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    Show Talk with Angela Butler

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     This interview on Show Talk with Angela Butler is with Mrs Nikki Meyers. Mrs Meyers is the mother of Mr. Fabian Dante Scott. Scott has been in the Jefferson county correctional facility jail for going on four years in Beaumont Texas. The police are now following Mrs Nikki Meyers and going to her mom's house looking for her. Facebook has stopped her from sharing and stopped her go fund me account also. Like it or not slavery ended. You loss the civil war. And stop threatening to send me to prison because of my show KKK. The link to listen is http://tobtr.com/12289425

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    NWCR Radio on CNM Show number 591 - News of the week w/ Lori-Ann and I

    in Politics Conservative

    With our Co-Host Lucid Libertarian Lori-ann, and the people who usually come to our show, we will have another great show for You to leearn what is going on with her in America and maybe even around the world.  Join us for another great show.

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    Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady Of Rage!

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    Listen in tonight Wednesday November 15, 2023 @ 6:30pm CST to a Dynamic Throwback episode of Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady Of Rage!
    Tune in to get tuned in to that Fie Political Education and more only on Free Em All Radio! The People's Radio!
    Click link to listen online

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    The Black Alice In Wonderland Radio Show- with Host, queen AaMinah*

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    Peace and Enlightenment, Family! Welcome to Episode 130 of The BAIW Show! Please join me at 7pm this evening, for another impactful episode. The world is a very interesting place these days. However, those of us who are conscious, and aware of the many current events must remain steadfast in terms of justice, peace and freedom. Someone with an orange face is attempting to steal our liberties and freedoms, and we cannot let that happen. We also must learn to sift through the commentary coming from the MSM. They are bought and paid for, and we recently learned this from the cancelling of The Medhi Hassan show on MSNBC. I will be unpacking this as well. I will leave this right here...if we do not wake up and see who pulls the strings, who the puppetmasters are, and what their agenda actually is, we are doomed. Doomed in a variety of ways, so lets learn up, and begin to take our own power back. We must also use our energy and vibrations in the best ways. It's elevation time, and not everyone will make the shift we are all moving through. I will also warn you of being mindful of dark forces which are currently utilizing the energies which eminate during this time of the year. We have to be that Light unto the darkness, so even if you do not celebrate Christmas, keep your energy elevated, and it's ok to add a little joy to your home in celebration of the Winter Solstice. The Sun is born on December 25th. The SUN, not the Son. I'm going to discuss some of this tonight as well. Looking forward to having you on with me. Thank you to all of my amazing supporters and listeners, and a huge thank you to Dr. James Winborne and Reverend Ron Robonson for allowing me this platform to help enlighten all of you. Stay amazing, Family. Be a good human being, and Be Love and Light! Aho! Onelove! Ase'!*

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    Reminder: Tonight, Weds, November 8th 2023 @ 7:30 PM EST WE cordially invite You to Tune into REAL TALK WITH THE GMAN For the latest in news from across the Nation & around the World…

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    Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann - Tyranny Normalized While Liberty Is Unacceptable

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    Welcome to the Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann Show!
    Sundays 6-8PM PT / 9-11 PM ET Live + Bonus Hour
    Call in!  (563) 999-3698 - Press 1 to raise your hand! 
    Special CoHost, Valerie Serafin, will be back to join the show!
    3rd GOP Debate has even lower ratings - did anyone miss Pence?  56.6% Ohio voters amend constitution to protect abortion.  Election problems Tuesday in PA, KY, MS, PA and TX - a taste of more to come?  WA elections offices closed after fentanyl found in envelopes. Biden Energy Dept requests to purchase 3 million barrels of oil to replenish stockpiles at $79/barrel.  NJ sued over ‘creepy’ baby blood database. 'Mika' becomes world's first AI human-like robot CEO.  New study finds billions of residual DNA in a Single Dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine while Pfizer's profits plummet. Paul Pelosi's attacker trial has begun.  I'm sure there will be more on the list to discuss!
    House Rules:
    Take turns speaking Avoid shouting & talking over each other No ad homs, personal attacks, or insulting callers Rabble-rousers & trolls will be muted  
    Want to help keep my show on the air? Please consider giving me a gift via PayPal!  Thank you for your support!
    Visit my Lucid Libertarian w/Lori-ann page on Facebook and find me on Twitter!

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    ?? **Optimize My Life Presents: Hometown Heroes Week** ????

    in Military

    ?? **Optimize My Life Presents: Hometown Heroes Week** ????
    Join us for a special week of honor, salute, and awareness as Optimize My Life pays tribute to our Hometown Heroes - the brave individuals who have served in the military and continue to make a positive impact in our communities.
    ?? **Event Highlights:** - ??? **Inspiring Stories:** Hear firsthand accounts of courage, sacrifice, and resilience from our esteemed military guests. - ??? **Special Guests:** Join conversations with remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to service. - ?? **Awareness Campaign:** Learn about the unique challenges faced by our Hometown Heroes and how we can support them. - ?? **Community Unity:** Connect with neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens as we stand together in gratitude.
    ?? **How to Engage:** Whether you're a veteran, a supporter, or just curious, everyone is welcome! Share your stories, nominate a hero, or simply join us online. Connect by calling or texting at [Your Contact Number], or send us a message to participate.
    Let's amplify the voices of our Hometown Heroes and express our heartfelt gratitude for their service. Together, we can optimize lives and honor those who make a difference!
    #HometownHeroesWeek #OptimizeMyLife #MilitaryAppreciation ???????

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    18 Creepy Murder Cases You've Never Heard Of That'll Fuck You Up & Tarrot Cards

    in Politics

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which lesser-known murder cases freak them out. Here are the frightening, heartbreaking, and downright fucked-up results.Happy ThanksGiving

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    The Republican party- Is it finished?

    in Politics Conservative

    After a horrible night on Tuesday and a mind-blowing debate on Wednesday.. is the Republican Party finished?

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    Lisa Gaytan Harper

    in Non-Profit

    Lisa serves as the Director of Latino Services at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles. In this role, she leverages her extensive knowledge and experience to bridge gaps in knowledge and care within the community. Lisa holds a master's degree in social work from Azusa Pacific University and is on the path to completing her doctoral degree at USC next year (2024).
    Lisa is a passionate advocate and liaison dedicated to empowering the Latino community with valuable information and resources to make informed decisions. With a persistent commitment to improving access to quality care for all, Lisa's work has significantly impacted many families.

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