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    Health Wellness - What Are The Benefits Deuterium Depleted Water?

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    Eloquently Speaking, what would you say if I told you about water that could help improve your health, boost your immune system, and help regulate your blood pressure?  If you would like to learn more, please join Prophet Marlon Strong, Louis Wharton, and Mark Taylor as we discuss the benefits of "Deuterium Depleted Water"  To join the round table discussion or to ask a question, please dial 657-383-1206 and press #1 to speak to our guest,

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    Prepare to Forgive Yourself Because You Won’t Get it Right, John Suzuki

    in Caregiving

    John is not a professional caregiver. Rather, he’s a regular guy who found himself as a caregiver when his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. John is the author of a new incredible book on the true story about the concentration camps in America during World War II, and the JAPANESE men who volunteered to fight for the U.S. Army while their families were still imprisoned by the U.S. Army, 
    But John’s not here to talk about his book. Instead, I asked John to share his experiences with you as a someone who had the responsibility of caregiving thrust upon him when his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the heartbreaking lessons he learned as he saw his mom’s light fade every day until she finally passed away.

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    The Power and Purpose of Friendship

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    Thursday… Real Talk BlogTalkRadio Show Thursday, September 7, 2023 "The Power and Purpose of Friendship” 6:00 pm CST; 7:00 pm EST (845)241-9950

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Glenda Olmstead of Glenda’s Balanced Body

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    Lake Havasu City, AZ – Glenda Olmstead is a highly sought after Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. Glenda has a BS in Sports Science and is Certified Personal Trainer through the Cooper Aerobic Institute in Austin, TX. She is also certified as a biomechanics trainer by the Justin Price institute.
    Based on the fact that everything is energy, the Emotion and Body Code balances in these different aspects: emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogens and toxicity. Anything that is imbalanced in the body is able to be identified and corrected.
    Glenda reminds us that this technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by correcting underlying imbalances, we help the body’s innate self-healing ability to take over. As a result, discomfort and malfunction in the body often disappear, the organs function as they should, nutrients are absorbed properly, energy levels are raised, and emotional issues become manageable or nonexistent.
    Glenda underwent her own dark times when her beloved husband tragically passed away from a brain tumor attributed to long term exposure from cell phone usage. Through that experience she became very interested researching EMF's and the energy fields that affect us. This prompted her to take a second look and to her amazement she discovered how our bodies are a superhighway of energy currents and there were numerous miraculous energy healing modalities that promotes overall wellness that heals us mind, body, and spirit. It dawned on Glenda that rather than help her clients through physical training as a biomechanics and Wellness coach she could utilize two of the most practical and effective tools the Emotion Code and the Body Code.
    Glenda believes that we when are fully healed, we can shift our mind into balance and harmony resulting in self-love, inner wisdom, and enlightenment.

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    Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month & RIP Rico on Recovery Now with Kim Justus

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    September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month. An estimated 6.7 million people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm or 1 in 50 people. The annual rate of rupture is approximately 8 – 10 per 100,000 people. About 30,000 people in the United States suffer a brain aneurysm rupture each year. A brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes. There are almost 500,000 deaths worldwide each year caused by brain aneurysms, and half the victims are younger than 50. Ruptured brain aneurysms are fatal in about 50% of cases. Of those who survive, about 66% suffer some permanent neurological deficit. Approximately 15% of people with a ruptured aneurysm die before reaching the hospital. Most of the deaths are due to rapid and massive brain injury from the initial bleeding.
    We recently lost a valued advocate in the Brain Aneurysm Community - Rico Principe. He founded one of the largest online aneurysm support pages on FB, helping thousands. We'd like to pay tribute to him and the service he provided so many. The shock of his passing has rocked the community.
    We will also hear from fellow Brain Aneurysm Survivors in the interest of sharing, educating, and raising awareness. All know of Heart Disease, Cancer, etc. Much fewer know about Aneurysm, unless their lives have been touched by it.
    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery. More will be revealed! This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."
    We focus on the four A's of Recovery: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers, which takes a good bit of Warrior!  Hosted by Kim Justus - Rupture Survivor

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    Take Care Of Your Feet.....You Need Them

    in Health

    Special Guest: Dr. Kevin E. Jefferson, DPM
    Instagram: dcfootdoctor          YouTube: DC Foot Doctor
    Hosted by: Debye J and Susie Sandaire:

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    COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guest Erin Ahnfeldt

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    Welcome to COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guest Erin Ahnfeldt.
    Topic:  No Random Life As a high school English teacher, Erin Ahnfeldt has spent years helping students unlock the power of stories by paying attention to the authors behind those stories. And as Christians, we unlock the power of our own stories as we get to know the heart of our Author and uncover the evidence of his love and beauty in the settings, characters, symbolism, and even conflicts found in our personal stories.  On the next "COFFEE with Kim," Erin and host Kim Crabill talk about how to better recognize the story God is telling through our lives - and what a difference that can make in our heart for Him.
    Enjoying the Conversation?  Visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page at www.up2meradio.com to learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, guests, to leave us a comment and subscribe to the show!
    This show is a production of Up2Me Radio in coordination with the Media Team of the Roses and Rainbows Ministry.  Visit the ministry at www.rosesandrainbows.org
    You can find, like and share us on Facebook at Up2Me Radio and on Instagram at Up2Me.Radio
    Thank you for tuning in!

