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Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

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Natural Solutions Radio is the only place where you can catch natural health news, scientific peer-reviewed studies, and much more!!! Join us every Saturday at 10am (MST) as we delve into the world of Natural Medicine and listen to Dr. Ben-Joseph as he shares his world accredited knowledge on a vast reservoir of health topics. #naturalsolutionsradio #drbenjoseph #learntohealthyourself #primelongevity

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Brain Boosting & Memory Enhancing, 12 Money Making Causes of Disease, Foods that Cause Disease, Flu Vaccines, ADD&ADHD, Dental Amalgams, Unnecessary Surgeries, Over the Counter Meds, Prescription Drug Type... more

Flu Season Essentail Oils, Social Media linked to Depression, Pediatric Cancers, Reverse Cardiomyopathy, 10,00 Chemicals in Food Packaging, Food Risk Intake by Children, Frankincense, Flu Prevention Protocol, Stress &... more

5G Radiation Study, Vitamin D Council Study, Alternative Flu Prevention, Heart Health, CHF Protocol, Benefits of Beets, Colloidal Silver, Curcumin Fights Cancer, Pesticides & Pregnant Mothers, Neuro Inflammation Warning, Essential... more

Robots in Medicine, Pulmonary Fibrosis Protocol, Detoxing through Breathing, Protection from Alzheimer's & Dementia, The Mind Diet, Controlling Sugars, Seizure Meds Awareness, Astaxanthin Benefits & other Prime Longevity... more

The Body is A Machine, Rayid Assessment,3 Brains in the Body, Brain Heart Connection, Brain Food, Cancel Negativity, Secret Life of Plants, Aether & The Field, The Michelson-Morley Experiment, Brain Waves, Coffee Benefits for... more

Chemical Warfare on America with George Orville-(Aspartame, Fungicides, Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Chemtrails, GMO Foods, Vaccines & Autism, Fluoride in Water & More), 12 Effects of Stress, How to Manage Stress, 20... more

Methionine Restricted Diets for Cancer, Vitamin C Study, FDA Food List & Nutrients, Foods for Youth, LYFE Silica Hydride, Vitamin D3 in High Doses, Hormone Balancing, Heberden's Nodes, Foods for Youth, Hypothyroid, Reduce... more

Iodine In Developing Babies & Children, Iodine Deficiency, Cruciferous Vegetables, Foods that Fight Cancer, High Blood Pressure Remedy, Prostate Cancer Protocol, Otto Warburg, Bob Beck & Johanna Budwig Protocols,... more

Amazing Vitamin D3- Arterial Stiffness, Alleviate Deep Vein Thrombosis, Asthma, Fertility, Alzheimer's, Replenish Bone Mass, Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms, Boost Immunity, Anti-Parasitic Food, Bone/ Back Pain, Organic Food Intake &... more

China Health Study, Prime Longevity Benefits, Thyroid Cancer, Medical Cannabis Study, Boswellia Fights Cancer, Vitamin D3 Cuts Risk of Cancer & Diabetes, Suppressed Inventions that would change The World, Thermography, Ceylon... more