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    Craniosacral Therapy and Brain Injury with Leigh Ankrum

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    Leigh Ankrum, the founder and director of the Ankrum Institute, is a craniosacral therapist and bodywork practitioner with 34 years of experience in teaching and private practice. Ankrum’s ability to bring decades of experience and education into a synergistic whole is the basis of the Institute’s curriculum. After training around the world - including studies in Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA - Ankrum brought together multiple systems and styles into one comprehensive program. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is deepened by her holistic understanding of the body’s organizing principles. By teaching manual therapy with myofascial work, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy, the Ankrum Institute trains students to become holistic, integrative practitioners. It is a fundamental change in bodywork that brings body systems together, practitioner and client together, and teacher and student together - fostering true partnership that leads to increased wellness. www.AnkrumInstitute.com
    Episode brought to you by Integrated Brain Centers
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    What is a Good CHIRO?!

    in Health

    Today we are talking about a Good Chiropractor. Don't miss this life-changing episode!

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    Roundtable Wednesday with Marlice Vonck, Special guest Stephanie Gleim

    in Health

    Welcome to the NEW Roundtable Wednesday where topics that are related to BEMER can be explored and expanded upon.  This is a place where open participation is needed so everyone can learn and grow from one another.  Please note, this show is recorded and heard by distributor and non-distributor alike, so we must stay compliant, positive, and show everyone the helping hearts we all have as we share BEMER with others. Areas of discussion will cover everything in the BEMER Back Office, new promotions, how to share BEMER, what works best for you, what tools do you use most and why.  As you can see, the list is endless and as more people discover this open forum we should all learn in a fun and positive way.  I look forward to hosting this program.  Please dial 1 on your phone to call in and share.  Let's grow our BEMER Family together!!!!

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    The PFC Plate: Helping Diabetics Heal Themselves with Renita Brannan

    in Health

    Imagine reversing chronic illnesses like diabetes without a handful of drugs. What if there was a straightforward tool that could do just that?
    Well, guess what? It's a reality now!
    Did you know a glass of milk contains about 12 grams of sugar? That's equivalent to 3 teaspoons! ??
    Join me on Monday's Light Warrior Radio as I chat with my friend and media personality, Renita Brannan. She's the creator of the amazing PFC Plate, a tool scientifically proven to improve diabetes even better than Metformin! ??
    In this exciting interview, we'll explore:
    How US government nutritional guidelines might impact diabetes risk The media’s response to her Vitamin A education during the pandemic The positive changes in Indigenous populations through nutrition education How you can transform Type II Diabetes in just 8 weeks with the PFC Plate The power of shifting neurological patterns and creating new belief systems And much more! Renita Brannan is a remarkable wellness expert with 25+ certifications, specializing in various age groups and chronic illnesses like Parkinson's. She's a clinical exercise specialist, bestselling author, and a dedicated advocate for health and financial freedom. Her passion for promoting well-being, especially for those facing health challenges, is truly inspiring. Feel free to ask about spirituality, consciousness, energy healing, or natural healing! ??

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    Regenerative Medicine: Dr. Jeffrey Gross

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    The feisty side of fifty is just the time to focus on making improvements to our health and wellbeing. Each of us wants to remain strong and healthy for as long as possible. And that’s where Dr. Jeffrey Gross can really help.
    Dr. Jeffrey Gross is a trained neurological surgeon who specialized in athletic injuries and spine procedures. Top Doctor recognized Dr. Gross as a leading Neurological Surgeon, and he has received HealthTap’s 2022 Top Doctor Award as a top Neurological Surgeon in the U.S.
    Yet, in addition to this aspect of his distinguished career, Dr. Gross is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and has transformed thousands of lives by transitioning from traditional surgical methods to the innovative use of stem cells. To these ends, Dr. Gross founded ReCELLebrate, and now his practice focuses on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. We are fortunate to have Dr. Gross join us to share all about his amazing work that promises so much to enhance the lives of us boomers.
    If you care about aging well and spending many more happy years with your children and grandchildren, you won’t want to miss this one!

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    Mike Edgeworth, MD, MS Chief Population Health Officer, Octave Bioscience

    in Health

    This episode of PopHealth Week features Mike Edgeworth, MD, MS.. Dr. Edgeworth is a neurologist and the Chief Population Health Officer at Octave Bioscience a company that is involved in changing the paradigm of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) care and treatment, a company delivering an innovative, precision care solution for patients with multiple sclerosis. He has over 20 years of experience as a physician leader spanning from academic and clinical practice to hospital leadership and then as a medical executive for a national health plan prior to joining Octave in 2021. Dr. Edgeworth completed his neurology residency and fellowship training at Vanderbilt University, where he also obtained a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation. He attended the University of Mississippi for medical school and has a BS in Chemistry from Mississippi State University. He currently lives in Nashville, TN. Stay updated with Dr. Edgeworth work at Octave Biosicences via www.octavebio.com and on twitter via Twitter Mike Edgeworth, MD: @blackabbeymike and Octave Bioscience: @OctaveBio. Join us!

