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    How Chronic Threat Leads to Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom continues his discussion with physiatrist and pain management specialist David Clawsen, MD.  He discusses how the immune response works and the toll it can take on the body over long periods of time. He explores the physiologic, genetic and emotional factors that govern the threat response. He explains how chronic threat in our lives, which continually activates our immune response, can lead to chronic illness and auto-immune disorders. Ultimately, he believes, healing is about not just defending against threats, but getting to a place of safety.
    Dr. David Clawsen is a Physiatrist, based in Seattle, with backgrounds in neurologic, cancer, spine and sports rehabilitation, and pain management. He is interested in the different physiologic states that underpin illness and disease versus wellness and health, as determined by whether we are in threat versus safety.

  • 01:02

    Dr. James Greenblatt - Finally Focused: The Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD

    in Health

    James M. Greenblatt, MD author of Finally Focused: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan For ADHD That Restores Attention, Minimizes Hyperactivity, And Helps Eliminate Drug Side Effects
    In the United States, 11% of children aged 4-17 (almost 7 million children) have been diagnosed with ADHD. Most of the diagnosed—about 70%—are never treated. ADHD is not a discipline problem. It is a medical condition that presents as a set of symptoms with a range of possible underlying causes unique to each child. It is a genetically-caused neurological disorder that can be controlled with brain-assisting drugs. To really heal, your ADHD child needs individualized treatment to uncover and correct a unique pattern of deficiencies and excesses that affect the brain and trigger symptoms.
    Written by an integrative psychiatrist who has treated thousands of ADHD cases, Finally Focused provides a comprehensive, individualized solution to your ADHD child’s unique biological imbalances. It is the first book to identify and resolve the real causes of your child’s ADHD. Finally Focused is about finally giving parents the assistance they need to help their child recover from this medical disorder and thrive.
    This book:
    Destigmatizes ADHD Addresses underlying conditions Covers treatment options outside of brain-assisting drugs Additional Sites:

  • 01:04

    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Peter Voorhees, MD, Levine Cancer Institute

    in Health

    Myeloma experts are beginning to use antibodies in earlier lines of myeloma treatment, even for newly diagnosed patients. Learn what recent clinical trials are using antibody therapies such as daratumumab and isatuximab in early quad (four) drug combinations for newly diagnosed patients. Peter Voorhees of the Levine Cancer Institute joins Myeloma Crowd Radio to share his experience and findings from these clinical trials. He will discuss the early use and their use as maintenance therapy following stem cell transplant. Is earlier use better? Should they be "saved" for later? When should patients consider using the monoclonal antibodies as maintenance therapy with or without traditional drugs like lenalidomide? Dr. Voorhees will help answer these very practical questions for the myeloma community.
    Thanks to our episode sponsor, Karyopharm Therapeutics.

  • 01:54

    Lost Arts Radio Show #335 - Special Guest Tony Roman

    in Health

    The biggest assault against humanity in known world history is actually part of an attack on all life on our planet. It is happening now. Part of that assault is the literal creation of a fake "pandemic," complete with synthetic chimera virus, so that everyone could have a terrifying, invisible enemy to fear. Trump and others were wrong to label it the "China Virus". It was a US-China joint project, started in the BSL3 lab in North Carolina, and then transferred to the BSL4 lab in Wuhan, all with U.S. FUNDING, to keep this illegal project going to produce the perfect bioweapon for a fake pandemic. Not too deadly, so the perpetrators would not have to worry for their own safety. But something that would be patentable for use in connection to the real weapon, the deadly vaccine.
    So far, this pandemic, announced before it started by Fauci and by organized simulations like Event 201, has been a great success from the point of view of those who created it. The killing by vaccine is well underway, people have been more than willing to give up their rights (they forgot those rights are inalienable and come from God). They've even been willing to voluntarily restrict their own breathing with self-suffocation muzzles to show their heroism. Is there really intelligent life on our planet? A rational observer would say no. Until he or she met our friend Tony Roman, owner of Basilico's Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California ( Tony knows about both freedom and common sense, and knows what tyrants do when we give in to their intimidation. Masks are forbidden in his restaurant. But it gets better from there. Intelligent life on Earth is not gone, and could still spread. Hear the rest of the story when he visits us this Sunday. It's not too late for us to wake up.

  • 01:30

    Amazing Cancer Breakthroughs - New Tests and Treatments with Dr. Hannibal Miles

    in Health

    What if you had cancer? Would you want to know everything about it? What traditional treatments work and which ones don't? What supplements to take and which ones to stay away from?  Would you like to know about a revolutionary blood test that gives you all that and more?  Hannibal Miles, ND completed his undergraduate studies at Washington & Jefferson College, achieving a B.A in Business Administration with minors in Chemistry and Spanish as well as completing the pre-health track. Though originally on the path towards a traditional medical education, he found his passion in natural, holistic, and preventative forms of medical care.
    He went on to attend the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. There, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Human Nutrition. His thesis entitled “Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day: The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Exercise, and Muscle Growth” was accepted in the university’s Faculty Research Day in 2018.  As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Miles seeks to guide individuals in appropriate specific diet plans tailored to their needs.
    Dr. Miles specializes in detox, weight loss, longevity, cancer prevention and treatment. He uses an integrative and holistic approach in treating these and many other ailments including high cholesterol, hypertension, Type II diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and autoimmunity. By employing an integrative and holistic approach  Dr. Miles is able to get to the root cause of illness in order to elevate health and well-being.

