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Progressive news & analysis from Florida and around the world Produced and Hosted by Jeanine Molloff Producer Emeritus Rick Spisak

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RIght before the Republican National Convention, where Trump expects to be coronated, I will discuss what I dub the 'Trump murder and retribution machine.' For months, Trump cultists have been threatening violence if their side loses the election. Mainstream media treats these threats as the loony by-product of some mob of toothless, IQ challenged, inbred hillbilly reunion. It is not. Make no mistake, the violence witnessed for instance on January 6th, was implemented by such hillbillies along with some rather affluent professionals who love Trump's brand of neo Nazism. That being said, the Trump murder and retribution machine has been orchestrated and planned by Ivy League trained attorneys, high ranking military officers, billionaires, and corporate officers. One such operative is a former Green Beret named Ivan Raiklin, who has claimed the mantle of Trump's future 'Retribution Czar.' This retribution involves the premeditated plot to arrest and subsequently execute democratic office holders, liberals, and any minorities daring to get 'uppity.' This is not hyperbole. It is real. This is our first story. Our second story will deal with the demand by democratic party elites such as celeb George Clooney, to dump Biden--and how this story has eclipsed the very real threat of Project 2025. (Note: Project 2025 will be a subject of programming in the coming weeks). We will also have our musical parodies. Come join me. Jeanine

On-Demand Episodes

Last week on EJR, I discussed the imminent passage of a law in Florida which will permit the state to use radioactive materials in road pavement. This week, I will discuss the corporation that pushed for this law, MOSAIC Corp. This is yet... more

This week on EJR (Environmental Justice Report), I will discuss the plan passed by the Florida legislature to use radioactive materials to pave roads throughout the state. The material in question is phosphogypsum, a by-product of fertilizers.... more

This week, Florida Governor Ron DEATHSantis signed off on a new law which grants doctors, nurses, EMT's, pharmacists, and insurers the right to deny treatment based on religious or 'ethical' beliefs. This applies in life threatening... more

This week on PNN, I will discuss more lies our politicians tell us on a regular basis--from BOTH parties. The first story speaks to lies about the national debt and possible solutions from constitutional scholars. The second story deals... more

Today's show deals with GOP LIES, MORE LIES, AND STILL MORE LIES. The first story deals with a new bill sponsored by GOP Mo. State Senator Mike Moon, which grants legal personhood to a fetus and demands murder charges for... more

Yesterday's broadcast (4/16/23) did not record, so today I will re-record the show. The GOP in Missouri has not only defunded the state libraries, but has done so in political retaliation against librarians daring to use their 1st amendment rights.... more

This week on PNN w/Jeanine Molloff, I will discuss how the Missouri GOP controlled legislature voted to fully defund state libraries. The hypocrisy and cruelty of these policies is obvious. This is truly about unconstitutional state... more

This week, the Tennessee State Legislature expelled three democrats. The three democratic reps had the audacity to use their 1 AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH RIGHTS in the chambers, joining a peacable protest against the scourge of gun... more

PNN is experimenting with some parody. This broadcast is a commercial for our upcoming new series, which will begin on Sunday at our regular time. It is named after the Notorious MTG and her penchant for non-stop moronic lies.... more

Last week, a Christian elemntary school was attacked by a deranged shooter. Children and adults died, and practically on cue, Tucker Carlson launched a tirade against the trans community. Why? The shooter was a trans woman. Carlson... more

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