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The Craft is a learning opportunity. The grail we all aspire toward, some level of transformation to a better person is unclear, as is the way one achieves it. As you will find, this is not a short-cut. It is a thought map designed to shape behaviour. I"m inclined to think it places us in an atmosphere of arguments about truth. There is room at this table for one more. A new language, emphasis on control of emotion, it is more like finishing school that combat training. MasonicFX is simply and extension of that. An acquired taste where conversation is about possibilities. Sit in as you like. We stumble along, still trying to find the edge of this interesting universe!

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Robert Heinlein wrote about isolation in his work, Stranger in Strange Land. If you don't care for science fiction, then skip this part. Like all writers of "good" science fiction, he helped humanity look at itself from a safe distance. Distance is important, especially when we are talking about the intimacy of the human condition. Guilt. Passion. Pain. The idiosyncracies of life. And these many years later I am reminded while physics is rethinking physics-thanks to the Webb telescopes sending us pictures of galaxies that ought not to exist but do- the existence as awaress teaches, also contains this terribly challenging thing called intimacy. What part does this play in Freemasonry? It's like this. Today we largely view mentoring as an objective phenomena. But we also know, lecturing is one sided so we have to question our own understanding. The properties that have drawn men to masonry for 600 years are not the large brush strokes but the intimate discussion. Masonry has itself taken on legendary proportions so legend mixed with factual history is of little concern, except for a certain portion of brethren who need that reality check for consistency. It isn't what we do together. It is what we take away from those experiences, that reminds us of the unique prespective masonry brings to the world. I think of masonry as a recital. Unlike friends, music never lets you down. If you are of that inclination, then what I say next will make sense. You have to tell yourself you can do it-with enough effort and dedication you can achieve the divine within masonry. I cannot tell you what that is, because it is your's to discover. I cannot eat your meal for you. But you already knew that. We introduce children to good music in hopes they will enjoy it, as much as you and me. We teach children values because we hope to give them the tools to a good life. If one becomes a mason, he is showing dedication.
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