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    ?? Special Guest: Gina Jean! ...FREE Tarot Readings!

    in Spirituality

    On this Episode of “Magic Universe”, ?? Host Sharonah Rapseik welcomes her Special Guest: Gina Jean!, Open Lines & Free Tarot Readings!
    Sponsored by: "The Tarot Guild" - the international organization for Tarot Lovers, Students, and Professional Readers, since 2004!
    More Upcoming Shows! >>>>

  • 02:39

    Restoring the Daughters - Alcohol - how much is too much?

    in Spirituality

    Restoring the Daughters of Zion
    Welcome to The Gathering Of Christ Church Restoring the Daughters of Zion "One day at a time" with Sister Shirley and Sister Carol every Monday at 7:00 p:m Eastern 6:00 Central 4:00 Pacific.
    Psalms 19:14  Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Ahayah, my strength, and my redeemer.
    Proverbs 31: 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

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    Birthing the Holy Through the Many Names of Mary with Christine Valters Paintner

    in Spirituality

    Committing to the way of the sacred feminine means making time for silence and reflection, and tending to our inner lives. Christine Valters Paintner believes that embracing the wisdom of Mary the Blessed Mother and her many faces is one way to welcome the sacred feminine into our lives. She’s here to share familiar and unfamiliar names of Mary, expressed as archetypes that are shared across cultures … to open pathways of creativity, healing, and justice.
    Christine Valters Paintner, PhD and Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator,  is the online Abbess of, a virtual monastery and global community. The Abbey offers online programs and retreats to help integrate contemplative practice and creative expression. Christine is the author of 18 books on spirituality including her most recent, Birthing the Holy: Wisdom of Mary to Nurture Creativity and Renewal.

  • 01:00

    Celebrity Psychic Medium Toni Greene

    in Spirituality

    Celebrity Psychic, Medium & Channel Toni Greene is an Award Winning TV show host and producer & Radio Show Host, the Author of seven books, and a healer
    Toni will be answering your questions, helping you connect to loved ones and clearing blocks from callers and listeners.
    Toni's TV Shows: Psychic Medium Toni G and Create A Life You Love can be seen on WSCS, Rude Rangers TV, Roku, and many streaming stations as wellas most podcasts.
    Toni just finished her seventh book Toni,  What If... A Transformational Guide  
    TONI'S TV SHOWS Award Winning Psychic Medium Toni G & Award Winning Create A Life You Love

  • 02:00

    Origins of the Gods with Dr Greg Little

    in Spirituality

    • Explores how our ancestors used shamanic rituals at sacred sites to create portals for communication with nonhuman intelligences • Shares supporting evidence from the spiritual and shamanic beliefs of more than 100 Native American tribes • Shows how the earliest forms of shamanism began at sites like Qesem Cave in Israel more than 400,000 years ago From Göbekli Tepe in Turkey to the Egyptian pyramids, from the stone circles of Europe to the mound complexes of the Americas, Andrew Collins and Gregory L. Little show how, again and again, our ancestors built permanent sites of ceremonial activity where geomagnetic and gravitational anomalies have been recorded. They investigate how the earliest forms of animism and shamanism began at sites like the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia and Qesem Cave in Israel more than 400,000 years ago. They explain how shamanic rituals and altered states of consciousness combine with the natural forces of the earth to create portals for contact with otherworldly realms—in other words, the gods of our ancestors were the result of an interaction between human consciousness and transdimensional intelligence. The authors show how the spiritual and shamanic beliefs of more than 100 Native American tribes align with their theory, and they reveal how some of these shamanic transdimensional portals are still active, sharing vivid examples from Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Bempton in northern England. Ultimately, Collins and Little show how our modern disconnection from nature and lack of a fully visible night sky makes the manifestations from these ultraterrestrial intelligences seem random. If we can restore our spiritual connections, perhaps we can once again communicate with the higher dimensional beings who triggered the advancements of our earliest ancestors.

  • 00:59

    Angel Messages & Guidance for August: The Lionsgate 8/8

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to my show  Let's Ask the Angels on Blogtalk Radio! Next one is August 8th at 4pm ET. Monday
    I am your host, Barbara Calvano, Angel  Intuitive and Life Coach of
    I will be sharing Angel  messages for the month of August: The Lionsgate 8/8  I also will be sharing from the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson.
    Call in to the show for  messages, guidance, life coaching and energy clearing at 424-675-6837.
    I will be sharing the upcoming  messages for the upcoming week and taking your listener calls for  on air readings.
    To book a personal session with me  go to SERVICES on
    Purchase your session and I will contact you to set up a convenient time and date. By phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom and  in person
    Subscribe to my email on to stay updated on online and in person events. Next ANGEL CIRCLE SEPTEMBER.
    You are invited to a Zoom meeting.  When: Sep 21, 2022 19:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada) 
    Register in advance for this meeting: 
    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
    Follow me  here on Blogtalk radio Let's Ask the Angels and on IG at   bkiddcalvano   Barbara Kidd Calvano

