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The Craft is a learning opportunity. The grail we all aspire toward, some level of transformation to a better person is unclear, as is the way one achieves it. As you will find, this is not a short-cut. It is a thought map designed to shape behaviour. I"m inclined to think it places us in an atmosphere of arguments about truth. There is room at this table for one more. A new language, emphasis on control of emotion, it is more like finishing school that combat training. MasonicFX is simply and extension of that. An acquired taste where conversation is about possibilities. Sit in as you like. We stumble along, still trying to find the edge of this interesting universe!

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Like many of us, I do like drama. Without it this expansive universe draws us along into a metaphoric darkness, like little comets streaking across horizons. Your oracles relate to you of course, but how you intepret and what you do with them is validation for both of us, IMHO. The fact you respond to oracles puts you in a favoured group of people I'd most enjoy meeting. It's your influence. Isn't that an odd word- influence. One day I walked into a national art gallery, to see a display of van Goghs work. Now, years later, the joy I felt standing that perfect distance back, my optical glasses in my pocket, making colours fuse together and realizing he was communicating with me. For a moment, I would like you to try it. You are a visitor, an art lover, an affectionato of atmosphere, a self satisfied man doing things privately, without explanation. I won't ask what you have found but I am willing to listen. To be honest, I like to imagine this is the type of conversation that brought pleasure to those audacious smart guys who mischieviously toyed with the dark arts and piety to expand the quality of life for all mankind. Centuries later we find FM doesn't tamper with our preception. It describes different perspectives. 'I wandered lonely as a cloud"... The Craft respects agency. Occams razor was put to good use, but eventually we face the fact our progress is none other than self-selection. No blame, no excuse. A man taking responsibilty for his growth has reached fulfillment of a task. In our subjective objectivity, where right/wrong is irrelevant, we understand 'it is what it is'. Yes, what you are seeing is real. The limits of character, of intelligence of purpose, the things about men we don't wish to acknowledge but nevertheless know don't make us superior but humble. Where does a man look to find fulfillment and quality of life, his belongings?
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Joining an enlightened Order doesn't make us more than what we are. Unique, bold, inquisitive, skeptic, stoic, epicurean, floating through time/space all trying to get by the best we can with what we have. This bookmark in time doesn't... more

The reason we value time so much as we mature, is because of potential. Some men exhaust themselves for reasons they haven't examined. Others place high priority on quality of life. Everything is subservient. Are you one of those chasing... more

Curious. Something happens in the mind of a mason and I am one who believes it is important to share the experience, as a way of connecting with each other at a spiritual level. Today we live cheek and jowl with networks of networks. The... more

History equips us with clarity but not in all cases. History as Dr Margaret MacMillan has writtten, is prone to being abused to suit particular narratives. It's not statistics that are being manipulated to achieve an outcome, it's history.... more

Time is being very good to masonry generally. Here we are, 600+ years later, still straining under controversies, still attracting audacious men, with abundant curiousity, unmatched. Are we any more an anachronism today than one... more

Education gives us the tools needed to articulate thought. It is not exclusive but education brings vocabulary with meanings into our bearing. The exchange of ideas is enriched by our use of words. As soon as we think we grasp one... more

Masonry provides a framework to unite. So often we overlook vital points, revealed in ritual that we fail to reexamine. Masonry helps our understanding my presenting archetypes that increase the magnification to make ideas more easily... more

Only enlightened men should apply. There are times I truly think that ought to be nailed on doors of masonic lodges. So much time is wasted trying to rehabilitate or reconfigure men who aren't interested. We know their shortcomings.... more

Freemasonry has a magic about it. It makes us hear things that aren't necessarily popular; more like tuning in independent music- stuff without the corporate stamp. It's fair that when we understand an aspect of masonic, we bring that to... more

It is hard to confuse our society today with that of 17th century Britain. Students of history will often pick out 'evidence' and use it to tell us a story about a particular period or way of thinking. We pick it up to answer questions. Not everyone has... more
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