  • 00:36

    Chronic pain and stress, negativity bias with Donna Masing

    in Health

    In October 2016 while on a surfing holiday overseas, Donna Masing fell off a wave and the tail of her own board collided with her temple. The force of that impact broke bones in her neck and rattled her brain from side to side, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Upon returning home to Australia, Donna was unable to run her business, a sports massage clinic in Northern NSW where she attended to Australia’s surfing elite and other professional athletes. She had difficulty speaking, walking, coping with groups of people, bright lights, had limited thinking capacity and could not focus on anything for any great deal of time. Doctors assured her that it would all pass and soon life would return to normal. However these things did not pass, in fact many symptoms got worse. 
    In 2019 Donna was named the Northern Rivers NSW Business Chamber Outstanding Business Leader and went on to be a State Finalist. Donna has consulted for international Doctors, Physical Therapists and Concussion Specialists on how to communicate with their TBI patients, she has presented at medical conferences, been on speaking panels at events and was featured on the front pages of both the Tweed Daily Newspaper and The Tweed Valley Weekly. She is currently writing a book about her experiences on the other side of treatment table and is starting an innovative new company to help more people get access to the therapy that changed her life.
    Brought to you by: Integrated Brain Centers
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  • 01:11

    How to Naturally Restructure Your Face, Teeth, and Jaw using Orthotropics

    in Health

    Do you ever wish that as you age, you could retain that nice beautiful jawline and lifted cheekbones? Or maybe you wish that sagging face and jowls could go away without facelift surgery? Or whether oral surgery, including wisdom teeth extractions, could be avoided if we could change the shape of our face and jaw? Or that you could have a beautiful smile no matter if you are age 39 or age 99?
    You’re in for a treat if you said YES to any of the above.
    In this episode, I interview Dr. Mike Mew who is a lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics.
    His interest is in the growth and development of the face, identifying the effects of changes in posture, function, and muscle tone and its relationship to orthodontic problems. Dr. Mike Mew uses the orthotropics system to reverse the underlying conditions that lead to crooked teeth, sleep apnea, snoring, and TMD, amongst a range of other symptoms. He is researching to investigate how to improve these systems, using modern technology and innovative applications.
    His vision is a fully integrated bio-feedback system that assists both children and also adults, to improve their health; specifically, the symptoms described. Dr. Mike is causing a revolution in health care and is pushing for a debate on what is causing crooked teeth with the orthodontic profession. The importance of environmental factors is being ignored and could greatly assist orthodontic therapy and general health. Dr. Mike aims to change a section of modern medicine by making it evidence-based and focused on patients’ long-term health.
    As you may already know, I’m keen to introduce you to amazing innovative teachers who have found a way to create natural health and wellness from within, without the need for needles, medications, or surgery. 
    Learn more by visiting

  • 00:19

    This Is What It Takes To Make The Fit Lifestyle Stick When You're Older

    in Fitness

    No matter what you've accomplished in life so far, we all have an area or two in our lives we want to improve. I talk about what it takes to create lasting change now that you're a little older.
    Be sure to listen to all of the 100 most-often asked questions about fitness older men have podcast here on this platform.
    My Age Optimization System for older men is an intense 12-week private, one-on-one coaching experience. Is it right for you?
    Make sure you sign up to be on my email list for fitness updates at
    Call or text me at 925-352-4366.

  • 00:14

    How To Lose A Lot Of Weight And Keep It Off

    in Weight Loss

    Catherine shares strategies for significant long term weight loss covering food, exercise, shopping, planning, and mindset.  Her Sugar Freedom Diet has been downloaded over 2000 times, and she helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds and inches as a certified Turbulence Trainer.
    In this episode, she introduces her eating strategies.  Upcoming episodes: Phil Mickelson's Coffee Fast, Learn About Lipolysis, and The Life Changing Power Of Building Muscle.

  • 00:46

    Testimonial Tuesday with Peg and Mike 5/25/21

    in Health

    Please call in today and share your brief compliant personal testimonial on how using this amazing technology has changed your life! If 515-605-9877 is 'busy' try 323-642-1520 and press 1 to be placed in the queue to share. 
    Compliant means:
    no mention of 'disease names' common in medical field no mention of 'drug names', or the use of words like 'pain', 'cured', 'treatment', etc.  DO NOT give your own 'protocols' or usage tips; there are no protocols, only the BEMER Basic plan Keep it simple and brief mentioning the symptoms you were experiencing and how they may be minimized or gone.  If you're an athlete, tell us how it has improved your performance and recovery.

  • 00:46

    Leveraging Joy & Interaction with Others - A Sons Story

    in Caregiving

    Real Life with Dementia
    Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Larry Griner a son who cares for his mother.  Larry has stepped into the public eye to share their story.  He has learned to use music and public interactions with others to help her live fully with plenty of joy and engagement.
    Contact Larry Griner:
    Wedding Video Interaction  
    Video with Small Child
    Contact Lori La Bey with questions or branding needs at Alzheimer’s Speaks 
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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