  • 00:31

    Close Up Radio Spotlights Psychic Tara Karron

    in Spirituality

    West Palm Beach, FL - Tara Karron is a highly regarded sought after Spiritual Coach and Life Purpose Psychic.
    “With my spot on fun filled readings and enlightened spiritual coaching, I use my intuitive guidance to help you foster a profound spiritual sense of  meaning so you can live in alignment with your core values. People seek me out looking for guidance and find much more because I become a trusted confidante. I not only help them find clarity but a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment.”
    Since she was a very young child, Tara felt staunchly connected to the spiritual world. Today, working under the direction of Archangel Michael and her joy main guide Angela, Tara  provides us not only with her life changing intuitive readings, shes also runs a highly successful business designing custom crystal jewelry with healing gemstones. Not only do her crystals illuminate with beauty  but literally surround us with posititve energy, heighten our vibration, and energize our mind, body, and spirit.
    In her readings, Tara uses Oracle cards, however they are only a tool but not necessary since she sees through her third eye and receives downloads, visions, and wisdom from Spirit.  Known for her empathy, passion, and quirky direct practical approach, Tara makes certain her work centers on revealing the absolute truth and to help us make the right choices in life.
    Tara believes finding our purpose is essential for living a happy, healthy life and regaining our motivaton to strive for the best. No matter what rough patches we go through in life she can come to our aid with the most valuable, insightful information. We can acquire closure, tap into our inner wisdom, and stay in a healthy mindset.
    For more information, visit

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    in Spirituality

    I AM SO EXCITED! Please join me, Jorianne The Coffee Psychic, Trance Channeler and Psychic Medium along with my guest "Special investagator for MUFON Becky Cantu. I have been wanting to get an PROFESSIONAL ALIEN SPECIALIST  for you all for quite some time and now she's here!...  "Streamed Live" tonight July 21th, 2022 at 8:00 PM CST, Tonight's topic ALIENS, ABDUCTIONS, ALIEN SIGHTINGS AND GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT... Becky Cantu has been  doing her work in the UFO field for years, and is amazing. So please join us "live" on the show tonight.IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY THOUGHTS THAT YOU MAY HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED, PLEASE CALL IN AND SHARE YOUR STORIES, OR IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN, PLEASE SHARE THAT WITH US AS WELL. EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE ANY UFO QUESTIONS FOR BECKY CALL IN TONIGHT AT 1-347-633-9404.To call and and join us on tonights show call Jorianne   at 1-347-644-9404 or to join us on the internet go to Remember every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month I am doing ONE FREE QUESTION for each caller who calls in. Please keep in mind the phone lines fill up quickly so in order to be courteous to each caller, please ask your question clearly and once. I will answer each question by using my famous method of coffee reading by pouring the cream in the coffee for each person, and please remember that I have many other callers who also have a burning question , so I have to limit each caller to 3-4 minute intervals. To Contact MUFON for more  personal assistance you can call 1-1-513-871-8367 reach Mufon OR you can go to
    For a more in-depth personal reading or to Host your own PSYCHIC HOUSE PARTY and get your next reading FREE  from me, Jorianne, CALL 219-940-9292 or check me out at My preferred method of contact is by phone at 1-219-940-9292 I look forward to speaking with you soon and God Bless .

  • 01:08

    Astrological Musings — The Hierarchy of Planetary Influences and their Cycles

    in Spirituality

    In my sixth show of 2022, I thought it would be helpful if we step back from our focus upon the particular alignments of today and explain the hierarchy of planetary cycles that form the interweaving Astrological conditions that guide and inform our human history.
    If you wish to suggest a subject or topic for a future show, please email me as I would be happy to hear from you. My email is:
    The phone number to call if you wish to ask a question during the live show is: (516) 531-9638
    Please join me on Sunday July 31st @ 2 pm EDT as we look at the current astrological indications and what they mean for you.
    If you miss the show, it will be available as a Podcast shortly after on BlogTalk or my Apple Podcasts.

  • 01:26

    Live with Ilene ~ The Heart Healer: Spiritual Wisdom & Intuitive Readings

    in Spirituality

    Happy Sunday. Join Ilene as she shares “Is It Okay To Tell Lies?” Thank you for Following the show and sharing with those you love.
    Are you Confused? Do you need clarity on issues you're struggling with? Have a medical intuitive question? Looking for guidance for your relationships or business? I so love to share each week with the intention to provide wisdom that I hope will make your life a bit more joyful.
    Tune in Sunday, July 17th at 7pm Eastern as Ilene shares spiritual insights and heart-centered wisdom from the Akashic Records in response to callers' questions. If you would like to speak with Ilene on air, dial (619) 924-9726 at 6:45pm Eastern to get into the queue.
    Ilene combines over 50 years in Nursing and 28 years in Vibrational Healing to create a personalized holistic approach to clearing energy blocks. She helps an International clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with trauma, fear, self-sabotaging, negative thoughts or behaviors and self-worth issues, to experience inner peace, self-confidence, empowerment and clarity about their soul’s purpose. Ho'oponopono ~ "I love you, Thank you."
    Ilene's Website: Join The Heart Healers Ho'oponopono Community Join Sharing The Love One Oil Drop At A Time FB Group Experience the monthly New Moon Clearing: Complimentary Heart Healer Session:

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