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    Close Up Radio to Feature Lindsey Zajac of Career Partners International

    in Work

    BUFFALO, NY - Lindsey A. Zajac is the owner and CEO of Career Partners International (CPIBN), the premier talent solutions firm in Western New York. Lindsey supports organizations in their quest to hire, retain, develop, and transition employees in a way that optimizes performance. Her background and passion is in leadership development and coaching, where she plays an integral role in her organization.
    Career Partners International was launched back in 1986 by Robert Caldwell who sold it to two of his employees, Mark Weigel and Dottie Austin in 2007. The firm has close to a forty-year track record providing world-class talent management solutions. Prior to joining CPI, Lindsay spent fifteen years in corporate HR roles, including PepsiCo and Eaton Corporation. Lindsey acquired the business in January 2024.
    Lindsey’s organization offers a suite of services that provide support for all your people needs. During economic downturns or major company re-organizations, layoffs are prevalent. We help support organizations by offering compassionate career transition support for employees who have been let go. During periods of significant growth and expansion, we help ensure your managers are prepared to lead their teams effectively. We specialize in training first-time managers and supervisors on the principles of servant leadership. In both good and bad markets, executive search remains a consistent need for many of our clients.
    She advises women to find their voice and work on building their confidence. Lindsey says don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to go for that next job or promotion. Continue to put yourself out there and level up your skills.
    For more information about Lindsey and her work, please visit www.cpibn.com

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    Navigating Private Practice Success with Joe Lessard

    in Legal

    Welcome to another insightful episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, proudly sponsored by the Chicago Healthcare Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. In this episode, we are thrilled to host Joe Lessard, CPA, EA, and CHBC, Principal at Professional Business Management, Inc. Joe has dedicated his career to helping healthcare professionals optimize their business operations and achieve their financial goals. Join us as Joe shares his unique approach to client relationships, the importance of proactive financial management, and the keys to maintaining a successful private practice in today's challenging environment. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, or healthcare provider, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you thrive in your private practice.

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    Part 3: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Diane Bengtson of Mukua Inc.

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    Dover, DE - As a dedicated nurse and visionary leader, Diane Bengtson founded Mukua Inc. to address the critical need for forward-thinking healthcare consultants. Her patient-centered care model emphasizes that patients should always be in control of their own care and treatment. Diane’s extensive experience at the forefront of healthcare has given her a unique perspective on the longstanding issues plaguing the U.S. medical sector, from underfunding and workforce shortages to inadequate patient-physician communication.
    The three-part podcast series will explore the challenges in healthcare and how Mukua Inc. aims to address them through the integration of AI. Each episode will feature in-depth discussions on the following topics:
    Episode 1: AI in Healthcare – Unveiling the Potential – May 28th Episode 2: Harnessing AI's Power in Healthcare: Innovation, Ethics, and the Human Touch – July 2nd Episode 3: Navigating Ethical Challenges When Designing and Implementing AI Solutions – July 9th Diane Bengtson, RN-BC MS CCHC emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to AI adoption, ensuring that technological advancements are leveraged responsibly and ethically. “With the potential to transform healthcare, AI must be integrated in a way that maximizes benefits while safeguarding quality care, patient privacy and maintaining human oversight,” says Bengtson. “Our goal at Mukua Inc. is to bring AI to the forefront of healthcare without compromising on ethical care and a human-centered approach.”
    For more information, visit www.mukua.inc

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    Georgianne McConnell speaks Money Matters with me on the edge

    in Finance

    Youtube version https://youtu.be/BNWWHqjY-U8
    https://www.georgiannemcconnell.com A dedicated mindset connoisseur and enthusiastic about changing beliefs and upleveling lives. My mission is to help women change their relationship to money and rewrite a more empowered money story. As a former financial advisor, with an extensive background in finance, I took money mindset beliefs into my own hands to find answers to my own relationship to money, linked it with my spiritual journey, upleveled my mindset, and rewrote my empowering money story. During this time, I’ve also enhanced my spirituality by becoming a Reiki Master, which allows me to imbue energy and activations into both written and spoken words. My research and personal experience morphed into helping others do the same, using various techniques and methods that have been proven successful. And now I'm delighted to get to share that with the world, starting with you! I'm very happy I found you!

