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    Interview with Armand Rosamilia

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    Novelist Bernadette Walsh interviews Armand Rosamilia. Armand, a New Jersey native who now lives in sunny Florida, has written over 200 novels in various genres including crime thrillers and horror. He is a big fan of books, baseball and bourban.

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    The New Panic Room Episode 323

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    Join James and Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with horror author NJ Gallegos & poet and horror writer Gerri Gray. Featuring samanthas_shelf, a segment for your enjoyment with book reviews by the lovely Samantha Hawkins. Don't miss the fun and shenanigans!

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    Ghosts, Monsters & Demons with Author Rakesh Khanna on Book Lights

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    Rakesh Khanna grew up in Berkeley, California, of mixed Punjabi and Anglo-American heritage. He co-founded Blaft Publications in Chennai, India with his wife, Rashmi Ruth Devadasan, in 2008. The company publishes translations of Indian-language pulp fiction, folklore, weird fiction, and graphic novels. Sometimes he edits mathematics textbooks. He is interested in marine invertebrates, percussion music, demonology, and topological graph theory. You can find out more about his book here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/738269/ghosts-monsters-and-demons-of-india-by-rakesh-khanna/9781786788078/
    And for more about our host Lisa Kessler visit http://Lisa-Kessler.com
    Book Lights - shining a light on good books!

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    Forsake Not the Gods -- Write Stuff -- 9/5/2023

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    For centuries, the ancient gateway between worlds has been kept a carefully guarded secret from the vampiric gods of the gray lands. But when its existence is revealed, it’s only a matter of time before the unthinkable happens and the exiled powers are unleashed upon the cosmos. Honor and revenge, hope and despair, duty and sacrifice all meet at the crossroads of destiny in this thrilling sequel to Bid the Gods Arise. Forsake Not the Gods is the second novel in The Wells of the Worlds, a dark sci fi fantasy series for adults and new adults.
    Join me for an exciting conversation as I chat with my returning guest and co-host Robert Mullins and his newest release on Tuesday, September 5th at 7 pm Eastern time. You can listen by dialing at 646-668-8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everywhere. Or, click on the link: http://tobtr.com/12261124.

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    Author Khristin Wierman talks #ThisTimeCouldBeDifferent on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Khristin Wierman to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the book THIS TIME COULD BE DIFFERENT. 

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    Voice of Indie Episode 164

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    Welcome to Voice of Indie, a production of Fresh Ink Group. Your hosts are Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez. This week we welcome author and podcaster Michael Scott Clifton. 

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    Wayne Faulkner

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    Wayne is the Founder of Think Create Success & Author. His first book is, How To Think and Create Success. We will be talking about his second book, Setback or Stepping Stone?  It's Your choice. Wayne is also a personal development coach, educator, and content creator.  He has spent countless hours researching high achievers and personal development in order to launch new thought processes, empowering those seeking a greater level of consciousness, enlightenment, and success.  
    Wayne is committed to leveraging his skills and knowledge to help individuals realize their full potential and live their best lives.

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    Let's Talk Why We Write

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    Writing can be a hobby, a vocation, just for fun or a curse! A curse? When you find yourself writing for three days straight with barely a break, yes, a curse. You, or should I say, I, just had to get that story down on paper. It took three days, but that's how I wrote the second book in my series, and just as quickly, book 3 followed. Is it always that easy? Heavens no. It's never, ever that easy. Okay, getting the gist of the story out was that easy, but turning it into a publishable book. Now that's a whole other story!
    Join me tonight as we discuss the whys of writing. And the secrets to moving past 'writer's block.' We'll also discuss National Novel Writing Month, and I'll share another poem, a drabble, and an excerpt from my novella, The Snowman.
    Here are the links to the information I've provided.
    Email: yolandarenee@hotmail.com
    WEP: https://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/
    My Blog: https://yolandarenee.blogspot.com/

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    Books and Entertainment Tales from the Pages Says Goodbye

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    On Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 4pm EDT, host Barbara Ehrentreu of Books and Entertainment Tales from the Pages is doing her last show. The Books and Entertainment network is shutting down and will reappear soon. However, until then this network is off Blog Talk Radio by end of September. I have been doing shows since 2009 when April Robins was the leader. Recently, I listened to all of them a little and I am very sad to be saying goodbye. Please call in if you have been a guest on the show. I want to hear from as many people as possible. Sorry for the short notice but please use the phone number on the show page to call into the show. It has been wonderful being a radio host and may be continuing on a podcast. Look for us.

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    Natalie Talks Live with Author Steve Alten - The Meg Legacy and more

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    Our guest today, Steve Alten, grew up in Philadelphia, earning his Bachelors degree in Physical Education at Penn State University, a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Delaware, and a Doctorate of Education at Temple University. Struggling to support his family of five, he decided to pen a novel he had been thinking about for years. Working late nights and on weekends, he eventually finished MEG; A Novel of Deep Terror. Steve sold his car to pay for editing fees. On September (Friday) the 13th, 1996, Steve lost his general manager's job at a wholesale meat plant. Four days later his agent had a two-book deal.  MEG hit every major best-seller list, including #19 on the New York Times list (#7 audio), and became a popular radio series in Japan.The TRENCH (Meg sequel) was published in 1999 where it also hit best-seller status. His next novel, DOMAIN and its sequel, RESURRECTION were runaway best-sellers with the rights selling to more than a dozen countries.The stress of penning the real-life story, The SHELL GAME, affected Steve’s health, three months after he finished the manuscript he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Steve’s has optioned DOMAIN, MEG and The LOCH to film producers. He has also created a TV Drama, PAPA JOHN, based on his years coaching basketball with hall of Fame coach John ChaneWhen he learned high school teachers were actually using his books in the classroom he launched Adopt-An-Author, a nationwide non-profit program designed to encourage students to read. He now spends half his work week working with high schools. https://www.AdoptAnAuthor.com
    For more information click on  Steve has two goals. Continue to work hard to become a better storyteller and create exciting page turning thrillers.

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    What is Your Life Calling?

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    Do you believe you have a life calling? Are you interested in knowing what your life calling is? Get insight into these and other questions by tuning into Off The Shelf #Books #podcast on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11am/EST (New York City time).  
    Lyvita Brooks, author of several books, including “Nuggets for Thought,” “Treading on Your Giants,” “The Me Project” and “Teacher’s Time Saving Tips” sits down with author Denise Turney, host of Off The Shelf books. Brooks and Turney are set to discuss discovering your calling in Christ, the 21-day spiritual diet, writing flash fiction and marketing books.
    Tune in! Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11am/EST! See you there!
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490
    You can also join right here in the chat room!