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    "Opening and Closing a Family Medicine Career with Direct Primary Care (DPC)"

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    Dr Jonas, your host, is excited to interview Lily White, MD about the start of her Direct Primary Care practice in the Cleveland area at Rocky River.  Empowered Health DPC opens in October, 2023 
    Lily decided early in her career to be a holistic physician.  She will explain how that happened and what path she followed to follow her dream into her first practice.  She will speak of medical school at Wright State and her Family Medicine Residency at the Cleveland Clinic, revealing some highs and lows as she explored the options available to Family Physicians who are just launching into post residency positions.
    She is a leader and an author.  We'll hear about those aspects of her training years.  And her life.
    Dr. Jonas also has a DPC practice- Neighborly Family Medicine in Beavercreek, OH.  It's been 50 years since he started medical school at Ohio State.  He's ready to wind down and get another holistic minded Family Physician to take over his practice.  He's interested in hearing about how Lily sees her future in DPC and comparing how a start up career differs from a winding down career.
    They worked together at Open Arms Health Clinic- a free clinic in Bellbrook, OH where Lily founded Paths to Wellness, a lifestyle counceling program with medical and psychology students at WSU.
    They have shared in planning and presenting the DPC Ohio Unsummit last February and are repeating for the 10th Unsummit February 17, 2024 in Dublin, Ohio.

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    Interview with Robin L. Smith MD:Exosomes, Regenterative Medicine & EXO SkinCare

    in Health

    Robin L. Smith is a world renown doctor, business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist & thought leader in regenerative medicine. Today Peter interviews Doctor Smith on how she is bringing the health care industry into the cellular future as they discuss her new cellular skin care line EXO SKIN SIMPLE, the next generation skin care using exosomes.
    If you like this content and want more tips on health, fitness  and wellness you can find us on social media at Peter N Nielsen.  
    Email us at:  peter@peternielsen.com.
    Subscribe to Living Your Purpose Video Podcast on YouTube 
    Subscribe to One on One Coaching with Peter Nielsen

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    Vitamin D3 Fights Off 75% of All Known Cancers!, Removing Arterial Plaque & More

    in Health

    What's Vitamin C made of?, Vitamin K2,Reversing Heart Disease, Sauna Bathing Lower Blood Pressure, Removing Arterial Plaque, Healing with Rayid, Diatomaceous Earth Benefits, BRCA Gene & Breast Cancer, Vitamin D3 Fights 75% of All Known Cancers, Essential Oil Repel Mosquito Bites, 5 Harmful Health Foods, Bleeding Gums & Gingivitis & More. ( 8-18, 9-1,9-8,9-15,9-29 2018Exc.) 

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    Divabetic Spotlight: Hat Designer Evetta Petty

    in Health

    Hat Designer Evetta Petty's motto is "I can design out of anything!" On the eve of her 30th Year Retrospective Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week, Evetta talks with Mr. Divabetic about managing type 2 diabetes in style!
    For over 30 years, Evetta has designed hats in her uptown New York studio, Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop. Her hats have captured worldwide attention and have been worn to the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot in England, on celebrities such as Patti LaBelle and Star Jones, and featured in movies, fashion magazine covers, and editorials such as Essence, Jet, and Italian Vogue Mujer Unica, Vibe, and The New York Times. 
    Approximately 96 million American adults—more than 1 in 3—have prediabetes. Did you know that over 80% don't know they have it? Prediabetes increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
    Light the Way! Join Divabetic's Blue Candle initiative and encourage your friends, co-workers, and family members to be screened for pre-diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers a quick, easy online Pre-Diabetes risk test (https://www.cdc.gov/prediabetes/risktest/index.html). Be by their side when they check, and share your successes and struggles of living with diabetes so they can see that living well with diabetes is possible.
    Divabetic's first e-book, Sweet Romance: A Woman's Guide to Love and Intimacy with Diabetes, by co-authors Dr. Janis Roszler PhD, LMFT, RDN, CDCES, FAND, and Donna Rice MBA, BSN, RN, CDCES, FADCES, is available on Kindle.

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