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    Eps. 109 "Why Should You Invest in Gold?"

    in Finance

    Join Stevie Anderson, retired NFL Player, as he presents "Why Should You Invest in Gold?"
    Stevie Anderson, along with featured guest, William Purpura, will share valuable insights about Legacy Valiance Gold:
    The importance in investing in Gold Diversifying your portfolio Gold's enduring value Also learn about our country's history of Gold and why the USA is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Gold Trading. Tune into this important and informative show!  You don't want to miss it!
    *To LISTEN to the LIVE Show or Replay: www.blogtalkradio.com/stevieandersonradio
    *To Call in LIVE to participate:  (563) 999-3665
    *Also visit:  www.legacyvaliancegold.com

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    Close Up Radio to Feature Psychologist and Leadership Coach Dr. Irene Bradford

    in Management

    Charlottesville, VA - Irene Bradford, PhD has over 30 years of leadership experience which encompasses a time when she had a topnotch role in the financial industry, but sensed it was not her true calling. Her real passion was knowing people, their identities, goals, strengths, and motivations. So, she pursued Psychology first, with an MA in Counseling, and then a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Young Irene became a doctor but not in the medical sense her father once envisioned.
    Dr. Bradford’s special insight into people’s strengths and leadership style help to set her apart as a leadership coach. Knowing that she has done her own dreamwork and it won’t feel like a doctor-patient relationship but more like a conversation with someone who has been down this river before is yet another distinction for this leadership development professional.
    Her unique systems, tools, and psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories are used while helping people uncover it all.
    Dr. Bradford has a singular method of guiding clients towards getting to know themselves. It is grounded in psychology, and she once maintained a small clinical practice. She co-founded (with now-retired husband and partner Bob) The Bradford Leadership Group in 2004. Client missions  include  staffing support, leadership development services, or someone to help them develop bench strengths.
    Dr. Bradford put some of this strategic approach into a book manuscript that she is currently shopping around to publishers. The book’s title is Being You: We Are So Much More Than an Algorithm.
    For more information about Dr. Bradford and her work, please visit the website that bears her name: www.irenebradford.com

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    Tacasha's Kitchen of Menifee | Biz in The Valley |

    in Entrepreneur

    New Show Series- Biz in the Valley provides Featured Interviews of Southern California Region of Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners: 
    This weeks show is Tacasha Smith of Tacasha's Kitchen located in the Inland Empire area of Menifee serving the Riverside County, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas in Southern California. Tacasha Smith has earned a name for herself as a go-to chef for her Traditional Southern Cuisines, Tacasha is the Chef and owner of Tacasha’s Kitchen. Tacasha Smith  is a highly experienced cook with several years of  cooking experience  under her belt. Tacasha has always had a passion for food, after attending Culinary Labs in Tustin, California she quickly made a name for herself in the food industry. Tacasha is now working as head chef of her owncatering business located in Menifee, California. Tacasha’shigh standards and bold flavors brings satisfaction and comfort to every customer.  

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    Wire Side Chat -- June 2024 -- New regulations

    in Business

    Welcome to Wire Side Chat, Pulp & Paper Radio International’s monthly show offering insights into the pulp and paper industry worldwide. In our episode this month, we discuss upcoming European regulations that will affect us all.
    Wire Side Chat is hosted by Helen Roush, executive vice president of Paperitalo Publications, joined by Steve Roush, Vice President and Publisher and Editor.

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    What Is Wealth?

    in Business

    A sacred discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

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    Close Up Radio to Highlight Dorothy Williams of Flower Budgets

    in Finance

    Port Saint Lucie, FL -- While Dorothy Williams possessed a Master’s degree in business she didn’t really begin to capitalize on it until she became a young mother trapped by credit card debt and finding it nearly impossible to save money. That is when she did some research into smart saving habits, learned techniques from Dave Ramsey, and discovered the power of cash stuffing.
    A couple of years ago she launched Flower Budgets, a company that is more than just a means of saving, but also an e-commerce site selling adorable products which include  budget binders and wallets.
    Dorothy notes that the majority of Americas are living paycheck to paycheck and looking for a way out of the trap. For her, dedicating money envelopes and folders to specific monthly purposes was the means to pay off debt and start saving a specific amount from every pay period. One of the many techniques she explains on her website and in the youtube videos is the 100 Envelope Challenge. Participants purchase a box of 100 envelopes and label them 1 to 100. Then they place progressive amounts of cash into each one of them ($1, 2,3,5,10,18, 25, 40 etc.) daily until all 100 are filled and they will discover over $5,00 has been saved!  People can use plain envelopes or the specially designed, colored ,and handcrafted ones that Dorothy sells on her site (she made many of them with craft tools in the past). The envelopes and wallets come with unique styles and tracking mechanisms.
    Dorothy believes everyone deserves financial freedom and she is dedicated to helping people take control of their finances and saving/spending habits.
    For more information on Dorothy and Flower Budgets please visit her website: www.flowerbudgets.com

