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    Natalie talks Live with Dr. Laurel Stuart , Author and Acupuncturist

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    Dr. Laurel Stuart is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist and yoga therapist in Alberta Canada. She is also an educator, a small business owner and author ofEnergetic Anatomy Made Easy: Create Better Health Through An Understanding of Your Chakras and Meridians.
    Due to her own health challenges Dr. Laurel understood the importance of maintaining good health from an early age. In her late teens she started to explore yoga as a tool for longevity and vitality. In 2006 she opened one of the first yoga studios in her island home Barbados. In 2010 she moved to Canada to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. She credits her good health today to both Western medicine and eastern health modalities.
    Dr. Laurel enjoys combining her passions for alternative health. She is the founder of Vibrational Yin- a style of yin yoga that incorporates the stimulation of acupuncture points primarily using sound. Find Laurel at North West Vibrational Acupuncture and Massage or online at https://www.dracumassage.com where she teaches yoga classes infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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    No More Chains

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    Show hosted by Shawn Cornelius about Motivation and Inspiration 

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    The Whole Truth with Rev. Lionel Gantt 6/1/24

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    The Whole Truth with Rev. Lionel Gantt 6/1/24

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    Where are those beautiful experiments that gain results?  Are we so naive to be unable to appreciate the central purpose of science, replicating successful experiments? So naive or so isolated that we cannot replicate beautiful results?   The paradigm of freemasonry is shifting as it does, without asking for the authority to act.  It's happening right now where I am, following threads of ideas that go back hundreds of years. If I said to you, when you pick up a brush and paint, you are making a statement, what would you say?  If I said, a man had poetry inside, would you quietly move away,as we tend to do when we don't know what good manners suggest?  Masonry has idealism and reality carrying it forward. That alone is enough to fuel tensions and conflict. What is also interesting, is the fact masonry is unable to achieve stasis. It is constantly in motion, just as we are.  Those combinations of ideas that occur to you are always worth sharing. We like a good story, especiallly one qualified with enough fact to flatter the audience.

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    The Power Hour Plus: Jewish Fables and 304 401ks

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    We are NOT affiliated with any other Israelite group! Israel United in Christ is a NON violent Bible based movement! We do NOT advocate, or condone ANY acts of violence against ANY race, Ethnicity or Gender! We advise that if anyone Hears or knows of any Plots to cause Harm to anyone, or to break the Laws of the Land,  you MUST contact the proper authorities to bring awareness to ANY possible threat, As stated in Leviticus 5:1

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    For years the Council of State Legislators have advocated for non-punitive measures to encourage responsible fatherhood from dads not living with their children. In reality there are many unheard-of stories of men seeking to be active in the lives of their children. However, one significant barrier is the transition from incarceration to the free world. When financial resources become available for non-custodial father engagement with their children, there needs to be a process by which they are orientated to take full advantage of them.
    Join TALK-STRAIGHT host, Rev. Dr. Rueben Dockery, and his featured guest, Pastor David Lomax, Mount Sinai Cumberland Presbyterian Church as he offers some suggestions for effective fatherhood restoration measures.
    Featured Guest:
    Pastor David Lomax
    Mt. Sinai Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Nashville, Tennessee

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    Yo Naci Para Amarte w/ Taina Speaks

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    WBNN Communications 9:00pm / 2023 Linear New Host Of The Year #TheLegacyContinues #bevnatstrong Join us for our 3743rd presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: The Fascinating History of Spanish  Let's Learn about the roots of Spanish and learn some facts about the Spanish language.  Have you ever wondered where, exactly, Spanish comes from? Did you know Spanish is strongly influenced by Arabic? Do you know when Spanish was first spoken? Wanna learn some popular Spanish idioms? You've come to the right place! You will learn right here on Beverly Nation! After we will have our BeverlyNation Forum and all hosts can call in and talk with the family by Taina Speaks w/ Beverly Nation Online Radio @ O.N.E Universe & the soundtrack of our lives ft. Iconic Salsa Vocalist Angel Canales

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    It's About To Get Real And Here's The Deal

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    It's Time To Be Green And  Be Seen See what's brewing  on X LoriAndCompany_
    X Marks The Spot- Sign up for savings at Green Thumb Nursery
    Next up are getting the families of Clubs involved in Operation Paint The Town Red Lions & Tigers & Bears-oh my! It's time to circle the wagons and all the clubs and orgs Moose & Elks Clubs will get this job done! See the 3 headed beast? There are life size animals at Green Thumb-Do art class for kids. Teach a class about plants & gardening. Be Independent.
    Lori And Company will be giving info you'll need for the 911 Annual Memorial Festival Tools to help your team for the projects and events coming up..
    The Green Art House  Rainbow, CA
    Jolly Green Giant
    Green Houses
    Kirk Cameron's new kids show with Iggy the Iguana
    It's time to be green and not be mean
    Food Forest Abundance
    Archis Acres
    I recorded my message for over 45 minutes but it was removed and an audio put in by Blog Talk. My apologies.
    The name of the brochure that discusses what each faith believes based solely on what their written statements say is written by Keith L. Brooks, Irvine Robertson and Dillon Burroughs. Comparing Christianity with __________  . It's available on Amazon. It's a booklet format. There are people on the Left that think all religions are cults. For Christians to be able to defend their faith, we must know what the others say about their own.
    Best wishes,

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