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  • Stamp love let’s talk about it

    in Dreams

    This show is about what it takes to embody entrepreneurship.  What's your physical, mental, and emotional cost of becoming a boss?  

  • I'm Back -up Close and Personal= HSfrHC, Vol XCIV or simply 94b

    in Culture

    “Hamp’s Selections from his Collection of Soul-Jazz Music, Vol XCIV or 94b for December 9th. The Theme, I’m Back – up Close and Personal. As always, it’s really about music. Today, our artists sing stories or tell of situations in which we find ourselves. Artist singing about situations in which they or we find ourselves. The ultimate singers of telling it like it is, hear from one of our featured artist in Johnathan Butler, Ohio Players, H.E.R., Silk Sonic, India Arie, The Brothers Johnson, Sede…to name a few. Again, we offer a mixture of Soul Music and Smooth Jazz. Let’s make it snap, crackle and pop, do what it does…this Saturday morning. We are still celebrating the publication of “The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp, Volume 2.” … a commentary collection of articles about race, politics, black folks growing up in America, family, love, and friendship. Click onto https://outskirtspress.com/HampsEpisodicThoughtsVol2   Hamp’s Corner of America Blog Talk Radio Show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group at About HCofA – Hamp's Corner of America. “My third book honored my grandmother, entitled, Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953 is found at Amazon. com’s Author Page. The link is www.amazon.com/author/codishampton2 Again, check out our music played, always a toe-tapping, head bobbing reminiscing experience.”


    in Lifestyle

    Maybe what others think, isn't nearly as important as being honest with ourselves.  If examining motives and intentions is 'a path to happiness', results hereabouts suggest it has become a bit overgrown with accumulated debris, that it requires concentrated effort to find it. Why? Why would anyone subject themselves to an existence of self-examination when cheating is so easy? Surely, we have all heard the logic; old men advise to stay healthy, avoid doctors and hospitals. It's a version of 'ignorance is bliss'.  Cloak this with language describing masonic function especially the part about 'higher moral standards, and we need to go no further to sort out the confusion and compromise that was spurred by 'local tradition'.  What is the truth? Is ignorance bliss? Before opening that door, reason tells us living to pursue a life of virtue is impossible without using navigational tools.  We were handing 9 of them after we got round to settling on that number, but we conveniently handed them back for safe keeping. Can you think why anyone would give up populist thinking to strike out on his own?  Surely the cynic within him would panic at the thought.  Ignorance comes out of chaos, easily.  Knowledge requires disciplined thinking and patience. Accordingly we live in a state of ignorance/darkness willingly but now are telling ourselves we have chosen to struggle to understand. Truth isn't pretty. Honesty isn't easy. What if we did subscribe to that effort, would motivate us? Let me present an answer and try to convince you it is obvious.  The motivation is the setting. It is rare to accomplish this feat alone alone. It is plausible when working alone in the company of like minded.  Universities were built on the idea. So, it seems was masonry.

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    Managing Your Mind and Subconscious Thoughts

    in Culture

    Louis Howard Live from Seattle

  • Welcome to Over the Hedgerow Live!

    in Lifestyle

    Stop by Over the Hedgerow Live where I will share my thoughts and experiences with designing, building and maintaining large residential and estate gardens along and how I have embraced an active outdoor lifetsyle since my wife passed away this past January after a two year journey with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.  

  • The Science of Health and You

    in Lifestyle

    Program Description:  This show focuses on natural form and functionality of the human body to achieve optimal health. 

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  • Legacy of Goddess: Heroines, Warriors, Witches from Myths/Tales Rachel McCoppin

    in Culture

    Prof. Rachel McCoppin, Ph.D returns to the show to discuss her other book, The Legacy of the Goddess: Heroines, Warriors and Witches from World Mythology to Folktales and Fairy Tales - and that's just what we'll be chatting about today!  We'll have fun delving into famous folktales and fairy tales that possibly reveal elements of ancient goddess worship and discover what women today gain from identifying sacred messages in folktales and fairy tales they may have passed over as a mere children's tale.  We'll also talk about the importance of these stories and narratives to shape society and why re-writes are often called for if we want to re-shape our future for women everywhere.

  • Parenting and Family Reconstruction Learning Lab

    in Lifestyle

    Program Description:  Mark Shahid guides the listening audience in an interactive conversation on effective parenting. This episode will focus on developing leadership skills in children. Listeners are invited to bring questions as well as share their parenting experiences to the learning lab.

  • Lynnnie Godfrey and the EDUCATORS

    in Lifestyle

    Lynnie Godfrey welcomes Franz Jones and Diane Wilson back to continue their conversation on Education and the Arts.

  • Courtship and Marriage Learning Lab

    in Lifestyle

    Program Description:   The True Love Recipe is the topic for this Learning Lab.  We hope you are in the learning mode and have tuned into this program focused on examining sound approaches to finding a mate, the dos and don’ts and, prescription for maintaining a successful, tranquil, growth-filled marriage.  The learning lab shares lessons that, insha Allah, lead to a beautiful and memorable wedding day, and a fulfilling marriage with faith, affection, peace and joy.

  • The #1 Long Island Psychic/Medium Offers Free Relationship Advice

    in Romance

    Cindi Sansone-Braff," the Romance Whisperer", talks with the dead to help you live well and love better. Warning: If your relationship is in trouble before you do anything -- listen to this radio show. Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling -- believing that a good relationship begins with...you. Cindi and her producer/co-host, Nicole, will share the highs and lows of their own love lives, and reveal how their lives are changing as they incorporate the Grant Me a Higher Love principles into their own lives. Cindi was named Best Psychic five years in a row by the "Long Island Press," and the psychic/medium recommended by "Newsday" and the "Daily News." She was featured on Cablevision's "Neighborhood Journal." Cindi is the author of three spiritual, self-help relationship books, available on Amazon, "Grant Me a Higher Love," "Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships," and "Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic." www.grantmeahigherlove.com.