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Progressive news & analysis from Florida and around the world Produced and Hosted by Jeanine Molloff Producer Emeritus Rick Spisak

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For months, Trump cultists have been threatening violence if their side loses the election. This is the "Trump Retribution Machine." Mainstream media treats these threats as the loony by-product of some mob of toothless, IQ challenged, inbred hillbilly reunion. It is not. Make no mistake, the violence witnessed for instance on January 6th, was implemented by such hillbillies along with some rather affluent professionals who love Trump's brand of neo Nazism. That being said, the Trump murder and retribution machine has been orchestrated and planned by Ivy League trained attorneys, high ranking military officers, billionaires, and corporate officers. One such operative is a former Green Beret named Ivan Raiklin, who has claimed the mantle of Trump's future 'Retribution Czar.' This retribution involves the premeditated plot to arrest and subsequently execute democratic office holders, liberals, and any minorities daring to get 'uppity.' This is not hyperbole. It is real. This is our first story. Our second story is an interview conducted by Producer Emeritus Rick Spisak with noted academician Professor Wendy Lynn Lee. We will also have our musical parodies. Come join me. Jeanine

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PNN began in Florida, and it is befitting that it highlight the mockery DeSantis and his GOP trolls have made of the Bill of RIghts. K-12 teachers working with minor children are censored in terms of multiple subjects to the point of lunacy. Now,... more

It's Christmas today, and the GOP of White Christian Nationalism has delivered in various ways that would make the pagans of ancient Rome proud. Overnight, Texas Governor Greg Abbott continued to authorize sending buses of migrants... more

This week on PNN, I am talking about the GOP defamation wars. The most recent target has been US Congresswoman Katie Porter. A republican colleague, Congressman Ronnie Jackson not only accused Porter of making excuses for... more

This week's programming has changed. I am going to cover the ongoing criminalization of actual journalism, the ongoing quest to extradite Julian Assange, a an older bill which was renewed that would halt government prosecutions... more

Donald Trump had dinner with noted anti-semite Kanye West (or 'Ye'), and noted Nazi sympathizer Nick Fuentes. After the fallout, Trump laughingly claimed he didn't know Fuentes. Now, Fuentes broadcasts from the very network that has... more

This week's show is all about the resurgence of the White Christian Nationalist LYNCH MOB. The Club Q murders are the latest result of the non-stop incitement and defamation aimed at the LGBTQ communities by White... more

This week on PNN, our founder Rick Spisak has another interview with Professor Wendy Lynne Lee of the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania. Professor Lee has made a special study of the impact right-wing groups have had... more

The GOP of Trump has taken control of both houses of Congress. They did so with an organized program of blatant voter suppression not seen since the height of Jim Crow. Georgia Governor Kemp actually deputized violent vigilantes to... more

This week is more of an editorial on the growing danger of GOP fascism in the USA. Vote blue like your life depends on it - because it does. Not since the Confederacy have we faced a party preaching hate, bigotry and what can only... more

Last week, my colleague Rick Spisak spoke about GOP plans to attack Social Security. This week, on our Halloween show, I will speak to real GOP terrorism as the 'Grand Ol' Party' works feverishly to dismantle Social Security,... more

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