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The Communicators Group A Paranormal Journey


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It is with a sad heart that I share the news that the show has officially come to an end. Although details and scope for other ventures have yet to be finalized, please go to the youtube channel and subscribe. That will enable you to be kept informed as soon as any show spin off details have been finalized. Thank you so much to all of our loyal listeners. Take a captivating trip into the world of the paranormal with Kevin, the Psychic and host of "The Communicators Group a Paranormal Journey" (TCG), alongside a diverse panel of clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, empaths, and entity release experts. We delve into the mysteries of the supernatural, offering free psychic advice, spirit communication, and enthralling discussions. Stream all of our past episodes via Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Google, iheartradio, Stitcher, and other major providers. (To receive future updates on the panel, special announcements regarding show spin off details) SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/@thecommunicatorsgroup Click to watch our Show’s Highlights Playlist to see if your call was made into a video or to watch other clips from the show with paranormal & personal stories with our callers: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLccZuP4Cw4KvaxQ3Sn0r8bIR-PMxhShI Click to watch our Youtube #Shorts playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLccZuP4Cw4JWgt7QQXnVP8Q9SEGLAIi_ Visit https://thecommunicatorsgroup.com to send us an email or to schedule a personal reading. Enjoy the paranormal Journey.

On-Demand Episodes

Episode Highlights: Mindy: What will happen? Will I move and have a place to be or will I end up in Jail? Marshal: Dead Identical Twin & methods to communicate with those on the other side of the veil. Merilee: Twin Reunion and... more

Episode Highlights: Michelle: Struggling with retirement and finances and would like to meet a partner and find new a new source of income. Kathy: The effects of focusing on self-healing and doing things in the ?light-way?. Lisa: Being... more

Episode Highlights: Donna: Struggling with finances and would like to meet a partner. Elizabeth: Going through dark times. Hard to let go of relatives that have passed on. Naaborie: Aunt came through with proof it's her. Don't feel guilty,... more

Episode Highlights: Riz: Dealing with work drama, should she find another job? Messages from beyond about letting go of the guilt from not being there. Evette: Looking for messages from daughter, feeling guilty for wanting to move her... more

Episode Highlights: Leslie: Is she the right one and is love possible? Deborah: Start a new business or take a job that's been offered. Tameka: Past trauma, Relationship issues, is the job secure? Take a captivating trip into the world of... more

Episode Highlights: Shannon: Home & Boundaries Carrie: Past loves provide guidance through the veil. Speaking only in ?facts? when trying to move past the energy from past energy. Marshall: Dead twin provides messages of... more

Episode Highlights: Shannon: Is a move and fluctuating income is coming? Being in the flow of the universe. Marie: Not going on walks with fiends, manifestations are taking their sweet time to materialize. Watching the movie ?The Holiday?... more

Episode Highlights: Pat: Neighbor has mental issues. He left a holiday card in her mailbox with unknown bodily fluids in it. What is it? Police got involved what should she do? Jackie: Boss is manipulating things at work. How should she... more

Episode Highlights: Pat: When visiting son's house she gets dizzy, pressure in throat, and a feel of unease that all goes away when she gets home. Is it a ghost or entity Donna: Money is tight will money come? Natalia: Her friend called... more

Episode Highlights: Leslie: Niece and the Widow Maker. Gabriella: Interviews, headhunter agencies, and using your own energy to attract your next job Take a captivating trip into the world of the paranormal with Kevin, the Psychic and host... more