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Dr Douglas James Cottrell Show

The Global Village with Douglas James Cottrell PhD


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Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D., author, lecturer, professor invites you to listen in as he examines the Noetic Sciences, intuition, and the outer limits of human consciousness. Dr. Douglas James Cottrell is well known for his approach to seeking to understand the real-life experiences of the mystical side of life. You're warmly invited to call-in and tell your story or ask a question live on air. (718) 766-4421

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The world seems to be torn apart with political disagreement and war. However there is one constant no matter what. When bad times hit there is a rush to help people anywhere in the world every time. Dr Douglas and guest Robert Appel... more

Joyce Keller talks about NDEs or near death experiences. Listen as she recounts her amazing story of what it's like to have a (NDE) near death experience. Joyce Keller is an internationally respected author, media personality TV and... more

Space craft from Earth now orbiting, landing and flying on Mars and soon the Atriums 1 Rocket will be orbiting the Moon, with Moon landings planned for the not too distant future it's time to take a close look at the story of Boriska... more

Dr Douglas takes an intuitive look ahead as NASA prepares to make a historical launching of its most powerful space craft yet, the Artemus 1. This will be the first test of NASA's new Space Launch System and the Orion crew capsule (no... more

Dr Douglas' Global Village radio show reports and or predicts world events... that will be in the news of tomorrow. Dr Douglas updates the Global Village audience weekly with his amazing foresights of what's coming in the near and distant... more

All religions teach, you have a soul and that Divine scripture reveals the laws you are required to follow as a believer of your faith. One common belief is the law of taking care of each other, as we would want ourselves to be taken care of.... more

Vimāna are mythological flying palaces or chariots. These Hindu Texts Describe Flying Vimanas and give details of Ancient wars possible Nuclear War. Our experts Tom G & Robert Appel discuss the ancient Hindu flying machines and... more

Dr Douglas future seeing has been well documented in print, appeared on national radio shows like Coast to Coast radio, Strange Planet Radio, and on the Global Village radio show. Tonight we look ahead to see in to the clouds of... more

Dr Douglas teaches and demonstrates the human ESP he says we all possess. He assures us that we all have some kind intuition that can willfully be developed. What is your intuitive ability and how do you increase or master this valuable 6th... more

Dr Douglas once again takes a look ahead to forecast what he intuitively sees for our world in this time of extremes. Dr Douglas has predicted many events happening in the news today. What is in your future? Call in and ask if you date.... more
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