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Survival Medicine


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Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.

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Six people are dead in the South after at least 23 tornadoes tore through Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia last week. The damage in places like Coweta County is Georgia, well, it looks like a bomb went off there. Five people lost their... more

In this audio episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast, Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Amy Alton discuss chronic medical problems in survival scenarios, such as thyroid issues and high blood pressure. We mentioned in a recent show that the family... more

In a disaster, especially a long-term one, the family medic has to be able to handle a lot of different emergencies. Some of these are clearly survivable, such as a broken finger, and some are not, like a bullet to the brain. It's important... more

All injuries carry a risk of infection. Various kinds of microbes can invade the body and cause Inflammation in soft tissues, also known as ?cellulitis?. These infections develop when bacteria enter through a crack or break in your skin.... more

It's 2021, and over the last year, we've seen the most productive distributor of fish antibiotics, Thomas Labs stop manufacturing products, probably related to pressure from the FDA, who has repeatedly stated that it was increasing its... more

COVID-19 was supposed to peter out around now, but cases are peaking again, with 300,000 cases reported just on Jan. 8th. Is 2021 going to be just more of the same as 2020? With vaccines now available, can you still get the virus? Can... more

We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of my original article ?A New Pneumonia?, where I wrote about a strange new virus that had sickened 60 people in a place called Wuhan, China. That was Jan.7th, before anyone died or... more

Todd Sepulveda of the popular brings his podcast onto our channel for an interview with our regular hosts Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Amy Alton, this time about pregnancy, labor, and delivery off the grid and other... more

In any long term survival setting, somebody's going to get pregnant at one point or another. Even if you daughter is 7 years old right now, a decade or so into an EMP strike that knocks us off the grid once and for all, she's gonna be 17... more

The person that's responsible for the health of their family isn't just there to stop a bleeding wound or set a broken leg. Poorly cooked or contaminated food will kill more people in survival settings than gunfights at the OK corral.... more
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