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  • Expressions of Blackness - Episode Four

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    February 27, 2024 on TRIBE Family Channel™, Episode Four - Expressions of Blackness Hosted by CEO/Ms. Beverly Black.  
    Tune in to talk about all subjects dealing with the Black Experience as you know it! Deep dialogue discussions on deck!  
    Feb. 27th at 3pm/PST 4pm/GMT 5pm/CST 6pm/EST
    Call: 515-605-9741
    Online: www.blogtalkradio.com/gumboforthesoul
    Our Guest Speaker is Danne Smith Mathis, FRSA, MPW - Educator, Homeschooler, Author, and Contributing Writer in
    Everyday Struggle: How Toxic Workspaces Impact Black Women  by Dr Carey Yazeed
    About Our Guest:
    Danne Smith Mathis is a writer, poet, and a mother of three and a grandmother of two young princes.
    She is the granddaughter of a former Pullman Porter, the daughter of a former Tuskegee Airman who was the first Black person to become president of any college or university in the state of NJ and a second grade school teacher. Danne Smith Mathis is a member of the Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Association Board and an active member of the Carnegie Mellon University Black Alumni Association and a graduate of the university where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing. She is also a graduate of the University of Southern California where she received a Masters in Professional Writing.
    A former homeschool parent, Danne is a domestic violence survivor and knows the importance of self/care and emotional well-being.
    TRIBE Family Channel™ and Expressions of Blackness are Gumbo for the Soul International® family brands, created, owned and operated by Beverly Black. All Rights Reserved. Book your slot: tribefamilychannel@gmail.com Follow Us on Meta: https://www.facebook.com/expressionsofblacqness/


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  • U.S. Afro-Descendants and the Migrant Crisis: What Must be Done

    in Culture

    U.S. Afro-Descendants have been the most loyal population despite enslavement Jim Crow, and mass incarceration. U.S. Afro-Descendants have been the most reliable voters, yet the United States government betrayed their loyalty by neglecting their needs and actively supporting policies, programs, and institutions that harm them. Illegal immigration is a prime example. We must call out the Democrats for their push to provide amnesty for the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and the trillions of dollars they support spending on illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, the majority of homeless unemployed, underemployed, impoverished, and evicted are U.S. Afro-Descendants.
    The United States government remains unaltered, albeit with some whitewashed constitutional adjustments. The United States government's crimes against U.S. Afro-descendants persist in the forms of illegal occupation, annexation, plunder, and illegal population transfer. In addition, U.S. Afro-Descendants must address disappearances, arbitrary detention, torture, and loss of land, property, and livelihood. Although the U.S. government sabotaged the legally required referendum on the U.S. Afro-Descendant self-determination and prevented human rights violations in the future, the right still exisist.
    This implies U.S. Afro-Descendants' ability to decide on their status in a referendum on self-determination recovering their land, returning refugees and displaced persons, and other forms of restitution after having undergone repression, bombings, torture, enforced disappearances, dispossession, and other violations. International law provides demands and frames U.S. Afro-Descendant peoples' rights of self-determination, reparations, compels states, and non-state actors to bring an end to one of the world's longest state-sponsored protracted crisis. Join us 03/10/2024 at 6:30pm. Dial (319)527-6064

  • Spiritual Bypass as a Feminine Issue with Corinna Wood

    in Culture

    Visionary teacher of women's wisdom for over 30 years, Corinna Wood is a beloved leader in the holistic healing community now pioneering an earth-based and woman-centered approach to communication and the psyche.  Today we'll delve into spiritual bypassing, toxic positivity and some of the issues you see with spiritual bypassing as well as how this impacts one's ability to heal and recover from trauma and abuse.  Hear Corinna share a common spiritual bypass comment with one that actually supports authetic healing as well as approaching communication in a way that supports authentic healing.

  • 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom - Cracking the Matrix w/Cate Montana

    in Culture

    Professional journalist specializing in the fields of psychology, consciousness, alternative medicine and health, Cate Montana has published several books including the one we're discussing today:  Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom which presents cultural and historical evidence that we are living in a deliberately programmed thought matrix designed by an intelligent, anti-life Force, an unseen, interdimensional influence driving the deliverate degeneration of humanity for thousands of years.  Greeks called this force the Archons, Christians named it Satan, Native Americans know it as Wetiko or Windingo and Carl Jung called this deceiving force antimimos, the imitator and evil principle..  Modern-day philsophers and sci-fi writers call the presence mind parasites.  Cate will discuss this ancient, interdimensional force, help us understand its agenda and see it behind current global events.  Ultimately, this raised awareness can help us begin to break free.  Tune in and hear more.