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    Great Loop Radio: All About Vessel Safety Exams

    in Travel

    Ever wondered if you should get a vessel safety check on your boat before starting the Great Loop? Rob Rice joins us on this episode to talk about vessel safety exams.  We'll cover what they are, why you should get one, and how to schedule it.
    Resources mentioned in the episode:
    List of required safety equipment can be found in this document: https://bdept.cgaux.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/420.pdf Online form to request a vessel safety check: https://wow.uscgaux.info/i_want_a_vsc/index.php Rules for US boaters visiting Canadian waters. Mostly, you comply with your home (US) requirements as long as you are in Canada for 45 days or under. https://tc.canada.ca/en/marine-transportation/preparing-operate-your-vessel/visitor-information?pedisable=true Canadian boaters travelling in US waters: The situation is less clear. The US rules talk about foreign boaters "temporarily" in US waters. Temporarily is not defined in the US regulations.

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    Reducing Behavior Technician Burn Out

    in Family

    Melissa Furman, a Clinical Director for Total Spectrum- Michigan West joins us to discuss the importance of staff retention in the field of ABA and to share her recent research that is looking to improve staff satisfaction and reduce turnover. We explore the importance of consistency for families utilizing services as well as the factors leading to burnout in the field. Melissa shared how her recent work is helping both these goals, “Implementing an incentive plan to increase positive descriptive feedback during field supervision creates a happier environment, fuels good work, and provides a space where BT’s want to come to work.” 
    All autism talk (allautismtalk.com) is sponsored by LEARN Behavioral (learnbehavioral.com).

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    Everyday Evidence: Practice Guidelines for Adults Living With and Beyond Cancer

    in Health

    On today's episode we are joined by Robin Newman and Katie Polo. We discuss their research and work in contributing to the Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Adults Living With, and Beyond Cancer.. They share evidence included in the guidelines and give recommendations on how to improve the OT process when working with adults living with and beyond cancer across the care continuum. 
    Contact Hour Survey 
    Additional Resources:
    Cancer and Occupational Therapy
    AJOT Systematic Review Briefs
    American Cancer Society
    National Cancer Institute

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    Benefits Essentials for the 5 Generation Workforce

    in Business

    Benefits Essentials for the 5 Generation Workforce
    Hosts: Steve Boese & Trish Steed
    Guest: Tom Hammond, Vice President of Strategy, Partnerships and Business Development, Paychex
    Today, we met with Tom Hammond to talk about comprehensive and diverse benefits solutions for different generations in the workforce.
    - Benefits and employee engagement
    - Digitization and the employee experience
    - Innovative benefits focusing on financial wellness and access to cash
    - Improving employee benefits and HR technology
    Learn more about Paychex Flex perks here
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    This episode is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Are you a business leader or HR manager navigating the complex world of hiring and retaining top talent? Then you need Paychex's Essential Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Dream Team to discover how to attract high-quality employees and keep them engaged and motivated long-term. Whether you're looking to enhance employee career growth, improve your onboarding process, or understand the importance of flexibility in today's workplace, this guide has got you covered. Grab your free copy at paychex.com/awia to unlock the secret to building your dream team today.

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    in Politics

    Dr Robert X

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    This Present Darkness and What Lies Ahead