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    Finding Happiness in the Heartache: One Princess, Two Castles with Amy Tyson

    in Legal

    In this Texas Law Talk Radio episode, host Nick Augustine sits down with Amy Tyson to delve into her heartwarming and insightful book, "One Princess, Two Castles." This beautifully illustrated children's book is a vital tool for parents to help their children understand and cope with the emotional changes that come with parental separation.
    Introduction to the Book We begin by exploring Amy's inspiration for writing "One Princess, Two Castles." Amy shares her journey and the motivation behind creating a resource that addresses the challenges of explaining parents living separately to young children.
    Purpose and Message Amy discusses the primary message of her book, emphasizing the importance of reinforcing love and stability for children amidst family changes. "One Princess, Two Castles" offers a gentle narrative to help children grasp the concept of having two homes while maintaining the love and support from both parents.
    Storyline and Themes Dive into the story of Princess T, a young girl who navigates the transition of her parents living in separate castles. Amy elaborates on the key phrase, “things will be different, but things will be good,” and how it helps children cope with change, encouraging them to see the positives in new family dynamics.
    Emotional Support Amy explains how the book addresses children's emotional struggles during such transitions. 
    For more information, visit Happiness in the Heartache.

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Kimberley Ward of Life By Design Solutions

    in Marketing

    Jamestown, TN - Kimberley Ward is an open book. At the age of 16, she went to her mother’s medicine cabinet, grabbed a handful of pill bottles with every intent to kill herself.
    That all changed in January 2008 when Kimberley was pregnant with her first daughter and second baby. “I received a phone call that my 22-year-old sister had taken her own life,” shares Kimberley.
    “8 months pregnant, 3 days after Christmas, I got a phone call saying, ‘Your mother has been shot.’ She had killed herself in the same manner as my sister, except Mom did a suicide note to me.”
    That’s when Kim looked at her husband and said, “I cannot do this anymore. I can’t ever go back to the corporate world. That’s where my new path into entrepreneurship was born.”
    "I found a life coach and I am still working with him today."
    “I now have a DMO, or daily method of operation, for my business which helps me and all home-based business owners stay on track.”
    Working with Pinterest is the core of Kimberly’s business DMO. “Pinterest is a 100% visual search engine, social media platform, and shopping site. When you open a Pinterest account, you indicate your interests—education, quotes, crafts, pandas, making money, whatever. As you’re scrolling and looking, the algorithm is learning about you and shows you more of the content you like. To reset the algorithm to new and different interests, just use the search bar.
    Kimberley’s open book does have a happy ending, and she credits Pinterest with her mental health and financial prosperity.
    For more information about Kimberley Ward, please visit https://www.lifebydesignsolutions.com

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    Raise your vibrational frequency to access a life you LOVE

    in Business

    Today, we start with our Healthy Living, Happy Life segment with Denise Stegall. This month's topic is: Live Vison, Impact on living a fulfilled life.
    Our guest is Susan Shatzer, founder of the Limitless Life Institute, specializes in helping individuals break free from the shackles of past trauma and limitations. With over 20 years of experience, Susan's transformative approach integrates cutting-edge techniques with ancient wisdom to elevate personal and collective consciousness.
    At the heart of Susan's work is a commitment to empowering people to unlock their limitless potential, transforming their adversities into wins. The mission of the Limitless Life Institute is to provide a platform where transformation is not only possible but inevitable, fostering deep, sustainable change. 
    Susan's guidance inspires a profound journey toward freedom, empowering individuals to lead lives characterized by unbounded joy and fulfillment.
    Submit Questions hello@discoverrisingtides.com
    Watch other episodes at: discoverrisingtides.com 

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    Get A Powerful Vision

    in Entrepreneur

    Do you have a vision? Are you looking for vision insight? Do you need some inspiration? Our guests today will share their powerful visions that will inspire you to create or hone your own.

    Listen in with Steve, Seth, Vikram, Brian and Angela and hear how they have implemented their own powerful visions in the world today. Learn how you can do the same on your journey as a thriving entrepreneur.

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