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    what the manufacture wont tell you about stone impregnating sealers

    in Business

    There are hundreds of stone sealers and impregnators available complicating which product to use in a specific application. This podcast will break down the truth about these products. From Silanes and Siloxanes to Fluro Aliphatic, we will dive into the truth about these products and determine where to use them and where you shouldn’t. This show is a must-attend for anyone in the stone industry from the designer to the applicator.

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    Does The Judge Make A Difference?

    in Legal

    Individuals going through a divorce often wonder whether the judge assigned to hear the case will make a difference. Some think that divorce and family law matters are driven by laws and that the judge assigned does not make a big difference. Others argue that the judge assigned to a divorce or family law matter can make a difference, given the judges' discretion in deciding these matters. Find out more about this topic in this episode.  This episode is based on an article on Family Law Headquarters titled: Does It Matter Who The Judge Is?  To find out more about this topic, you can also call us at 855-805-0595 or reach out to our Belleville, Illinois, Divorce Lawyers online. 

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    Radio Show #480: How to fall back in love with your job

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    Special Guest: Beth Stallwood:  Founder of Create WorkJoy.
    So many people move jobs at the beginning of the year that recruiters call it the ‘January job round’ and often don’t bother trying to fill vacancies in December. While harnessing New Year energy to finally quit your job is one option, there’s another: fall back in love with the job you already have. I’ll offer listeners three solid strategies for looking at their current job with fresh eyes.
     1. Un-blur your boundaries
    A lack of boundaries, especially with your time, is a surefire way to work gloom. We’ll start by defining our boundaries and learning how to implement them.
    2. Change the story
    Have you ever examined the story you tell yourself about your job? In this section, I’ll guide people to write down their job story and take back control of their narrative.
    3. Become a brilliant bossee
    Beth Stallwood is a coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and author, and the founder of Create WorkJoy. She’s spent 20 years developing her signature practical, passionate approach, and excels at getting to the heart of what’s actually going on – whether that’s for an individual client stuck in WorkGloom or an organisation with a people challenge to solve.
    Beth has extensive experience in the fields of learning, development and organisational culture and is an expert host of large-scale speaker events.
    Beth’s first book, WorkJoy: a toolkit for a better working life, is out now and her podcast, the WorkJoy Jam, is available on all major podcast.
    Join us as we discuss how to fall back in love with your job.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Free Startup Office Hours with Sales Experts (The Unsold Mindset)

    in Business

    You're invited to the Startup Council's next FREE expert #livestream about startup financing, sales, and strategy!
    You can join live Startup Office Hours for FREE expert startup strategy coaching and fun networking, too. Send in your questions now so our CEO, angel investor Scott Fox, will answer them live to help your startup.
    + SPECIAL GUESTS: Authors of The Unsold Mindset
    This month we'll be joined by friends, Garrett Brown & Colin Coggins.  They are popular Professors of Sales at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, and Authors of the brand new book, The Unsold Mindset.  
    Just released this week, the new book is already a best-seller because it shares the secrets of top sales performers (Hint: They want you to fall in love with your prospects??) 
    Join us live for Q&A with the authors for valuable insights that can help make sales easier and more enjoyable.
    (Learn more about the new book here: https://amzn.to/3xLV0VZ)  
    What questions do you have for Scott & Garrett & Colin that can help your startup?
    Get FREE TICKETS and find the question/pitch submission link HERE:

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    My Backyard Sports Franchise Meets with Franchise Interviews

    in Entrepreneur

    We are meeting with Michael Kraner, founder of My Backyard Sports. Founded in 2017, My Backyard Sports has been committed to providing its clients with high-end products and services that create unmatched sports experiences at home or in the community—offering customized small, medium, and large-sized sports projects, My Backyard Sports services residential and commercial clients - including homes, schools, churches, recreation centers, condominiums, real estate developers, and businesses. The brand offers a unique and valuable concept by promoting health and staying active both physically and psychologically. We play a clip from our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast in Part Two.

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    Social Geek Rock Stars: Personal Branding

    in Marketing

    This week we’re talking Personal Branding in Franchising.
    Why is it critical? How can our personal traits break down some walls with our professional contacts? How can we stop holding ourselves back from sharing something real about ourselves? In the influencer age, it’s not your elevator pitch, but the content stream that matters.
    And, who has a great personal brand? We’re naming names! 
    Today’s Rock Star panel: Emily George of Franchise Business Review, Danessa Itaya of Bio-One, Ingrid Schneider of Stay In Your Lane, and Thomas Scott of Home Run Franchises.
    Thanks CareerPlug, Serviceminder, Hughes, and Franchise Hire.
    Shout outs to Kater Danford, Brooke Janousek, Megan Reilly, Greg Nathan, John DeHart, Angela Coté, and Susan Beth.

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    Blooming Success

    in Business

    Did you know that flowers can help you balance your emotions and help you create greater success? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Daniel Olexa, your host of Inspired Living, has a conversation with Jenny Barker, The Flower Doctor of Magical Blooms (Magicalblooms.com) & The Flower Prescription (theflowerprescription.com). From starting her first business at 18 with $500 in waitressing tips to being featured in the HBO Max series, "Full Blooms, Season 2", Jenny Barker has experienced abundant success. We'll learn how Jenny, The Flower Doctor, prescribes specific flowers to her clients to help them energize with natural success.
    Sponsor Appreciation!
    Thank you to our partner and show sponsor, National University (www.nu.edu)!
    Interested in Learning More About Connected Women of Influence?
    Click Here (https://connectedwomenofinfluence.com/attend-an-event-as-our-guest/) to Be Invited as Our Special VIP & Guest to a Future Event!
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    Click Here (https://connectedwomenofinfluence.com/membership-application/) to Apply for Membership!

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    Hitting A Home Run in Franchising

    in Business

    Hitting A Home Run in Franchising
    Our topic on this week's episode is Home Run Franchises on March 2ns, 2023 at 5:00p EST / 4:00p CST / 3:00p MST /2:00p PST
    Thomas Scott, Founder and CEO, Home Run Franchises  joins the Pillars of Franchising team today.
    Ray Pillar continues his new segment, Pillar’s Pillar with Ray. This version you can actually hear Fred McMurray
    As usual, tune in for our Million Dollar Mentors, Kristin Selmeczy CEO of Pillars and owner of Molly Maid and Jerry Akers of Great Clips.
    Listen live to new episodes on Thursdays at 4p central. Call in on Thursdays at 323-580-5755.
    Interested in buying a franchise? Join the Million Dollar Franchisee Mentor program

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    Can Student Loans be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

    in Legal

    Until recently, it was very unlikely that student loan debt could be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding. Lavelle Law attorney Timothy Hughes discusses a new change to laws that provide an opportunity for some filers to have a clearer path to dismissing that debt.

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    the return of the master legend show

    in Social Networking

    latest news and interviews with real life super heroes and super friends.

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    The Results Are In: The UK Four-day Workweek Experiment Proves Successful

    in Business

    The Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors
    Sponsored by Paychex - one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and software solutions for businesses of all sizes - learn more at www.paychex.com.
    Hosts: Steve Boese
    Welcome to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors. A short, quick version of the popular HR Happy Hour Podcast, where Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, take on topics on Human Resources, HR technology, work, and the workplace. And more.
    In this episode Steve shares the final results from the largest yet trial of the four-day work week in the UK. Spoiler alert, the results have been overwhelmingly positive for employees and employers.
    To listen to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors - add the Workplace Minute by H3 HR Advisors skill to your Amazon Echo device's Flash Briefing or Daily News Update.
    Learn more at www.h3hr.com and www.hrhappyhour.net

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