Follow his uplifting journey on Instagram for insights into tarot, reiki, and the power of laughter.
    The Psychic Inside Show airs on Tuesdays, at 8 p.m. ET, on The Viberary Radio Network. Stream live on your PC or mobile phone. Call (646) 787-8436 to listen,press #1 to join the conversation. My special guests will be taking your questions about their "psychic life". 
    The VIberary Radio Network Upcoming broadcast schedule. Join the #GoodVibeTribe and #GetLifted

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    Law of Thought, Law of Vibration, & Law of Energy!

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    BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO 1/23/24 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST right here @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love or call into our show @ (714)510-3707 
    We will be talking about The Laws of The Universe and how implementing these Laws and really understanding these Laws how it will help make your life better!
    If your looking to live a life of ease and grace, understanding The Laws Of The Universe are Key! 
    What is the Law of Thought, Vibration & Energy? Join us to find out!
    bringing people back to themselves

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    Diane Baker helps others wrangle in the grief after a traumatic loss

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    https://wildhorsecamp.com Diane Baker: I have never stopped working to make this a better world for all living things. “To this cause I have dedicated my life”. I am a born and raised Albertan whose family has been ranching in Alberta since the early 1900s. I grew up with one hand in the dirt and one hand on a horse. I am a gifted horsewoman, and the horses are my spirit guides as I am theirs. My ability to communicate, connect and understand animals borders on the supernatural. The ravens follow me talking excitedly all the while, to see what I have for them. The horses come to me when I call, when they are not feeling well, or something is wrong. They trust and rely on me to guard them. An avid wilderness traveler Diane has found nature and horses to be teachers of immense sacred wisdom. Diane is following her instincts and has established many types of gardens that are edible and enjoyable. Join her for some amazing opportunities to sample “home grown goodness”. In 2019 my oldest daughter Sandra died tragically leaving behind many grief-stricken family members. As we move forward in our lives, we are creating Sandra’s Sanctuary: a place of Peace and safety for people, animals, and nature. A place to Remember, A place to Connect, A place to find Comfort. A place to walk through Grief and Loss. When trauma remains in the body it creates disease and at Wildhorse Ranch we have created opportunities and ceremonies to “Let Go and Move Forward”. Relax, Release, Renewal. A way to honor that precious life that is gone but never forgotten.

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