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    Awakening To Unity Beyond Polarity - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 11/13

    in Health

    Awakening To Unity Beyond Polarity - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 11/13/23
    SUPPORT RICHARD SACKS: https://www.givesendgo.com/richardsacks
    A new LIVE series with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. & Dr. Richard Sacks, Ph.D., host of Lost Arts Radio
    LOST ARTS RADIO EMAIL LIST FREE SIGN-UP: https://globalleadersconsulting.activehosted.com/f/1
    LOST ARTS RADIO SUBSTACK: https://lostartsradio.substack.com
    LOST ARTS RADIO STORE: http://shop.lostartsradio.com
    http://www.drcousens.com and http://treeoflife.mn.co
    http://www.planetaryhealingclub.com and http://www.lostartsradio.com/live
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    Vico Therapeutics

    in Health

    Dr. Katja Obieglo joins Lauren to talk about the research Vico Therapeutics is doing. To learn more, please visit their website here.

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    Close Up Radio to Highlight Therapist and Spiritual Healer Amanda Bryan

    in Health

    BEDFORD,NH -- Amanda Bryan is a coach and healer whose gifts and therapeutic tools span more than one genre. That is why she was driven to call it Integrated Spiritual Integrated Therapy.
    You see, Amanda Bryan is a Reiki Master, a NCBTMB Certified Massage Therapist and a devout Yogi for two decades. She also reads natal (birth)) charts and runs CEU courses for other therapeutic professionals. She instructs clients most often, and that is about teaching them strategies for breathing, goal setting, removing trauma and pain, mindful living, and just about anything they can do to feel better—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    Amanda believes it is important to connect with other people and share our feelings. That is why she offers clients a variety of ways to engage with her and one another -- from individualized in-person or video sessions, to online CEU courses for body workers and clinicians, to group seminars and retreats. Recent topics from these included Channeling Spirits and Full Moon Healing and Amanda will recount their success on the radio.
    Amanda has an education and credentials in Massage Therapy and Psychology and will soon be advancing her studies (towards a Master’s degree in Mental Health.) She is open to anyone who seeks change and healing, whether they are going through a divorce, battling pain or cancer, or simply interested in exploring their spiritual side. She works with each person to establish exactly  what is going on and what goals they might have. A welcome message on her website sums it up this way: My Intention for You is to Heal.
    For more information about Amanda Bryan and her diverse healing work please visit: www.amandabryantherapy.com

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    What is Your Lifestyle Intelligence? with Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

    in Health

    Understanding and increasing your LQ doesn’t start by simply changing bad habits or enhancing good ones. Instead, it presents a different model of reality with its own language. In other words, it’s not about tricking your brain, it’s about noticing and understanding the structure of your sensory and cognitive experience, so you have more information available to make good choices. LQ is a foundational intelligence that directly impacts EQ, IQ and almost everything else we do.
    To bring his methodology to the masses, today's special guest, Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D.,created the LQ app which was designed to help us rethink and then reprogram our relationship to the macro-elements of wellbeing. It officially launched on July 31, 2023.
    A renowned Manhattan-based clinical psychologist specializing in mood disorders, anxiety, and relationships, and founder of the Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) method, Dr. Glauberman says we have been thinking about “health and wellness” all wrong. Based on 4+ decades in practice he says most mental, physical and emotional health issues he treats are either caused or exacerbated by the three core macro-elements of wellbeing which he calls Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ): Sleeping, Movement and Nutrition. Seems obvious, and there is an abundance of information that should be helping us, but as a society we’re only getting fatter and sicker. Something must change – and fast.
    Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's approach is centered around lifestyle management through an understanding of how timing and rhythm affect our core behavioral ecosystem: eating, moving and sleeping. His newest project, the Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ) app, is a cutting-edge vehicle that takes a unique psycho-educational approach to relearning, rebuilding and maintaining harmony among these three core elements in order to catalyze positive change.

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    Meet Lauren Barca, MHA RN MSN, VP of Quality and Stars at 86Borders

    in Health

    This episode of PopHealth Week features Lauren Barca, MHA, RN, BSN, VP of Quality and Stars at 86Borders, a technology platform and care coordination company that connects health plans with their inactive, unable to reach, and underserved members.
    With over a decade of experience at United Healthcare, Lauren boasts a proven track record in driving success across Stars, HEDIS, CAHPS, and HOS initiatives. Recognized for her versatility and innovation in healthcare and clinical operations, she is an expert in navigating and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Lauren is deeply passionate about public health and is committed to enhancing the quality of care for economically disadvantaged and medically underserved populations.
    We discuss the challenges of member engagement and the need to focus on problems in living in order to optimize health care outcomes for plan members

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