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    Everything is Possible: Unlock Your Limitless Potential

    in Entrepreneur

    Unlock the limitless potential within you! In this empowering episode on Blog Talk Radio, we'll explore the profound truth that everything is possible. Discover how ordinary people have achieved extraordinary feats, defying odds and shattering expectations. You'll be inspired by real-life stories of triumph, learn practical strategies to overcome obstacles, and ignite the spark of possibility in your own life. Whether you're facing personal challenges or pursuing ambitious dreams, this episode will fuel your determination and remind you that with the right mindset, perseverance, and belief in yourself, you can turn your wildest aspirations into reality. Get ready to embrace a world of endless opportunities and start your journey towards greatness today!

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    Wining at Business - Talent War With Mike Sarraille

    in Entrepreneur

    Wining at Business - Talent War With Mike Sarraille. Talent is the foundation of every success story from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Main Street, and even on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer who earned his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Mike is a successful entrepreneur, sought-after public speaker, and a well-respected thought leader and subject matter expert on leadership and human performance
    Mike's Book: Talent War https://amzn.to/3xfUenG  Connect with Mike https://mikesarraille.com
    Connect with Bert:  YouTube |  Twitter  |  Instagram
    Get a Free Copy of Dominating Your Mind: https://amzn.to/2XuM9Xr - While supplies last, limited time.

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    Sharing your Vitiligo Awareness Month Experience

    in Social Networking

    CALL - IN
    Tell us how your June 2024 has been
    Did you attend WVD and your experience
    How are you continuing to spread awareness
    How is you OPZELURA Treatment experience.

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    Meet Mr. Money Man

    in Finance

    What a great show tonight as I introduce you to Mr. Ron Sivak, a native of Southern California and a graduate form the University of South Alabama with a degree in banking. As I'm sure you know for some and it's not easy navigating through the process of becoming home owners or people who want to acquire rental property or just become a flipper. This process can leave you stressed and exhausted without the help of a money wizard and mortgage advisors. So don't miss out on this informative show. Call in on your timezone at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST and 4:30pm PST. Call our studio number at 3479456003 and hit the one key if you have a question or comment.

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    Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Professor Gary Lee

    in Business

    Award-Winning Talk Radio AMAA Network presents “Parts Unknown" 
    With Pioneer and Creator of the Sport Karate Museum Professor Gary Lee and Co-Host Dean “The Wolverine" Pyles and Tang Soo Do Animal AJ Perry--Together they interview some of the top pioneers in the Martial Arts and Sport Karate. 
    Tune in live at:
    9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    8:30 Texas Time 
    7:30 Mountain Time 
    6:30 PM Pacific 
    SETVR.APP “The Hologram Experience “  The History Generals Portals of the Sport Karate Museum
    Click the link below to purchase the NEW Sport Karate History General Biography Book Today! 
    Sponsored by the American Martial Arts Alliance (www.WhosWhoInTheMartialArts.com) & Elite Publications (www.ElitePublications.org)

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    The Power of Integrity with Joseph Polanin, Combat Veteran US Navy to CEO

    in Business

    “Integrity isn't just a trait; it's the cornerstone of leadership that builds trust and transforms teams." - Nicky Dare
    In this episode of Leadership365°, host Nicky Dare sits down with the distinguished Joseph Polanin to explore the transformative power of integrity in leadership. With a remarkable career advising the President of the United States and leading global teams, Joseph shares invaluable insights on building trust, inspiring innovation, and driving change.
    Joseph Polanin's 3 C's Principles: Caring, Courtesy, and Communication.
    Discover the secrets to maintaining cohesion in vast operations, fostering a culture of creativity, and navigating high-pressure environments. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that unveils the true essence of effective leadership and offers practical advice for leaders at every level. Don't miss this powerful episode!
    Tune in to this podcast to gain valuable insights and inspiration for building resilience and achieving success in today's rapidly changing world.
    ??DARE Education
    ??iDARE® Inc. 
    ??7x Published Author
    MEDIUM @MsNickyDare

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    Chanelle Coleman Wesley and Ari Wells stop by Conversations LIVE

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Chanelle Coleman Wesley and Ari Well to Conversations LIVE radio show to discuss how they are using their platforms to motivate and inspire the world. 

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