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Les Jensen

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To trust in the Vision of Your Soul, and bring your purpose into focus, creates a sense of Peace, Joy and Happiness. What is the Vision of Your Soul?

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Please join us and our guests, Sheila and Marcus Gillette, for a show on their book, The Art of Relationship: Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love. An enlightening and empowering exploration of the intrinsic link between self-knowing and successful relationships, The Art of Relationship is the long-awaited new book by the dynamic couple Sheila & Marcus Gillette. Through wisdom channeled from the twelve Archangelic Guides known as THEO, the Gillettes reveal the prevailing paradigm shift that calls for a new, more joyous approach to relationships. This transformative guide to love, friendship, and familial bonds transports readers to a place of deep self-knowing and the permanence of unconditional love, and it shows why this state of being is key to relationship success. Examining the pivotal role of the self and the soul, their book reveals the unique position and power each one of us has in our own relationship destiny. With personal empowerment a key theme, The Art of Relationship places the reader as the curator of successful and fulfilling partnerships as they easily access a new state of consciousness. Encouraging a more self-focused approach, Sheila and Marcus offer a mindset-shifting perspective that illuminates the enigmatic path to relationship success. Over the past 25 years, Sheila & Marcus have empowered and educated thousands of people worldwide through intimate conversations with THEO. Sheila has been a direct voice medium for THEO, a collective of twelve archangels, since her near death experience in 1969. In partnership with Marcus, Sheila has been able to share THEO's wisdom with an ever-widening community, imparting upon them incredible messages that foster an enlightened state of consciousness. Learn more at AskTHEO.com.
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