    in Christianity

    With Daniel Holdings - CBV 28
    Daniel Holdings is an Air Force vet and former businessman turned author, radio show commentator, podcaster, public speaker, and documentary film maker with GenSix productions. His highly acclaimed novels garnered him a reputation as a hard-hitting writer who bases his work on insightful and seldom heard facts and bringing these heart-stopping truths together as he educates all who will listen. For years he’s worked in the shadows, behind the scenes on various projects for several clients, bringing their stories and visions to life. A few years ago, he received a call from his good friend Steve Quayle, also a character in one of his books, who asked for his help with a research project. Since those early days, Daniel and Steve have been working together very closely at GenSix Productions where Daniel has become the lead writer, coproducer and assistant director to Steve on GenSix’ MegaDrought and The Lies of Men and Gods, as well as co-laboring on a myriad of other important projects for the production company and Steve’s ministry..
    Augusto on Brighteon… https://www.brighteon.com/channels/theappearance/playlists?page=1
    Augusto's Website... http://theappearance.com
    Augusto on iTunes... https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast//id1123053712?mt=2
    Augusto on YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVBzMEBbLEO-poZaNo4wLTA/playlists
    Augusto on MediaFire... https://www.mediafire.com/folder/byndkxqfq7ohj/The_Appearance
    Contact Info:
    Augusto Perez POB 465 Live Oak, FL  32064
    Larry Taylor Blog: http://larrywtaylor.org POB 317 Talihina, OK  74571-0317
    Daniel Holdings danielholdings.com

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    6-23-2024 Zorra Call - Q&A with Zorra and Zaraya

    in Spirituality

    Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses, Our Sunday call will be a Q&A for ALL of You with Zorra and Zaraya. Get your questions answered and healings provided! NOTHING else to be said! Many of you who have not had an opportunity to talk with Zorra or Zaraya, this is your chance!What a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Day it IS. ANNOUNCEMENTS: MONDAY, 6/24/2024 - Special Zoom Call with Shelton and Dr Tom at our Zoom Meeting  Time: 1 pm PT, 2pm MT, 3pm CT, 4pm ET Join Zoom Meeting
    https://us06web.zoom.us/j/5296062188?pwd=SNICa1oMs6PR4BAJMWabbccyRqIXhH.1 Meeting ID: 529 606 2188 Passcode: 202411 or +16699006833,,5296062188#,,,,*202411# US (San Jose) +17193594580,,5296062188#,,,,*202411# US Dial by your location • +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) • +1 719 359 4580 US
    Special Lemurian Headbands on SALE NOW Christine Light Website: Helping2Rise.ETSY.com  $159.00 After her website is complete (save $2)
    Endless Love to ALL Zorra, Zaraya, Jane/Quazar Email: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com
    Contact -Text to Jane 719-428-9746 Sign up for our newsletters at our  Website: https://zorraofhollowearth.com

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    The Sarah Menet Vision of 1979 (Part One & Two) - MUST HEAR AGAIN!!

    in Religion

    The Sarah Menet Vision of 1979 (Part One & Two) - MUST HEAR AGAIN!!
    Bar none one of the most amazing and truly relevant programs Tribulation-Now has ever had.  Sister Sarah is an amazing person who had an experience where she was taken to Heaven.  While there, she was not allowed all the way inside, but was given a mighty and supremely detailed vision of the days we are in right now.  The things she saw are all queued up right now and could begin any time.
    I cannot recommend listening to this show more than once if you can.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed with guests Gail & Gregory Hoag

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Spiritual Teachers Gail & Gregory Hoag.
    With over four decades of dedicated expertise in the realm of Sacred Geometry, Gail and Gregory Hoag have pioneered groundbreaking technologies and new discoveries that have transformed the lives of tens of thousands across the globe with their teaching and tools. They have harnessed the power of divine archetypes to amplify higher dimensional energies and elevate the human experience, catalyzing personal and spiritual growth.
    The Hoags are well known speakers and teachers revealing how the universal patterns displayed in sacred geometry play a foundational role in the evolution of consciousness.
    We are here to discover the profound wisdom and innovation that have made Gail and Gregory Hoag esteemed leaders in the world of Sacred Geometry. Through their lifelong dedication, they continue to inspire and guide countless individuals towards a path of higher consciousness, well-being, and profound connection.
    Today, they will be revealing insights from their acclaimed new bestseller Sacred Geometry: The Universal Language of Divine Alignment.
    For more information, please visit Metaforms at https://iconnect2all.com

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    Has Joe Douglas Learned from Previous Draft Busts?

    in Sports

    Jets GM Joe Douglas has had his fair share of hits and misses when picking players out of the college ranks. But has he learned a valuable lesson from two of his biggest gaffes?